Manage teams

In Shared Email Templates for Outlook

If you're an admin of a company or team account, you can create and manage teams. To access a list of existing teams, open the More menu on the Shared Email Templates pane in your Outlook and select Manage Account:
Here is the Manage Account option.

When the Shared Email Templates app opens in your default browser, go to the Teams section on the Manage Account tab:
Here is the Teams section.

On the right, you'll see the exact number of team members and learn how many users and editors are there in each team:
These are sample teams.

For quick actions, click the three dots next to a team's name and open the More menu. You'll see the following options: Add Users, Edit Team, Team Properties, and Close Team. Select any you need.
Open the More menu.

How to create a team

To create a new team, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Manage AccountTeams and click Add Team (see below).
    Here is the Add Team button.
  2. Enter the name of a new team into the form that will appear:
    Fill in the New Team form.
  3. If necessary, describe the team and protect its future templates with end-to-end encryption.
    Note. If you decide to encrypt a team, you'll be responsible for providing users with the team password.
  4. Click Save.

How to add users to a team

To add new members to a team, select it in the list that you can see under Teams on the Manage Account tab and click Add Users:
Add team members with the Add Users button.

You can also apply the Add Users option from the team's More menu:
Click the Add Users option.

You'll see a list of users who are not members of the team. Select the users of interest, decide on their permissions (User or Editor), and then click Add.

How to import users to a team from Azure AD

  1. Select the necessary team and click Import Users from AD:
  2. Import team members from Azure AD.

  3. A Microsoft dialog will appear. Sign in to your Microsoft work or school account to proceed.
  4. Select the users who should join the team, grant them permissions (User or Editor), and, if necessary, change a subscription key that was assigned automatically.
    Selecting users from Azure AD
  5. Click Import.

How to remove a user from a team

If you want to remove a user from a team, open the More menu that is next to the user's name in the team's list, and then select the Remove User option:
Removing a user from a team

How to edit a team and team properties

You can edit a team and its properties on the Manage Account tab using the corresponding buttons at the top of the Shared Email Templates pane: Edit Team and Team Properties.
Click the necessary button at the top of the pane.

You can also use the Edit Team and Team Properties options that are available in a team's More menu:
The Edit Team option

The Team Properties option

To easily edit a team member's profile, change their permissions, or leave them out of a team, use the More menu that is next to each user's name in the list:
View the More menu.

How to find a team password

If you're an admin of a company or team account and you're having access to an encrypted team, you can find the team password in the Shared Email Templates app.

  1. Go to Manage Account > Teams.
  2. Right-click an encrypted team and select Team Properties.
    Click Team Properties to see the team password.

How to close a team

If a team is not needed anymore, delete it by clicking Close Team at the top of the Shared Email Templates pane:
Here is the Close Team button.

Note. When you close a team, all its templates will be deleted.

You can also delete a team via the Close Team option in the More menu:
Close a team via the More menu.


Hi, I'm trying to add users to my team, but when trying to use the Import Users from AD option the Import users box pops up but it's stuck loading. The single Add Users option doesn't appear to be working for me either.

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