Power Tools for Google Sheets

A complete collection of tools for simpler work with spreadsheet data

Whenever you feel like you are wasting too much energy on monotonous repetitive work, you realize there must be a better solution. Power Tools takes the burden of such problems off your shoulders. Here you'll find the features you miss most.

  • One-click solutions for the most popular tasks: change case, sum by color, and more
  • Merge records, split text with the special tools you get
  • Delete duplicates and any redundant values
  • Discover plenty other time-savers that come with the add-on

Power Tools will streamline all the routine operations in spreadsheets, show your recent actions and keep a list of your favorites so that you can re-apply them to other cells at any time.

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These time-savers will let you manage Google Sheets data like a Pro

Quick fixes for common tasks in one toolbar

Count cells by color with one of quick solutions in the toolbar

Your efficiency comes down to the time you spend on simple daily operations: find and replace data, change case, insert and delete cells. Each button you’ll find in the toolbar is there to cut down the clicks on these common tasks.

Adding a couple of cells to a complex table takes lots of copying and pasting. Now you can effortlessly insert or delete cells and have the data shifted. Swapping values is just as easy.

Find data in any selected sheets

If you have a table of numbers, AutoSum is at your disposal: just click on the function to get calculations for each column. Right next to it is a particularly helpful tool if you color-code your data: sum or count cells by color.

One click on the case you need will capitalize words and respect your acronyms, or shift the selection to upper- or lowercase.

Freeze panes will keep the top rows and left colu mns visible as you scroll through your data.

The only tool that requires more than one click is advanced find and replace. You'll regain the time you take to set up the search criteria once you see a full list of matching records in all selected sheets and get the possibility to export or replace them.

Merge and split with all the tools you need

Split data to columns by characters, position, or name parts

Arranging values into columns the desired way can be a challenge. This add-on provides clever instruments to split text to columns and merge data back in Google Sheets.

You can split data by any characters, strings, or by position. No need to insert a column with formulas: just select the original values and pick standard delimiters, including a line break, strings, or the place at which to divide them. The results will be inserted in a click.

If you work with lists of people, you’ll appreciate the possibility to recognize name parts like first names and salutations and get them in separate columns in a matter of seconds. Split Names is a life-saver if your names are written in different formats.

Merge Values in its turn will join records within rows, columns, or the entire range, and add any delimiter between them. It is also capable of merging cells without losing data.

When you match and update records from two tables, try Merge Sheets that arranges the process into 5 straightforward steps. It allows you to use any columns to find the same records, choose values to update and add, color changes, and benefit from additional options.

Eliminate duplicates and extra characters

Remove any strings or characters in your cells

From blanks to duplicates, Power Tools equips Google Sheets with simple ways to clear your data of any redundant values.

Excess spaces that creep in with the imported data do not let you rely on the calculations you make. The tools in the Remove group instantly delete blanks before, after, or between the words, get rid of empty rows and columns, and erase any characters or strings from the selected cells.

Find duplicate rows in one sheet or compare columns in 5 simple steps

Eliminate any kind of data in the selection: links, notes, numbers, text, or formatting, with the help of Clear tools.

The Data group offers wizards to remove duplicates. Whether you are trying to compare columns or find dupllicate rows in one table, click through 5 simple steps to process thousands of records.

Must-have tools for daily routine

Get a set of helpful text tools for Google Sheets: change case, add text by position, and more

We always associate spreadsheets with numbers, and we tend to forget that numbers need descriptions. When these descriptions require changes, even commonplace adjustments can baffle us in Google Sheets.

Whenever you encounter a simple task of changing case or adding some text to all selected cells, you can find the solution in the Text group. Now you can attach a country code to all cells with phone numbers in one go.

When working in an international environment, you will find it handy to replace all accented letters with their equivalent from the Latin alphabet. If you encounter codes in your text, convert them with the Replace symbols tool.

Incorrect formatting can also be one of those pestering things that break the calculations. Open the "Convert" group to return number format to numbers that are stored as text in your cells, date format to dates, or change the number sign from negative to positive and back.

There is a tool for almost anything: modify formulas and cell references, convert range to XML or JSON, generate random numbers and shuffle data, create passwords, randomize values from your custom list, the number of problems you can solve with Power Tools is endless.

Power Tools - Google Sheets add-on


These time-savers will let you manage Google Sheets data like a Pro
Count cells by color with one of quick solutions in the toolbar
Find data in any selected sheets
Delete blanks in spreadsheets
Remove any strings or characters in your cells
Clear cells by type of data
Get a set of helpful text tools for Google Sheets: change case, add text by position, and more
One click to edit all formulas, convert them to values, AutoSum, and more
Split data to columns by characters, position, or name parts
Find duplicate rows in one sheet or compare columns in 5 simple steps

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