Remove Duplicates for Google Sheets

Quickly find duplicates in your sheet or compare two columns

This add-on comes with two convenient tools for deleting duplicate entries. One will carefully check your sheet and find duplicate rows, the other will compare data from two columns. It will lead you through the process to make it as simple and flexible as possible.

  • Search for duplicate and unique entries
  • Compare data from two columns or sheets
  • Remove duplicate lines from your sheets
  • Highlight the found values with color

Learn how to work with the add-on.

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Remove Duplicates add-on will help you find, color, or delete the found rows

How to delete duplicates in Google Sheets

When you get a large table that has a lot of repeating values, there is a solution in Google Sheets: Remove Duplicates add-on. Follow 4 simple steps of the wizard to remove duplicates in a column or find the same rows in your table. Include the first occurrences of the dupes into the search results or look for unique entries, it takes just a click to choose.

You also get six different ways to deal with the results: highlight or remove duplicate rows, copy or move them to another sheet, clear repeated cells or mark them in a status column.

How to compare lists

The task of removing duplicates becomes more complicated when you have two sheets with a few common records. Compare spreadsheet columns using the second 5-step wizard and instantly see if there are duplicate values among them.

Just select the sheets and pick the key columns you want to compare. The add-on will provide you with the summary of the found duplicate entries or uniques and have them moved, deleted, or highlighted in your main Google Sheets table.

Remove Duplicates for Google Sheets: video how-to

Duplicate Remover for Google sheets screenshots

Remove duplicates

Compare columns

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