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What is the difference between the Personal, Business, and Terminal Server editions?

All editions of Ultimate Suite for Excel include the same set of add-ins, so functionally they are identical. For all editions we offer a lifetime license, meaning you pay once and can use the purchased version of the product as long as you like.

The differences between the editions are the following:

The number of machines

The Personal edition can be used on 2 computers of one user; the Business edition - on 5 machines under 1 user account. The Terminal Server edition lets you install and activate Ultimate Suite for all user accounts of one terminal server.

Corporate deployment

The Business and Terminal Server editions can be deployed for a group of users via GPO or SCCM.
How to install Ultimate Suite Personal
How to install Ultimate Suite Business
How to install Ultimate Suite Terminal Server

Features and hotfixes

The Business and Terminal Server editions include features and hotfixes on request. It means that we will do everything in our power to create additional features and fix the found bugs as soon as possible.

Request escalations

For the Terminal Server edition, if our support service won't be able to help you with your request, the request can be escalated to product management and developers directly.

Can I use the Business edition if I bought Personal and the other way around?

No. Your license key is valid only for the edition that you purchased, so you cannot activate the Business edition with a key for the Personal one or vice versa. Please be sure to double-check which edition you are buying. If you mistakenly bought a wrong edition, please contact us to get the right one.

Can I use the Personal edition at work and at home?

Sure! We've made the Personal edition suitable for two computers so you could enjoy Ultimate Suite both in the office and at home.

On how many computers can I activate one license?

Ablebits license is user-based. If the product is going to be used by different individuals, you need to get a license for each user. A single user is allowed to install the product on 2 to 5 machines, depending on the edition. For more information, please see Number of machines.

Can I transfer my license to another machine?

Sure! You can transfer a license from one computer to another. Simply uninstall the product from an old machine (if possible), then download the product on a new machine, install and activate it using your current license key.

How long can I use my license?

The license is lifetime, meaning you pay once and can use the purchased version of the product as long as you like.

Are there any recurring fees?

There are no annual or any other recurring fees.

What is the upgrade policy?

During 2 years after the purchase you get all minor updates (e.g. 2018.5, 2018.4) and major versions (2018, 2019) for free. After that, you can buy the next major version with a 50% discount of the regular price.

How often are major versions published?

It depends. Microsoft might release an Office version or an update that will require great efforts to support it. In this case, we will have to develop and publish the next major version of our products as well.

For example, we had to build Ultimate Suite 2018 when Microsoft added several features to Office 2016 that made Ultimate Suite unusable. However, Office 2019 had so few differences with the previous updates of Office 2016 that we decided not to make a new major version.


Dear all,

last year I bought the "outgoing email checker" as a single add-in.
Now I need another license, but as I could see you don't sell them anymore.

Actually I don't need the complete package ablebits-collection-outlook-v2018-1-192-7520.

What to do now?

Best regards



Dear Reichel,

Please note that we no longer sell Outgoing Email Checker or any other of our single add-ins separately. At the moment, we have only Add-ins Collection that contains all our tools for Outlook including Outgoing Email Checker. Please find more information here .

You can take advantage of our Special Offer and purchase a license of Add-ins Collection for Outlook with a significant discount directly from the Purchase Page.

Feel free to contact us again if you have any questions or difficulties. We'll be glad to help you!

Aaron McCarthy says:
February 21, 2019 at 3:37 pm


I have a licence for the outlook BCC on one machine but i have lost the key and the person who set it up no longer works for the business. I want to add this key to a second machine. Is there a way for me to find it on my current machine that has it?



Hi Aaron,
Thank you for your comment. Actually, this question is asked quite frequently, so I've updated this page with the answer 🙂 Please see how to find the license key of the add-in that has been already registered, here:

If you face any other difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us again!
Thank you.


If you buy the Power Tools add-on for Google Sheets for a lifetime does it save per email address, console, or what and how can you manage and change them?


Thank you for your question, Bryan.

Once you order a subscription, you will get an email with your activation key. You can use it to unlock the add-on under any Google account you need. You can transfer your subscription between different accounts any time straight from the add-on.

Please refer to this FAQ page to find the answers to these and some other questions:


Hi, I have been working with your link checker add-in for some years and need to get a new license now. However, I cannot see it on your website, only packages for Excel and Outlook. How can I purchase a new LinkChecker add-in?


Hello Angelika,
Thank you for contacting us.

We have just replied to you in an email, please check your Spam/Junk/Trash email folders if you still don’t see our email in your Inbox.


does the free download for 30 days include all functionalities that are with the purchased copy or are there some limitations to what you can do until it is purchased?


Thank you for your question, Jay.

Yes, the trial version is fully-functional. You'll have the same set of tools with the same functionality after purchasing a license.

Scott J Harrington says:
August 22, 2019 at 7:39 pm

I've recently purchased a new PC, and I tried to install the version 3 of the Outlook Addon so I can reactivate using my previous Key. I am unable to find the version 3 in the archive area, only the version 4 and the version 2. Would you be able to point me in the right direction to find V4 so I can get the tool reactivated on my new machine. Thank you very much!



Hello Scott,
Thank you for contacting us.

Our support service assistant has replied to you via email, please check your Inbox. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to address them to Thank you.


Hi there,

I've been using the excel suite for some time now, unfortunately I've just had my MS Surface replaced under warranty for the fourth time. I've downloaded the software, installed it and tried to register it but I get a message that my licence key is for a different version.

I've followed the help guide but cannot work out what version I was on. Can you please help me sort this one out? BTW the software and same licence key is working fine on my PC.


Paul Roper


Hello Paul,
Thank you for contacting us.

We have just replied to you via email. Please follow the steps described there and let us know about the result. Thank you.

sukumar Musalaboina says:
September 14, 2019 at 4:10 am


Recently I had installed your add on for Gsheets. Do this version is free for use 30 days and need to pay license cost later on? How much is for Gsheet add on Merge sheet

Sukumar M


Hi Sukumar,

You're right, the add-on offers a fully-functional 30-day trial period. Once it ends, you will have to either order a subscription or uninstall the tool.
You can check the prices on this web page or directly in the add-on by clicking the key icon at the bottom of its window and choosing Buy Now.


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