Shared Email Templates: Release notes

On this page, you will find information about the latest releases of Shared Email Templates for Outlook: new features, improvements, fixes, and known issues.

QA team notes

Guys, we strive to guarantee you flawless experience with the tool, and your help is highly appreciated. So, if you come across any bugs or unpleasant surprises, please let us know at or leave a comment under this post.

Tested with

To test our Shared Email Templates web app and Outlook add-in on different hardware, OS and Outlook versions, we use a lot of software configurations and devices.


  • Desktop PCs with FHD, 2K and 4K monitors
  • Windows laptops with FHD and 4K matrixes
  • Microsoft devices including Surface Pros and Surface Laptops
  • Apple computers – iMacs, Mac minis, Macbook Pros


OS versions:

  • Windows 7 with the latest updates installed
  • Windows 10 1809, 1903, 1909 and the latest updates installed
  • MacOS High Sierra, Mojave and Catalina (all are up to date)


Microsoft Outlook versions:

  • Outlook on the web (Outlook Online or OWA)
  • Outlook for Windows 2016, 2019 and 365
  • Outlook for Mac 2016, 2019 and 365


On-premise Microsoft Exchange versions:

  • Microsoft Exchange 2016
  • Microsoft Exchange 2019


Browsers for Outlook on the web and the Shared Email Templates web app:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium)
  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox

June 2021–Release (1.7.230), Stable

New features

  • Default Row in datasets – Now if you use a template with a table bound to a dataset, you can get some rows of the dataset selected automatically when inserting this template into a message.
    Set default rows
  • DatasetValue macro – The new macro lets you insert a value from a dataset into a template.
    DatasetValue macro


New subscription plan

  • We stop providing the Free subscription plan. Now you can start acquaintance with the add-in from the Business Trial plan that includes all the functionality of the Business plan and can be used 60 days for free.

March 2021–Release (1.6.202), Stable

New features


  • New fonts for templates – You’ll get 20 new fonts in the add-in editor for your templates.
  • Title box for WhatToAttach – We added a title box for the WhatToAttach macro so you always know which exactly file you need to attach.
    How to attach a file from local storage
  • New way macros are spelled – In new templates, you will notice that macros are spelled differently, e.g. ~%InsertPictureFromOneDrive[] instead of ~%INSERT_PICTURE_FROM_ONEDRIVE[].

January 2021–Release (1.5.193), Stable

New features

  • Template export and import – You can back up your private and shared templates by exporting a .xml file. Also, you can import My Templates or team content into Shared Email Templates. Template export is not supported in Outlook desktop and Outlook Online in Safari and Firefox.
    How to export and import templates


  • Search by selection – Select text in the message body and search for templates/ folders/teams that contain this text in names or content.
    Shared Email Templates pane in Outlook
  • Single sign-on for OneDrive and SharePoint macros
    With single sign-on, each time adding images and attaching files from OneDrive or SharePoint you no longer have to confirm your OneDrive credentials. The option is turned on by default. It relates to the following macros:

    • AttachFromOneDrive
    • AttachFromSharePoint
    • InsertPictureFromOneDrive
    • InsertPictureFromSharePoint

    Please note, SSO is not supported in the web app and if Outlook provides mailbox API lower than 1.9. The feature works for only Microsoft 365 accounts and is not supported in free mail accounts, such as or
    Single sign-on while attaching files
    Single sign-on while inserting images


  • Now, you can select files and images from shared folders in OneDrive while using the AttachFromOneDrive and InsertPictureFromOneDrive macros.

December 2020–Release (1.4.172), Stable


  • Open files and folders used in ATTACH and INSERT macros – When you edit a template, you can place the cursor on the macro text and pick one of the two options: Open file or Open folder. It relates to the following macros:

    • AttachFromOneDrive
    • AttachFromSharePoint
    • InsertPictureFromOneDrive
    • InsertPictureFromSharePoint
  • Open Outlook drafts directly from the add-in – Now, you can open drafts from linked Outlook folders right from the add-in, simply select a template and click Edit. This feature works only if your Outlook provides mailbox API 1.9 and higher and the selected draft is saved to your personal mailbox (not a shared one). You can check the mailbox API version via About in the [...] ellipsis pop-up menu.


  • A few minor issues were fixed.

