Manage subscriptions

In Shared Email Templates for Outlook

An admin of a company or team account can get comprehensive information about Shared Email Templates subscriptions by going to Manage AccountAccount Details in the Shared Email Templates app.

This is an example of a subscriptions list:
A list of subscriptions

How to buy a subscription

As an admin, you can get the necessary quantity of Shared Email Templates subscriptions for your users. Go to Manage AccountAccount Details, and then click Buy Subscription:
Here is the Buy Subscription button.

You'll see a webpage where Shared Email Templates subscription plans are described. Decide which of them you need and click Subscribe.

How to add a new subscription key to a company or team account

On purchasing a subscription key, add it to your company or team account by clicking Add Key in the Account Details section:
Click the Add Key button.

How to assign a subscription key to a user

It's possible to provide a user with a Shared Email Templates subscription key (or to change the assigned key) in a few ways:

  • Using the More menu that becomes visible when you click the three dots next to a user's name in the list of users:
  • Assign a subscription key via the More menu.

  • By clicking Assign Key at the top of the Shared Email Templates pane:
    Assign a subscription key with the Assign Key button.
  • Via a user profile when creating a user account.

How to renew a subscription

When a subscription period comes to an end, renew the subscriptions of interest by selecting them in the Account Details section and clicking Renew now:
Renew subscriptions.

How to disable or enable subscriptions auto-renewal

If automatic renewal is set up, subscriptions will be automatically renewed on the specified date. To stop subscriptions from being renewed automatically, use the Disable auto-renewal option:
The Disable auto-renewal option

After disabling auto-renewal, you can always enable it again if needed:
The Enable auto-renewal option

How to change the quantity of bought subscriptions

To change the number of the subscriptions you purchased, click the Change quantity icon:
The Change quantity icon

You'll be redirected to our e-commerce service provider's page and asked to enter the delivery email address associated with the original purchase. Enter the requested email address and click the Continue to checkout button. Then, in the Quantity field, specify the total number of subscriptions you need and click the Upgrade now button to proceed with placing an order.

The amount you'll have to pay for getting more subscriptions will depend on the amount you already paid. If you decide to have fewer subscriptions, the amount you already paid won't be refunded.

The updated information on the quantity of purchased subscriptions will appear in your account within a few hours.


Carl Schuler says:
July 30, 2023 at 9:58 pm

I purchased Shared Email Templates, Business using my personal credit card for my work computer. Unfortunately, I am not able to download the add-in. Please help -i'll give it a chance before requesting a refund.

Hello Carl,

Thank you for choosing our product. I am really sorry that you are having difficulties in downloading and installing the add-in.

I have sent you the recommendations by email. Please try to follow them and if you need any further assistance, please email us back. Thank you.

Carrie Yemm says:
July 25, 2023 at 11:37 am

I have an old version of Ablebits and just bought a new business key.
Product: Shared Email Templates, Business - yearly subscription for 1 user
There is no option to update the version i have and enter a new subscription key. How to I upgrade my version of ablebits and enter the new key?

Dear Carrie,

Thank you for the comment. Please note that Add-ins Collection and Shared Email Templates are different products. Each of them is installed and activated separately. I have sent you the details on how to install and activate Shared Email Templates via email. Thank you.

John McClarey says:
June 20, 2023 at 1:58 pm

I have just bought a ley and I am unable to assign the key to me, it is just greyed out in the box when i open the tab. Can you make the add my subscription to the account I already have?

Natalie Smith says:
August 8, 2022 at 9:35 pm


We are having some trouble with our shared templates.
Last week, G D changed over the main account user to herself and signed us up for the business plan that we will pay monthly.

This afternoon, I was chatting with support and they let me know that we are still on a trial and hg is still the main user. Can someone assist with getting this corrected? We currently don’t have access to our templates.

Thank you,

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