For the current email message, appointment, or meeting, this macro checks the specified field(s) for the specified condition. If the condition is met, the template is not inserted.


     "field":"from" | "to" | "cc" | "bcc" | "subject" | "location" |
        "recipient_first_name" | "recipient_full_name" | "recipient_last_name" |
        "sender_first_name" | "sender_full_name" | "sender_last_name" | "body",
     "fields":["from", "to", "cc", "bcc", "subject", "location" |
        "recipient_first_name", "recipient_full_name", "recipient_last_name",
        "sender_first_name", "sender_full_name", "sender_last_name", "body"],
     "condition":"contains" | "does_not_contain" | "contains_any_of" | "contains_none_of" | "is_equal_to" |
        "is_equal_to_any_of" | "is_equal_to_none_of" | "is_empty" | "is_not_empty" | "matches" |
     "value":"textvalue-mask" | "textvalue" | "regexvalue"

Works for

  • Email templates.
  • Appointment and meeting templates.

Examples of use


Deprecated macros

  • FromAccount

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