December 2020–Release (1.3.166), Stable

New features

  • Enhanced template editor – We included TinyMCE as the default template editor. Enable the Use the old editor checkbox when editing your Profile if you want to get back to the old one.
  • Datasets – Now, you can create small data tables and use them in your templates with the WHAT_TO_ENTER macro. Instead of several subsequent WHAT_TO_ENTER prompts, you can select a row in your table and have several placeholders filled in at once.
    How to create and use datasets
  • Support for Calendar – This release supports templates for Outlook Calendar. However, some time is needed to have this feature reviewed and approved by the Microsoft Office Store guys. Please be patient.
    How to use Shared Email Templates in Outlook Calendar


  • No additional authentication – Now, the Edit in browser option doesn't require you to sign in to the Shared Email Templates web app.


  • A few minor issues were fixed.

October 2020–Release (1.2.151), Stable

New features

  • All your shortcuts on a separate tab – Now, you can find all your shortcuts on the new tab named Shortcuts.
  • Release notifications – The Notification icon was added to the add-in footer. It is highlighted each time when you get a new release and opens the Notification pane with "what's new in the release" details.


  • Filling Subject field automatically – If the Subject line is empty when you paste a template, the name of this template is used for the subject.


  • Several minor issues were fixed.

September 2020–Release (1.2.141), Stable

New features

  • All fields of WHAT_TO_ENTER in one window – Now, you can fill in all fields of WHAT_TO_ENTER macros in one window while inserting a template.
  • Select dates in drop-down calendar with WHAT_TO_ENTER macro – With WHAT_TO_ENTER, you can pick a date in a drop-down calendar each time you insert a template.
    How to use the WHAT_TO_ENTER macro
  • FROM_ACCOUNT macro – The new FROM_ACCOUNT macro may be in handy if you use shared mailboxes and want to make sure your messages are sent from correct accounts.
    How to use the FROM_ACCOUNT[] macro
  • Create new template in browser – In Outlook and Outlook Online, you can right-click a template, folder, or team and pick a new option: New Template in Browser. A new tab will open in your default browser with the Shared Email Templates web app.
  • "Snippet" is renamed to "Template shortcut" – The feature that was called "Snippet" in the previous version now is renamed to "Template shortcut". The new name represents the essence of the option better.
    How to create and use template shortcuts
  • Undo and Redo buttons – In the template editor, you will now find the Undo and Redo buttons.
  • The Cancel button stops template insertion – When you insert a template with WHAT_TO_ENTER macros, the "Fill in these fields" window will appear. If you click the Cancel button in this window, the template insertion will be canceled.

September 2020–Release (1.0.133), Stable

Finally, this is the commercial release of Shared Email Templates. We improved the user interface responsiveness and the visual appearance of the product. More than 100 minor bugs and issues were detected and fixed.

June 2020–Beta 3 (1.0.115), Stable

New features

  • Snippets are available to all team members – Now you can create snippets in your teams and share them with teammates. All team members can see snippets, only users with Editor or Admin permissions can edit them.


  • In Google Chrome with the Windows 10 Accounts extension enabled, there were issues with attaching files from SharePoint and OneDrive from Microsoft work/school accounts.

June 2020–Beta 3 (1.0.113), Stable

New features


  • In Outlook Online, a template couldn’t be pasted if it contained CSS-based styles.
  • In OWA, the INSERT_RECIPIENT_FIRSTNAME, INSERT_RECIPIENT_FULLNAME, INSERT_RECIPIENT_LASTNAME macros didn’t work when Outlook was an Exchange 2016 client.
  • The Shared Email Templates app and Outlook add-in could freeze because of incorrect web-socket timeouts.

March 2020–Beta 2 (1.0.85), Stable

New features

  • INSERT_PICTURE_FROM_URL – Now you can insert an image to your template from the specified URL.
    How to insert image from a URL
  • Support for macros inside of HTML tags – With this feature, you can use macros inside of tag attributes in your HTML code.


  • INSERT_RECIPIENT_FIRSTNAME, INSERT_RECIPIENT_FULLNAME, INSERT_RECIPIENT_LASTNAME macros did not work when the FILLTO[] and ADDTO[] macros were used in a template.
  • WHAT_TO_ENTER[] macro didn’t work when a hyperlink was used as the default or a list value.
  • TEAM_PROPERTIES[], PROFILE_PROPERTIES[] and MAILBOX_PROPERTIES[] macros inserted non-breaking spaces ( ) instead of normal spaces.
  • A template couldn’t be saved if it was copied from Word.
  • Several minor issues when processing the FILLTO[] and ADDTO[] macros.

