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routine emails
Easy customizable
personalized templates
Dynamic templates
with fillable fields
Gorgeous html-based
template designs
bulk mailings
Easy user and team
Quick and straightforward
template sharing
Personalized attachments
in mail merge campaigns
Company-wide and team-wide signatures

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Take your email routine to the next level

Many of us start a working day with cleaning up the inbox only to find tons of emails with similar requests accumulated again at the end of the day. Emails that can be swiftly dealt with using fully customizable adaptive templates.

Shared Email Templates or SET in short is something that you will absolutely love. It will make your email communication faster, smoother, and more efficient. Proven by us and thousands of our users.
Outlook users receive tons of routine emails daily.
Use Shared Email Templates to effectively deal with routine emails.

Deal with emails like a pro

Shared Email Templates is a bank of your own canned responses. Every template can be a ready-to-go email or a building block for another email. Firstly, add a template to your collection. Secondly, create a professional looking email response with a click of a button. It is as simple as it sounds. Just send the email out and enjoy the time you are saving!
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The best and most useful add-in

For a whole year I was moving between CRM's that offer template messages and other services but none of them were of use. I needed something that I can use from a sentence base, and to have it as a seamless experience with my Outlook. This app is SO on spot and SO helpful it is literally unbelievable!
Hershel Glueck
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Unique features that you won't find anywhere else

Shared Email Templates are brought directly into the message window.

Always at your fingertips

Contrasting from Outlook's inbuilt features, SET brings all the functionality directly into the message window. All manipulations are done from a single side bar. Built-in views and filters help organize your templates and visually navigate content. You can now create, edit and use email templates at a moment's notice, without switching back and forth between different tabs or digging into the menus.

One storage for templates

We solve the issue of templates scattered in different places by keeping all of them under one roof. This way you can access templates from all your Microsoft accounts without limits. And feel free to import your Outlook drafts to the storage!
Your email templates are stored in one place, so you can access them from all your Microsoft accounts.
Use Shared Email Templates from any device.

Cross-device access

Shared Email Templates supports a wide range of devices: from Macs and PCs to Windows tablets. This gives you unlimited flexibility to use templates wherever you are. As all the templates are stored in your SET account, you will get access to them no matter what device you are using.

Routine emails made custom-tailored and personal

Getting an individual message addressing someone's specific concerns makes everyone feel unique and valued. With a rich set of inbuilt macros, you can automatically insert the recipient's details anywhere in the message, create a personalized subject line, insert fillable fields, drop-down lists and calendars, dynamically pull context-sensitive information from your Excel sheets, and more.

Customize and personalize your repetitive emails to the fullest extent possible and enjoy an improved engagement rate!
Make routine emails custom-tailored and personal.
Keep all team communications consistent.

Team communications kept consistent

Easy and comfortable template sharing is the key concept. Created an eye-catching email offer? Share it with your colleagues. Made responsible for all email communications in your team? Store all templates used by your teammates in a shared folder, so your clients always get verified and up-to-date information.

If needed, shared folders can be password-protected and accessed only by those eligible. Extremely helpful for remote teams.

Not just email replies

The functionality of Shared Email Templates can be as minimal or as powerful as you need. Aside from simple email templates, you can create templates for meeting requests and appointments. All are fully customizable with rich-formatting, images, attachments and dynamic content.
Create templates for meeting requests and appointments.
Use email templates for personalized bulk mailings.

Mail Merge on board

Whether you are a top manager or a junior support engineer, you surely have friends to send season's greetings to or clients seeking business updates. There is no need to buy special mail merge software for this. Utilize templates that are already in your Outlook!

As an extra bonus, you'll get a collection of professionally designed ready-to-use HTML-based templates (8 layouts and 14 color themes), perfectly suited for personalized newsletters and any other bulk mailings tailored for each recipient. You can even add personalized attachments in your mail merge campaigns!

Company or team wide signatures

To maintain the same style of emails within the entire company, you can set up a company-wide signature with professional and consistent branding. Or you can create a different signature for each team with its own structure, contact details, promotional banners, etc.
Maintain the unified email style with company-wide and team-wide signatures.
All your data is protected.

All your data is safe & secure

Security of your data is our highest priority. It is the basis of trust in our brand. That’s why we use password protection and identity checks to be sure that nobody except you can access your templates. Other protecting measures were developed based on the best security practices like end-to-end encryption, single sign-on integration with OneDrive/SharePoint and strong privacy policy.

60-day free trial

Start your journey now with a 60-day risk free fully featured trial. No credit card required.
Explore other features of SET with a fully-functional trial.
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Templates and folders

Each team is limited to 512 items not to impact Outlook's performance

Total number of folders and templates the user can use personally and in all your teams
2,500 1,500 2,500 2,500
Team size (up to)
Number of users in your teams
256 32 256 256
Managed teams
Number of teams you can create, manage or be invited to
4 3 4 4
Subscription duration
60 days trial period 12 months 12 months 12 months
Note! Each user should have a separate subscription.
$ 3.00

per user
per month
billed annually
$ 4.00

per user
per month
billed annually
$ 15.00

per user
per month
billed annually
Performance vs. limitations

The limitations above are created not to impact the Outlook performance.

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System requirements

Microsoft Outlook

  • Outlook on Windows connected to Office 365
  • Outlook on Mac connected to Office 365
  • Outlook on Windows 2021
  • Outlook on Windows 2019
  • Outlook on Windows 2016
  • Outlook on Mac 2021
  • Outlook on Mac 2019
  • Outlook on Mac 2016
  • Outlook on the web
  • Note! Outlook should be connected to Office 365, or Exchange 2016+


  • Google Chrome 78 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge 44 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)
    beta support 79 and higher
  • Safari 12 and higher (limited support)
  • Firefox 69 and higher