Manage teams via a company account

In Shared Email Templates for Outlook

A company administrator can create and manage teams for the whole company via a company account. A list of existing teams is available in the Manage Company view mode under Teams:
Here is the Teams section.
On the right, you can see the exact number of team members and learn how many users and editors are there in each team:
These are sample teams.
For quick actions, click the three dots next to a team's name and open the More menu. You'll see the following options: Add Users, Edit Team, Team Properties, and Close Team. Pick any you need.
Open the More menu.

How to create a team via a company account

To create a new team, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Manage CompanyTeams and click the Add Team icon (see below).
    Here is the Add Team icon.
  2. Type in the new team's name in the form that will appear:
    Fill in the New Team form.
  3. If necessary, describe the team and protect its future templates with end-to-end encryption.
    Note. If you decide to encrypt a team, you'll be responsible for providing users with the team password.
  4. Click Save.

How to add users to a team

To add new members to a team, select it in the list that you can see under Teams in the Manage Company view mode and click the Add Users icon:
Add team members with the Add Users icon.
You can also apply the Add Users option from the team's More menu:
Click the Add Users option.
On clicking either the Add Users icon or the Add Users option, you'll see a list of users who are not members of the team. Select the users of interest, decide on their permissions (User or Editor), and click Add.

How to import users to a team from Azure Active Directory (for Global Administrators only)

Note. In Shared Email Templates company accounts created by Global Administrators of Microsoft Azure organizations, a company administrator can add users to a team by importing them from Azure Active Directory.
  1. Select the necessary team and click Import Users:
    Import team members from AAD.
  2. Select the users who should join the team, grant them permissions, and assign a subscription key:
    Grant permissions and assign a key to selected users.

How to edit a team and team properties

You can edit a team and its properties in the Manage Company view mode using the corresponding icons at the top of the Shared Email Templates pane: Edit Team and Team Properties.
Click the necessary icon at the top of the pane.
You can also use the Edit Team and Team Properties options that are available in a team's More menu:
Opt for Edit Team.
Select the Team Properties option.
To easily edit a team member's profile, change their permissions, or leave them out of a team, use the More menu that is next to each user's name in the list:
View the More menu.

How to close a team

If your company has no need of a certain team anymore, delete it with the Close Team icon shown in the screenshot below:
Here is the Close Team icon.

Note. When you close a team, all its templates will be deleted.

You can also delete a team via the Close Team option in the More menu:
Close a team via the More menu.

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