March 2020–Beta 2 (1.0.79), Stable


  • Some "=" based macros did not work.
  • Macros in HTML attributes did not work.

March 2020–Beta 2 (1.0.78), Stable

New features

  • Linked Outlook folders – Now you can create and store your templates in a separate Outlook folder and share them between devices and people. The feature has the following limitations:

    • No automatic synchronization with Shared Email Templates
    • Sharing within one Office 365 business domain only
    • No sharing for paid personal Office 365 account (Home, Personal or Student) or free accounts

    How to use Outlook drafts as templates

  • Team and Profile properties – For each team and profile, you can create a set of named values and use them in template macros. Limitations: you can create no more than 32 properties for your profile and each team.
    How to use team & profile properties
  • Team, profile, and mailbox macros – We have added several new macros to support team, profile, and Outlook account properties.
    Mailbox, profile, & team properties macros
    The complete list of Shared Email Templates macros
  • Import from Template Phrases for Outlook Online – Now you can import your templates from .ptd files created when exporting templates from Template Phrases for Outlook Online.
    How to import folders to Shared Email Templates


  • Invite users by importing a .csv file – Now you can import users from a .csv file and invite them to your team with a couple of clicks.
    Import emails and permissions
  • Size in INSERT_PICTURE_FROM_ONEDRIVE – You can now specify the desired image size when inserting a picture from OneDrive.
    Insert image from OneDrive


  • Double click did not insert a template into the current email.
  • A separator right after a macro was removed.
  • The add-in did not restore the last selected item on startup.
  • Nested macros did not work, e.g. FILLTO[WHAT_TO_ENTER[ ]]
  • In some cases, square brackets remained in a message when FILL* macros were empty.
  • Several web browser specific issues in Edge, Firefox, and Safari.

Known issues

Some issues persist in the Shared Email Templates web appand/or the Outlook add-inbecause of browser or platform limitations, namely:

Where persists Issue
There is a bug in Office updates because of which you can get the following error in desktop Outlooks:

Add-In Error–This add-in could not be started. Close this dialog to ignore this problem or click "Restart" to try again.

