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Add-ins for Microsoft Excel 2010, 2013, 2007-2003

Add-in Version Full size Date Download

Ultimate Suite for Excel

2015.1.0 33.13 MB 6-Mar-15

Merge Tables Wizard

3.3.16 12.94 MB 9-Mar-15

Duplicate Remover

3.5.5 14.66 MB 6-Mar-15

Consolidate Worksheets Wizard

2.5.16 12.26 MB 6-Mar-15

Combine Rows Wizard

2.3.10 14.52 MB 6-Mar-15

Cell Cleaner

2.3.8 12.51 MB 24-Nov-14

Random Generator

4.2.7 12.46 MB 24-Nov-14

Merge Cells

4.3.13 11.6 MB 24-Nov-14

Quick Tools for Excel

2.3.5 14.42 MB 24-Nov-14

Random Sorter

2.2.7 12.44 MB 24-Nov-14

Advanced Find & Replace

5.5.8 12.89 MB 6-Mar-15

Fuzzy Duplicate Finder

4.2.12 12.61 MB 6-Mar-15

Split Names

2.3.9 11.53 MB 6-Feb-15

Split Table Wizard

2.3.9 14.54 MB 11-Feb-15

Workbook Manager

2.1.27 12.72 MB 24-Nov-14

Plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook 2010, 2007, 2003

Add-in Version Full size Date Download


4.2.5 15.06 MB 3-Nov-14

Template Phrases

4.7.52 18.5 MB 4-Mar-15

Silent BCC

1.2.2 1.88 MB 30-Mar-12

Outgoing Email Checker

2.1.31 12.2 MB 4-Mar-15

Smart Contacts

1.1.3 12.21 MB 3-Nov-14

Sender's Time Zone

2.0.13 11.99 MB 3-Nov-14

Add-ons for Microsoft Word 2010, 2007, 2003

Add-in Version Full size Date Download
2.0.7 14.93 MB 5-Nov-14
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