Power Tools for Google Sheets

Your professional toolset for daily work with spreadsheet data

Power Tools is a set of 30+ smart features that you miss most in Google Sheets. The add-on not only reduces the number of mouse clicks on some routine operations in spreadsheets, but also offers solutions for common yet complex tedious tasks. Each tool here is designed to make data processing easy for you. Give the collection a try, and you will do the following without effort:

  • Find duplicates or uniques
  • Change text case
  • Count and sum by colors
  • Match and merge data
  • Combine duplicates
  • Add text by position
  • Find specific data
  • Remove substring or characters
  • Compare sheets
  • Split text
  • Modify formulas
  • Randomize data
  • Microsoft: Windows 7 and up
  • Mac: Yosemite 10.10 and up
  • Chrome, Firefox, Safari (Mac only)
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Smart Toolbar

Quick features for the most common tasks

Your efficiency comes down to the time you spend on simple daily operations such as find and replace data, count or sum values by their color, change case, unpivot tables, unmerge and flip cells, freeze panes. Each button you'll find on the toolbar is there to cut down the clicks on these repetitive tasks.

  • Advanced search in formulas, links, notes, errors
  • Sum or count cells by their color
  • Change text case
  • Unpivot table
  • Instant calculations with 12 functions
  • Freeze top rows and left columns
  • Flip range
  • Unmerge selected cells

Compare and Dedupe

Get rid of duplicates or find uniques in your spreadsheets

From blanks to duplicates, Power Tools equips Google Sheets with simple ways to clear your data of any redundant values. The package includes 3 add-ons that remove duplicates and find unique records. Whether you're trying to compare two columns or tables, or scan one sheet, the tools process thousands of records in no time.

  • Find duplicate or unique rows
  • Find duplicate or unique cells within the range
  • Compare 2 tables by selected columns
  • Identify different rows between 2 tables
  • Mark found records with color
  • Identify results in a status column
  • Clear found values or delete entire rows
  • Copy or move results to a preferred location

Merge and Consolidate

4 different ways to combine your data

Forget about complex VLOOKUP or INDEX/MATCH functions with these 4 add-ons at your disposal. Quickly match and merge two tables, combine multiple sheets together, consolidate values from duplicate rows, or concatenate records from multiple cells. You won't lose the original data or column order and will be able to benefit from additional options.

  • Match and merge records from two sheets
  • Pull missing information from a lookup table
  • Copy data from multiple spreadsheets into one
  • Combine tables based on column headers
  • Merge and combine values from multiple cells
  • Set any delimiter for joined entries
  • Combine duplicate rows
  • Consolidate data from repeated rows

Text Tools

Manage text quick and easy

Text constitutes an important part of each spreadsheet, and Power Tools will quickly make it look presentable. Use the add-on to normalize text in the entire selection and replace characters, symbols, and codes. Here you will find the solutions to deal with missing and excess spaces or add words to any position within a cell.

  • Change or toggle case
  • Insert text by position
  • Remove all extra spaces
  • Polish entire text selection in one click
  • Add lost spaces after punctuation marks
  • Replace codes with symbols and vice versa

Remove and Clear

Eliminate all extra characters

The tools in the Remove group instantly delete substrings and characters you specify before, after, or between the words in the selected cells. If any excess spaces crept in with your data, you will trim them all in a couple of mouse clicks as well. The Clear group, in its turn, will free your selection of any type of data.

  • Remove substrings or characters
  • Eliminate chars by their position
  • Remove extra spaces and delimiters
  • Get rid of blank rows and columns
  • Clear all text, numbers, and dates
  • Delete links, notes, or formatting

Split Text

Divide one cell into multiple cells

Arranging values into columns the desired way can be a challenge. Power Tools provides clever instruments to split text in Google Sheets. There's no need to insert a column with formulas anymore: just select the values and pick standard delimiters or the place at which to pull them apart. If you work with lists of people's names, you’ll get them in separate columns of titles, salutations, and other units in a matter of seconds.

  • Split data by any character, string, or by position
  • Split names into separate columns
  • Recognize name parts like first, last, middle names
  • Separate titles, salutations, and name suffixes

Convert and Modify

Must-have tools for daily routine with formulas

Ever needed to adjust lots of formulas in your spreadsheet? It's possible with Power Tools in one click. Convert your formulas to relatives, absolutes, or even to their values and add extra calculations to all of them at once. If incorrect formatting breaks your calculations as well, Power Tools will return your text-formatted numbers to their original state.

  • AutoSUM, COUNT, etc. all selected columns or rows with 12 most common functions
  • Modify formulas in multiple cells at once
  • Convert formulas to values
  • Convert relative cell references to absolute ones and vice versa
  • Switch positive numbers to negative and back
  • Export data to JSON or XML

Randomize Data

Generate values and change their order randomly

Two powerful add-ons from this group are irreplaceable when it comes to generating random strings of various data. Use your own lists of values or pick from predefined ones to create strong passwords or working shift plans. You can also shuffle existing records and entire rows or columns randomly.

