Manage your company's Shared Email Templates subscriptions

Comprehensive information about a company's Shared Email Templates subscriptions is available in the Account Details section, which a company administrator can see in the Shared Email Templates web app in the Manage Company view mode.

This is how a list of a company's subscriptions may look like:
This is a sample list of subscriptions.

How to buy Shared Email Templates subscriptions via a company account

As a company administrator, you can get the necessary quantity of Shared Email Templates subscriptions for your users via a company account. You just need to go to Manage CompanyAccount Details and click Buy Subscription:
Here is the Buy Subscription icon.
You'll see a webpage where Shared Email Templates subscription plans are described. Decide which of them you need and click Subscribe your team.

How to add a new subscription key to a company account

On purchasing a subscription key, add it to your company's account with the Add Key icon in the Account Details section:
Click the Add Key icon.

How to assign a subscription key to a user

It's possible to provide a user with a Shared Email Templates subscription key in a few ways:

  • using the More menu that becomes visible when you click the three dots next to a user's name in the list of users:
    Assign a subscription key via the More menu.
  • with the Assign Key icon at the top of the Shared Email Templates pane:
    Assign a subscription key with the Assign Key icon.
  • via a user profile when creating a user account.

How to renew Shared Email Templates subscriptions via a company account

When a subscription period comes to an end, renew the subscriptions of interest by selecting them in the Account Details section and clicking Renew now:
Renew subscriptions.

If automatic renewal is set up, subscriptions will be automatically renewed on the specified date. To stop subscriptions from being renewed automatically, use the Disable auto-renewal option.


Natalie Smith says:
August 8, 2022 at 9:35 pm


We are having some trouble with our shared templates.
Last week, G D changed over the main account user to herself and signed us up for the business plan that we will pay monthly.

This afternoon, I was chatting with support and they let me know that we are still on a trial and hg is still the main user. Can someone assist with getting this corrected? We currently don’t have access to our templates.

Thank you,

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