For more details, see bug reports #1620 and #1356

The built-in templates editor may insert the <span> tag that breaks macros. To fix this, edit the HTML code removing the <span> tags from broken macros (use the </> button).
The built-in templates editor might corrupt formatting in some (very rare) cases.
In Firefox and Edge, the web app and add-in don’t work correctly for private browsing or when Firefox is set to never remember the browsing history. Also, the issues may occur if the Block third-party cookies option is enabled.
You can use only one macro inside another macro.
Internet Explorer has a limitation for domain data - 10 MB by default. However, you can configure your own limit up to 1 GB.
The latest Office updates introduced an annoying bug in Outlook: the input focus shifts from the message body right after the add-in pane is loaded. You will need to click anywhere in the message body to get the focus back.
You cannot attach 30+Mb files because of Outlook API limitations.
Tabbing navigation (navigation with the Tab key) may work incorrectly in some browsers and Outlook versions.
While inserting images with the INSERT_PICTURE_FROM_SHAREPOINT or INSERT_PICTURE_FROM_ONEDRIVE macros, image dimensions may not be displayed.
Images with names spelled in Cyrillic cannot be inserted with INSERT_PICTURE_FROM_SHAREPOINT or INSERT_PICTURE_FROM_ONEDRIVE macros.
Some users reported that some features do not work in Outlook on Windows and on Mac. Each time the problem was solved by installing the latest updates of Office and even Windows.
Linked Outlook folders are not synchronized automatically.
In case of the linked Outlook folders, Outlook needs some time to process changes you make in your Outlook drafts, so we recommend that you wait 2-3 minutes before refreshing a linked folder in Shared Email Templates.
On Mac, Outlook increases the font size by one point for all fonts with the default font size.
On Mac, there is an Outlook bug that doesn’t allow using attachments in Outlook drafts if the attached file names contain spaces.
On Mac, there is an Outlook bug because of which Outlook hangs when using templates that contain the <title> tag.
On Mac and PC, Outlook ignores the specified size for images embedded in the base64 form.
Outlook 2013 (on Windows) provides a very limited extensibility api, so some features do not work.
The add-in doesn’t work on Outlook on iPad since there is no support for the Compose mode.
On iPad, in Outlook on the web, there are several issues that we ignore in this release but will fix in the future ones.
In Outlook on the web (Outlook Online), the add-in doesn’t work (shows an empty task pane) if third-party cookies are disabled.
Outlook doesn't process correctly attributes in the simple formatting HTML tags (e.g. <strong>, <b>, <em>, etc.), so the add-in removes the attributes from these tags.
Inline images (the <img> tag) are supported if Outlook provides the mailbox api 1.8 and higher. You can check the api versions via the [...] button > View Logs.
On Mac, there is an Outlook bug because of which Outlook crashes when a user cancels uploading files to be attached.
On Mac, there is an Outlook bug because of which Outlook freezes the add-in for several seconds when you switch to another application and then switch back to Outlook.
Outlook on Mac has a bug because of which you cannot attach .txt files.
Outlook on Mac has a bug because of which you may get "An internal error has occurred" when inserting several templates in one email message.
Outlook has a bug because of which it is not possible to copy-paste a bulleted or numbered list from an email message to a template; it is pasted as a regular text paragraph, not a list.
Outlook has a bug because of which it is not possible to apply formatting to bullets and numbers of lists.
On Windows 10 1803 and 1809, Outlook hosts its add-ins using the outdated IE 11 (or even IE 10), so the add-in may crash when you have a lot of templates. Please update your Windows (1903+) and Office (1908+) to make Edge the host of Outlook add-ins.
On Windows 7, you cannot attach files in Internet Explorer 11 because of an Outlook bug.
For on-premise Exchange 2016+ clients (Outlook or OWA), using Outlook drafts as templates is not supported because of Exchange limitations.
On Mac, when Outlook is an on-premise Exchange client, the INSERT_PICTURE_FROM_ONEDRIVE macro doesn’t work stably because of Office and Exchange timeout limitations.
On Mac, when Outlook Web Access (OWA) is an on-premise Exchange client, inline images are not supported because of Office and Exchange limitations.
The new Outlook for Mac (Insider) doesn’t provide the required mailbox api version (v.1.8 is required while the New Outlook includes v.1.7).
The WHAT_TO_ATTACH macro is supported if Outlook provides the mailbox api 1.8 and higher. You can check the api versions via the [...] button > View Logs.
A template containing several lists might be pasted incorrectly because of an Outlook bug.
Outlook doesn't support inserting highlighted text (the background-color property of the HTML style attribute) because of an Outlook bug.
When inserting the ATTACH_FROM_SHAREPOINT macro, you can get an empty sites list if one or several sites have an empty display name.
In Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer, when inserting the ATTACH_FROM_SHAREPOINT macro, the SharePoint authentication popup appears as a minimized window.
In localized versions of Outlook, some macros may work incorrectly because of an Outlook bug that inserts extra <span> tags and makes HTML inconsistent. You can use the Clear Formatting option to fix this issue.
On Mac, there is an Outlook bug that makes it impossible to change a OneDrive account.
The add-in pane may start flickering because of an Outlook bug. Simply reopen the add-in to fix this issue.
In Outlook on the web (Outlook Online), there is a bug that completely reloads the current page after signing out of a SharePoint or OneDrive account.
In Outlook desktop, while using the Date option in the WhatToEnter macro, the date will be pasted in the EN-US format regardless the date format set in the Windows settings. The problem is on the Microsoft side. The workaround is to set the preferred date format in Outlook online and use the template there.
In Outlook desktop, the FromAccount macro may work incorrectly for shared mailboxes. The problem is confirmed to be on the Microsoft side and is currently being investigated.

Safari-specific limitations for Outlook on the web on Mac

The currently used Safari versions have some technical limitations that do not allow us to implement some features. Here are these features:

Where persists Issue
The web app and add-in don’t work correctly when Safari is in the private browsing mode.
We can’t cache your templates locally, so your templates are read from the server each time when you open Shared Email Templates. As a result, in the Safari browser the add-in starts slowly.
Full-text search and selection mode are not supported.
Moving folders and templates between folders and teams doesn’t work.
You cannot delete a folder if it is not completely expanded.
You cannot use shortcuts.
We recommend that you use Chrome, Firefox or the recently released Edge (Chromium-based) for Outlook Online.
Outlook Web Access (OWA) is not supported as a client of on-premise Exchange 2016+.
Single sign-on is not supported in Outlook Online in Safari.

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