How to import templates into Shared Email Templates

From Template Phrases for Outlook Online

If you use Template Phrases for Outlook Online, you can import your templates into Shared Email Templates. In this quick manual, find out how.

Note. You can import folders from the Template Phrases for Outlook Online add-in only, please do not confuse it with Template Phrases for desktop Outlook.

Step 1: Export templates from Template Phrases for Outlook Online

  1. In Outlook Online, start Template Phrases, click the three dots in the bottom right corner and select Export:
    Click Three Dots.
  2. By default, all your template groups will be selected. So, uncheck the unwanted ones and click Export:
    Uncheck the unwanted groups of templates.
  3. A .ptd file will be downloaded:
    The .ptd file.

Step 2: Import templates into Shared Email Templates

  1. Run Shared Email Templates, stand on the team or folder into which you want to import templates, click the three dots and select Import:
    Import file.
  2. Select the downloaded .ptd file and click Open:
    Select the .ptd file.
  3. A group from Template Phrases for Outlook Online will be exported as a folder into the team or folder you selected:
    The folder with templates is exported.

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