Create templates with fillable fields, dropdown lists, etc.

With the help of WhatToEnter macro

When you paste a template into an email message, the ~%WhatToEnter macro prompts you to enter or pick some data. You can type the necessary text right in the macro dialog window, choose the item(s) of interest from a dropdown list, decide what value should be brought from a dataset, and select the desired date or time.

When you insert the ~%WhatToEnter macro into your template, a dialog window appears. There you can choose between Text field, Dropdown list, Date, Time, and Dataset. Find a detailed description of each option below.

Also, here is a quick How to add fillable fields cheat sheet:

Download cheat sheet

Add the macro

In a template, put the cursor where the ~%WhatToEnter macro should be inserted and click the Insert macro icon:
Here is the Insert macro icon.

Type "what to enter" in the Search box and double-click What to Enter or select it and click the Select button:
What to Enter

In the first menu, select the option you need:
Select the necessary option.

Text field: Simply enter text

If you select Text field, you can enter a title for the window and a default value:
Text field

Select the Required checkbox to make sure that the template won't be pasted into a message if the value isn't entered.

Note. The HTML icon above an input field in the macro dialog window means that HTML is supported, so you can enter a piece of HTML code into the field.
Here is the HTML icon.

When you choose Dropdown list, enter a window title and several items for your list:
Dropdown list

Besides, you can use three additional options:

  • Tick User can edit selected item(s) to make it possible to edit items in the dropdown list while pasting your template into a message.
  • Check User can select multiple items separated by to be able to select and insert several items into your email message. Enter a separator that will divide these values.
  • Select the Required checkbox to make sure that the template won't be inserted into a message if the value isn't entered.
Note. The HTML icon above an input field in the macro dialog window means that HTML is supported, so you can enter a piece of HTML code into the field.
Here is the HTML icon.

Date: Pick a date in the calendar and get it inserted

If you want to insert a date into a certain place in a message, pick Date. Then enter a window title:
The Date format dropdown menu is there to see all possible options:
Choose the date format.

If you select a format with not only numbers but words as well (for days of the week and months names), you might need to define the language in which these words will be spelled. This concerns all formats that include mmm, mmmm, ddd, or dddd:

  • dddd, mmmm d, yyyy
  • mmmm d, yyyy
  • dd-mmm-yyyy
  • etc.

You can select a language tag in the Language tag (locale) dropdown list:
Choose the language tag.

For example, to get "Tuesday, January 10, 2023", we'll need to pick "dddd, mmmm d, yyyy" in the Date format box and "en-US" in Language tag (locale).

Tip. If you need a language that isn't present in the dropdown list, you can add it manually to the macro. Find the language and country on this page and enter the corresponding tag from the third column.

For example, to get the date spelled in Spanish that is spoken in the Dominican Republic, we'll need to enter "es-do" as a locale parameter:
Enter the language tag you need.

When you insert a template with the ~%WhatToEnter macro, you can pick a date in the dropdown calendar:
Select the necessary date.
On clicking Format, you can change your date format preference if necessary:
Change the date format.
You can also set the default format and language for your dates by creating team or profile properties. To learn more, refer to these guides: How to create the DateFormat property and the DateLocale property.

If you want to automatically subtract or add a certain number of days when inserting your template, enter the necessary value into the Days before/after current date field:
Days before/after current date

Time: Get a specific time inserted

To insert a specific time into your email message when pasting a template, choose the Time option that the ~%WhatToEnter macro has. Then decide what title the macro dialog window should appear with when you use your template:
Enter the title of the dialog window.

Select the time format that you want to apply:
Choose the necessary time format.

You can also choose the locale:
Choose a language tag.

To subtract some minutes from the current time or add them when pasting your template, type the desired value into the Minutes before/after current time field:
Enter the desired number of minutes.

When you click the Paste icon to insert your template into an email message, you'll be able to change the current time in the macro dialog window:
Change the current time.

Dataset: Insert a value from a dataset

To add values from a dataset to your template text, select Dataset. See the detailed manual on working with datasets on the How to create and use datasets page.

Note. When you insert a template that has several ~%WhatToEnter macros in it, all their fillable fields will be displayed in one window:
All fillable fields in one window
Note. If you click the Cancel button in the Fill in these fields window, the template insertion will be canceled.


I should've tried that! Thanks :)

You're most welcome, Leroy.

Good to know that our solution works for you.

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Is there a way to insert the value of a What To Enter macro into multiple parts of the message? For example if it prompts for someone's name, we don't have to prompt multiple times?

Hello Leroy,

Thank you for the question.

Sure, it is possible to insert the same value to several places of your template with the What to Enter macro. Simply create the macro once, copy it using the key combination Ctrl+C and then paste it in the desired places in your template using the key combination Ctrl+V.

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