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Free downloads for Excel 2016 (32- and 64-bit), 2013, 2010, 2007; Desktop version of Office 365

The add-ins that you will find on this page are, in fact, an accumulation of our more than 15 years of experience with Microsoft Excel development. We use Excel on a daily basis and, frankly, we don't know how we would live without our Excel tools :). Free download is available for all add-ins.

Merge worksheets, cells, workbooks, duplicated rows

Merge two Excel worksheets

Select your main table: worksheet that you want to update

Merge Tables Wizard finds and merges two Excel tables into one by matching the values in the corresponding columns. These two tables can be located in the same Excel file or in two different Excel files. The intuitive and user-friendly interface of the wizard makes the join process fast and easy.

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Choose worksheets for consolidation

Consolidate multiple workbooks into one

With Consolidate Worksheets Wizard you can quickly combine multiple workbooks and worksheets into one. You can a number of options to consolidate your Excel data. You can merge worksheets from different workbooks into one Excel file; combine data from several Excel workbooks and csv files without opening them; consolidate worksheets by name; create summary reports, and more.

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Merge cells in Excel 2016, 2013-2003

Merge multiple cells into one and keep all data

Merge Cells Wizard for Excel merges, or joins, values from different cells. Use Merge Cells Wizard every time you need to place values from several cells to one cell, or when you need to join several cells and retain their values.

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Combine duplicate rows based on unique records in the selected columns

Merge duplicate rows based on unique id

If your Excel table has rows of different information referring to the same record, Combine Rows Wizard lets you combine all duplicate rows into one without losing any data. Choose key columns, select columns with the values to merge and see all details for the record lined up on the same row.

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Remove duplicates, trim spaces, delete non-print characters

Removing duplicates in Microsoft Excel 2016 - 2007

Remove Excel duplicates

With Duplicate Remover for Excel you can quickly find and remove duplicates or unique records from Excel sheets. Search for duplicates in one table or compare two lists with different number of columns, choose any columns for comparison. Delete duplicate rows from any range, select, color them or add a status column, copy or move them to another location (worksheet or workbook). Duplicate Remover can easily handle up to 1 million rows in Excel 2016 - 2007.

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Remove spaces in Excel, change text case, remove characters, convert text to numbers - Text Toolkit for Excel

Trim excess spaces, add text, change case, and more

Numbers stored as text, excess spaces and line breaks or words written in a wrong case, - you may not notice them until you need to process your data in Excel further. The Cell Cleaner plug-in automates such tasks as removing spaces between, before and after cell values, deleting and replacing line breaks, wiping non-printing or custom characters, converting numbers stored as text to number format and changing Excel text case. In addition you can remove characters by position, clear formatting, add text and split cells in your Excel table.

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Calculate values based on cell color

Calculate colored cells with Excel Sum and Count by color

Count and sum cells by background or font color

Sum and Count by Color calculates data in your table based on their fill or font color. It allows pasting the summary with the results to any location on your sheet, recalculating data as soon as you highlight a new group of cells and applying Average, Max or Min functions to the range.

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Find broken links, formulas, hyperlinks, similar records, etc.

Search in all open workbooks and worksheets with Andvanced Find & Replace

Find and replace in all open Excel workbooks and worksheets

The Advanced Find and Replace add-in for Excel gives you simultaneous search in values, hyperlinks, formulas and comments in all opened or selected worksheets and workbooks .

You will have all search results displayed in a tree view and you'll be able to move between the search results easily, replacing values directly in the found items.

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See all links to other Excel tables on the Find Broken Links pane

Find and fix broken links in Excel spreadsheets

Find Broken Links for Excel is a smart tool that checks if links to other Excel files in your current worksheet are valid. The found links are displayed on the add-in pane in a convenient tree view. You can easily track the links to other workbooks, edit the found entries or open the location of the linked files. Update the referenced path on the add-in pane and it will be replaced in all linking cells.

With this tool you can easily handle formula links to other Excel files to guarantee flawless master worksheets.

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Search for similar records in Excel with Fuzzy Duplicate Finder

Find fuzzy matches (similar records)

With Fuzzy Duplicate Finder for Excel you can easily find and correct all sorts of partial duplicates, typos and misspelled words in your worksheets. The add-in performs a fast search for duplicates that differ in 1 to 10 characters and recognizes omitted, excess or mistyped symbols. You can correct misprints automatically or manually directly in search results, split cell data into words and process them separately.

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See all cells with certain value or background color selected in Excel

Find cells by value, date or color

Select by Value & Color for Excel is a simple-yet-helpful tool that highlights all cells with the same value or background color.

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Generate random data

Generate random numbers in Excel, create passwords with Random Generator add-in

Generate random numbers, passwords, strings, dates

Use Random Generator to fill the Excel range with unique random numbers, integers, real numbers, dates or strings in just one click. The add-in can also produce random passwords with different character sets, random strings of any length and pattern. Apart from that it can randomly select values from Excel custom lists, or your own lists and create worksheets from custom lists' values.

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Shuffle / Randomly sort rows in Excel worksheets

Shuffle / sort randomly; select random sample of data

With Random Sorter for Excel you can easily shuffle individual cells in rows, columns or in the selected range, or randomly sort entire rows and columns.You can instantly get a random selection of your data by specifying the needed percentage or exact number of entries: e.g. you can pick 10% of rows, or 5 columns, or 3% of cells from the selected range.

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Manage workbooks, worksheets, tables, comments

Easily navigate between multiple workbooks, rename, delete and sort your worksheets

Easily sort, drag, rename Excel worksheets

Workbook Manager organizes all opened spreadsheets in a catalogue so that you can easily navigate through your Excel workbooks, drag worksheets throughout workbooks, insert, rename, delete, and resort them.