  • Generate random numbers and Booleans
  • Fill the range with random dates
  • Randomize values from your custom list
  • Create strong passwords
  • Shuffle all cells, rows, or columns
  • Mix up cells in each row or column

Over 1,000,000 happy users!

Join us and lighten your work in Google Sheets with our clever add-ons

Over 1,000,000 happy users!

A HUGE time saver!

This product is a HUGE time saver! It works flawlessly every time. Being able to merge rows, split and merge columns, etc. has saved me perhaps a week of work on a project. I highly recommend this for anyone who uses Google Sheets often.

David Cosme Jr.

Manage big data simpler than ever!

This makes managing big data simpler than ever! Thanks team AbleBits!

Joan Narciso

Grateful for this intuitive tool!

Grateful for this intuitive tool! I use these features on a regular basis. Couldn't do my job without it.

Kim Backlund

HANDS DOWN, one of the most useful chrome extensions ever purchased.

If I added up the time this little add-on saves me and multiplied it by my hourly rate, It would be a very large number. Worth every penny and then some. It is kinda funny how painful some tasks are once you are aware of an easier way. HANDS DOWN, one of the most useful chrome extensions ever purchased.

Wyatt Knight

Love this addon!

Love this addon! for me this is by far the most used addon for sheets.

Hans Rúnar Snorrason

this add-on has saved me a ton of time

For me this add-on has saved me a ton of time I would have otherwise spent formatting spreadsheets & trying to make them look pretty

Peter Fisher-Duke

We love this program, customer service was great.

We love this program, customer service was great.

Danny Dahl

Very useful tool for crunching complex sets of data.

Very useful tool for crunching complex sets of data. I love it for bookkeeping and accounting type work. Export data as csv from QuickBooks, dump it into a Google Sheet, and put Power Tools to work to refine the data.

Chet King

A game changer for manipulating data and tables.

This has been a game changer for manipulating data and tables. Hoping that it keeps getting developed.

Steven Powers

Amazing add-on.

Amazing add-on. If you are a serious user of sheets, this will likely be of use to you.

Henry Ashley-Cooper

Super helpful for combining rows of text data.

Super helpful for combining rows of text data. Couldn't find anything else that met my needs the way this product does. Thanks.

Matt Hudson

I adore this addon.

I adore this addon. I use it every single day.

Vanja Stojiljković Cakić

Excellent data preparation tool. The staff are very helpful and responsive

Excellent data preparation tool. I wrangle data almost all day every day. And the data sources are almost always a train wreck. This utility is a fantastic addition to tools like Tableau Prep. In addition, the staff are very helpful and responsive - they fixed a licensing glitch within a day.

Christopher Felker

The BEST !!

The BEST !!

Petersen Design Studios

Great addition to power up Google Sheets

Great addition to power up Google Sheets

Ninos Hozaya

Well made and easy to use.

Extremely helpful instead of hacking together scripts for mundane tasks such as combining rows. Well made and easy to use.

Andreas Ehrlund

Never has crashed on me ;-)

Does what it should, without any problems - never has crashed on me ;-)

Jim Pearson

I couldn't do without this add on now that I have it.

I couldn't do without this add on now that I have it. If you're doing a whole bunch of data and cleaning is part of the problem, you cannot do without this. More importantly, a whole bunch of text analysis that you would otherwise not put in excel because of the sheer effort, is regularly doable with Able bits.


A dream come true for changing text

So far, this has been a dream come true for changing text. I haven't pushed its limits in other areas, but it if you are using Sheets as a source for mail merges and form letters, this is a very useful tool.

Brian Plaster

Excellent addon. Very useful tool

Excellent addon. Very useful tool

Rafael Moras

Great add-on. Saves hours of time

Great add-on. Saves hours of time wrestling with obscure formulas. The split functions are great when someone sends you poorly formatted data.

Anthony Doyle

as the name suggests they are Power Tools

as the name suggests they are Power Tools

Waleed Altaemi

Much needed tools for working in GS, thanks ablebits!

Much needed tools for working in GS, thanks ablebits!

David Taylor

Awesome and very helpful

Awesome and very helpful

Mark Ward

Extremely useful. I am very happy with it.

Extremely useful. I am very happy with it.

Thomas K. V.

This add-on bring great tools to the hand of working in sheets!

This add-on bring great tools to the hand of working in sheets!

Manuel Astros

Excellent collection.

Excellent collection. Without a rival!

Andrey Berestovoy

Totally worth getting this plugin.

Totally worth getting this plugin. I got the lifetime version since I knew this would be worth using for my lifetime. :)

Rishi Gangoly

I use this for EVERYTHING!

I use this for EVERYTHING! Don't know how I would manage without.

Andrea Pluhar

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  • One license key for multiple accounts Order more than one subscription for your employees with volume discounts and get one license key to unlock the add-on for each user.
  • Unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee If for some reason you decide to give up the add-on and turn your subscription off, just email us and we'll return your money.
  • Free support Our customers always get quick and quality assistance on any type of question or issue, e.g. installation, licensing, or technical.
  • Quick return on investment Multiple feedback from our users prove that Power Tools enhances productivity, saving you and your companies lots of time and money.
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  • Microsoft: Windows 7 and up
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