Automatically BCC your Outlook emails

Using simple rules

Invest a few minutes in creating a rule and from now on you will never forget to add a CC or BCC address to your outgoing email. Automatic copies will be sent for all your outgoing messages whether it is a new email, a reply, or a forwarded letter.

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For Microsoft Outlook 365, 2021 - 2016

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With Auto BCC for Outlook you will

Copy your outgoing e-mails automatically

Set up a BCC rule in Outlook for all your outgoing messages.

Create rules for different profiles and accounts

Send BCC from certain Outlook accounts when specified conditions are met.

Auto BCC yourself

Keep track of all your communication by having a copy of every email you send in your own inbox.

Use key phrases for each condition

Set key phrases and add exceptions to your BCC or CC rules.

Control adding CC/BCC

Turn on notifications to be informed when CC or BCC address has been added.

How to automatically send BCC in Outlook

In the Auto BCC window, create rules, edit them, and see the existing ones at a glance
In the Auto BCC window, create rules, edit them, and see the existing ones at a glance
Name the rule, select the addresses, and pick conditions
Name the rule, select the addresses, and pick conditions
Add exceptions to your conditions.
Add exceptions to your conditions.
In Options, import/export rules, enable logging, and turn on notifications if needed
In Options, import/export rules, enable logging, and turn on notifications if needed
If notifications are turned on, the add-ins will notify you each time any of your rules are applicable
If notifications are turned on, the add-ins will notify you each time any of your rules are applicable

Frequently asked questions

What is Auto Bcc for Outlook?

Auto BCC is an easy to understand and convenient to work with plug-in for Outlook. You just create a CC or BCC rule and the add-in does the whole job itself. A well-thought-out system of conditions and exceptions allows you to have a blind copy or CC address inserted automatically for:

  • All outgoing emails from all your e-mail accounts.
  • E-mails sent from one of your Microsoft Outlook profiles or accounts.
  • Messages sent to the specified addresses only.
  • Outgoing messages with particular words or phrases in the subject line or in the attachment name.

How to create a new Auto BCC rule in Outlook?

There are 5 easy steps:

  1. Click on the add-in's icon to open it on the "Ablebits" tab.
  2. Click the New rule button.
  3. Select one of the options:
    • Apply the rule for all outgoing e-mail messages in all profiles.
    • Apply the rule only if the message meets certain conditions.
  4. If you select the latter, set up your conditions and exceptions.
  5. Click OK and let Auto BCC take care of your Outlook email CC or Blind Carbon Copies.

Please find more information here.

Can I use flexible conditions to create my Outlook Auto BCC rule?

Sure. You can take advantage of the following Conditions for BCC/CC that let your rules get even more flexibility:

  • If Account is automatically adds BCC recipient for those Outlook messages that are sent from the selected e-mail account.
  • If the subject line contains is the rule for emails with the specified keywords in the subject.
  • If attachment name contains sends CC or BCC based on key words in the attachment name.
  • With If To: contains use the recipient's email address or its part as a condition for sending BCC copy automatically.
  • If CC: contains adds a blind copy if the email address or its part in the CC field coincides with the one you enter as a condition.

Is it possible to use several key phrases for each condition?

Yes! You can add BCC based not only on the Outlook Account, but also on key words in the subject. Thus, you can add phrases like "special offer", "special price", "discounts" to the "if Subject contains" condition, and have a BCC address added automatically for all messages that have them in the subject: "Special price for our customers", "Summer discounts", etc.

What about exceptions to BCC/CC rules, how does it work?

Let's say you've created a rule to BCC all outgoing messages sent from one of your Outlook accounts. But you don't want this rule to be applied to one particular address, You take your Auto BCC rule in Outlook, open the Exceptions tab and add this address to the corresponding field. You can also create rule exceptions based on the Account Name, Subject, Attached file names as well as To and CC fields.

Can I see when CC/BCC addresses are added?

Yes, for this use the Turn on notifications option. You can choose either to see a desktop message with the CC/BCC added each time you send an email, or even manage adding blind carbon copies.

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