The plugin works like Excel Task pane so that you can work with your Excel workbook and see all the necessary data in the left part of the screen.

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Insert a picture watermark in Excel

Instantly insert watermark in Excel

If you struggle to add a watermark in your Excel worksheets each time you need to print out a document or give it a status, this tool will be your trusted assistant. Watermark for Excel allows storing custom text and picture watermarks and inserting them in one click. In addition it lets you rename, remove watermarks, and preview the result on the pane before adding to the file.

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Quick Tools for Excel - simple calculations in the entire range, and other useful one-click utilities.

10 one-click tools to move columns, delete blanks and more

Ablebits Quick Tools is a handy 10-piece solution for Microsoft Excel that makes some time-consuming routine tasks easy and fun. Change columns order in your table and filter your records by the selected value, remove empty rows, columns and worksheets, calculate numerical data, work with external and absolute reference addresses.

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Comments Manager will make work with cell notes a breath

Create, edit, and view comments

Comments Manager for Excel add-in makes working with the cell comments in your worksheets a breath. It conveniently displays all comments in a tree-view and lets you comfortably navigate to them in your table. You can edit, delete, copy or export comments to a new workbook, add pictures as comments, convert cells' contents into comments and vice versa.

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Transform and split data

Convert rows to columns and vice versa with the Transpose Range tool for Excel

Convert rows to columns and vice versa

Transpose Range for Excel is a helpful add-in that easily converts rows to columns and columns to rows in your worksheet. Employ this tool to transform your data and paste values only, values and formulas or create links to source data.

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Use the Swap Ranges tool to switch columns, rows and cells in Excel

Swap two ranges

Swap Ranges for Excel switches the contents of two ranges. Swap columns, rows, cells and adjust, keep cell references or paste values only. Easily switch data between 2 workbooks.

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Reverses data in the selected range vertically or horizontally

Flip table vertically or horizontally

Flip Range for Excel reverses data in the specified range vertically or horizontally. Reorder your data and keep cell references unchanged, adjust them or flip and paste values only.

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Transform your crosstab table with Unpivot Table add-in

Convert a crosstab table to list

Unpivot Table transforms your crosstab (two-dimensional) table to a flat list. You can choose to separate data parts by an empty row and paste the results to a new worksheet or workbook.

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Get the cards laid out based on the settings you select

Easily make and print address cards in Excel

Create Cards turns your data table into label cards with names, addresses and other details for further processing. Choose the number of columns to place the results, separate data parts by a blank row or column, keep the formatting of your original spreadsheet.

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Split Table Wizard will pull your table apart in seconds

Split worksheet into several tables by column

Split Table Wizard easily separates an Excel worksheet into several tables by selected column values. You can have the split tables inserted into the current or new workbook, or have each one pasted into a separate file.

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Split multi-part names into several columns with the Split Names add-in

Split names from one cell into several cells

The Split Names add-in for Microsoft Excel does exactly what its name suggests, i.e. splits names into individual cells. If you have a spreadsheet with numerous differently formatted names in the same column, the Split Names add-in will quickly clean up the mess and separate name parts into several columns. It recognizes First names, Middle names, Last names, and over 100 salutations, name suffixes and post-nominal letters.

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Fill empty cells

Fill Blank Cells for Excel dialog window

Fill empty cells with the value of above or below cell

Fill Blank Cells for Excel is a helpful add-in that automatically fills blank cells in your table using values above or below the empty range. It can be especially useful if your spreadsheet has hundreds of rows with missing data, and copying the items manually would take you a really long time.

With this handy application you can copy the contents from the first filled cell downwards or upwards the blank, fill all blank ranges in different columns of your table at once and take the advantage of the Split the merged cells option.

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Spreadsheet auditing

Search and navigate to the functions like DATEDIF, IF, IFERROR, INDEX, MATCH, RIGHT, ROUNDUP, SM, SUM, SUMIF, VLOOKUP


ExcelAnalyzer scans spreadsheets for formulas, functions, VBA, references and potential errors, and displays them using colors and intuitive interface. With a great accuracy it identifies input cells, cross-book precedents and dependents, shows hidden, protected, empty sheets and many more. It generates powerful-yet-clear summary reports to display your spreadsheet information and highlight possible errors in a visual straightforward way. Try this effective solution to eliminate arduous manual work and save time when checking an Excel spreadsheet.

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Free Excel add-ins

Trim Spaces for Excel - remove leading and trailing excess spaces from Excel worksheets

Trim Spaces for Microsoft Excel

This free add-in for Microsoft Excel will eliminate all leading and trailing excess spaces from your worksheets.

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Smart Toolbar pane in Excel

Smart Toolbar for Microsoft Excel

Smart Toolbar saves screen space in Excel by collapsing the Ribbon and giving you one-click access to the most popular options.

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See a list of your database tables on the add-in pane

SQL Server for Microsoft Excel

With SQL Server for Excel you can easily view, edit and update records in a Microsoft SQL Server database table without using SQL Scripts or SQL Server Management studio.

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See the entire row of any length and edit it right on the pane

Show Entire Row for Excel

Show Entire Row for excel displays a row of any length on the add-in pane. It lets you easily edit the values of the row and navigate within a wide data table. Instantly switch to the next or previous row.

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To Do pane in Microsoft Word

Note&Do for Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word

This add-in for Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word lets you quickly take notes and plan application-specific tasks. Switch to its Notes tab and share some messages in different documents, use the To Do tab and plan your work using tasks that you can categorize with color, complete and keep track of.

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