More tools added to Ultimate Suite for Excel

Our summer has been busy with developing 3 new tools for Ultimate Suite and with fixing some major and minor bugs. Now you can try the new add-ins for swapping, flipping, and transposing columns, rows, and cells in your table.

I wish sometimes that all in our life was as easy as using Ultimate Suite. One button serves the dinner and another explains certain life problems. Still, to be individuals, we need to solve issues and devote to the things requiring our attention. Here at Ablebits we are happy to create tools freeing up your time for what is more important to you.

To save more of the time you spend with Excel, we added 3 new tools to Ultimate Suite. Ablebits Data tab welcomed Swap Ranges, Flip Range and Transpose Range. In this article, you'll find a brief description of their functionality.

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Swap columns, rows, or cells

Once a colleague of mine misentered some data in an important report. He saw that simple switching of two ranges requires several temporary columns and much copying and pasting. Thus, he offered to create a special add-in for such task.

Here comes Swap Ranges that switches the contents of the selected columns, rows, or cells and preserves formulas and formatting.
Swap columns, rows or cells in your Excel tables

Flip data vertically or horizontally

If you flip data order in your worksheet every now and then, most likely you already know that the process involves hard coding or modifying all columns at once. Now you can reverse exactly the selected data top to bottom or left to right with the help of the Flip Range tool.
Flip data in Excel vertically or horizontally

Convert rows to columns and vice versa

The third tool we added to your Ultimate Suite will modify the layout of your table. When you receive a report and realize that it will work much better if rows become columns, simply employ Transpose Range.
Convert rows to columns and vice versa

We hope that the new tools for range operations will help you save even more time for important things. As always, you are welcome to leave your comments and express your ideas. Be happy and excel in Excel!

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