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In Shared Email Templates for Outlook

As soon as you signed in to your Shared Email Templates account, it's time to get to know the add-in pane and the ways to create folders and templates. When you are done with learning how to manage your private folders and templates, move on to sharing templates with your colleagues.

Here is a quick Create and manage templates cheat sheet, click on the button below to download it:

Download cheat sheet

The pane and its elements

You can create private and shared templates and collect them in folders. The storage of your private templates is My Templates. Shared templates are stored in teams. Select a template to see its text at the bottom of the add-in panel:

Your Shared Email Templates.

To search in the names of folders and templates and content of templates, folders, and teams, type text into the Search field and press the Enter key or click the Magnifier icon:
Enter text and click Magnifier.

Also, you can select text in your message body, click the Magnifier icon and get the list of items that contain this text:
Select text in the message body and click Magnifier.

Note. Don't forget to deselect the selected text in the message body before pasting the template!

To work with several items (templates, folders, teams) at once, you can switch to the Selection mode by clicking the icon to the right of the Search field. In the mode, you can check folders and templates and quickly perform the needed operation with them altogether by clicking the Copy, Move, or Delete button at the top:
The selection mode.

Under the Search field there are the five buttons to select the view:
The Shared Email Templates toolbar.

  1. The All Templates view, click it to see all your templates and folders.
  2. Click this icon to see only templates that you marked as Favorite.
  3. Select this view to see only private templates and folders.
  4. This button lets you see all your shared templates.
  5. Click this button to see all your shortcuts.

Create new folder

To create a new folder for your templates, right-click My Templates or a team and select New Folder:
Create new folder.

Enter the name of a folder, description if you like, and click the Save button:
Save the new folder.

Your new folder is saved to My Templates, and when you are standing on it, you can see its name and description in the preview pane. You can Edit, Copy, Move, or Delete the folder with the help of the action buttons:
The created folder.

Create new template

To create a new template, select the folder you want to create you template in and click the New Template button:
Create new template.

Tip. You can right-click a folder and pick the New Template in Browser option to open a new template in the Shared Email Templates web application:
Create template in browser.

Enter the name of your template, its text, and click Save:
Create new template.

Tip. To turn a text in your email into a template, select the required paragraph and start creating a new template by clicking the New template button in the bottom left corner:
Create new template from the selected text.

The selected text will appear in the new template:
Create new template from the selected text.

Working with templates

When you stand on a template, you can see its content and the possible actions:
Shared Templates toolbar.

  1. The Paste icon, click it to have a template inserted into your email right away. The template will appear where the cursor stands.
    Note. If there is a selected text passage in your message body and you click this icon, the selected text will be deleted and replaced by a template.
  2. Click Edit in Browser to open your template in browser and edit it there.
  3. Click Edit to open the edit mode and change text, formatting, or name of a template.
  4. Add to Favorites means that your template will be added to the Favorite Templates folder. In this case, you can use the template from both My Templates and Favorite Templates.
  5. If you click the Copy icon, your template will be copied and the add-in will ask to select a folder to paste the template to.
  6. Also, you can Move the template to another folder.
  7. You can Delete your template by clicking this icon.
    Note. There is no opportunity to undelete a template, so, if you delete it, you won't be able to restore it.
  8. For a more handy view, you can click the Maximize button. To get back to the normal view, click the Restore icon in the top right corner.

How to edit template

Note. Please note, if you need rich text formatting for your templates, we recommend that you collect and edit your templates in Outlook and connect an Outlook folder to Shared Email Templates.

In the Edit mode, you can not only adjust the text formatting of your templates but also insert macros, create a table, add or edit a hyperlink, view HTML, and insert a template:
The Edit mode.

  1. The Insert Macro button. Learn all the opportunities macros give you on the How to use macros in your templates page.
  2. Click Table to insert a table into your template.
    You can learn more about tables in our How to create and format tables blog post.
  3. Click this icon to clear formatting of the selected text.
  4. The Insert/Edit Hyperlink button. Select the text you are going to add a hyperlink to, click this icon, enter a URL and a title that will appear when you hover over the linked text in your template.
  5. The View HTLM button. In this mode, you can edit your template in HTML and all the changes will be saved. But please keep in mind all the peculiarities Outlook has with HTML and CSS.
  6. Click Paste to insert the template right after you are done with its editing.

Back up, export and import templates

To back up your templates, export or import them please refer to the guide: Back up data in Shared Email Templates

How to organize templates

To find out all the ways to organize templates, please refer to the cheat sheet:

Download cheat sheet



We have a template we are using that has a auto cc function added:


However, it keeps replacing anyone we currently have in the cc line with who we want to auto cc. Any way to fix this?



Hello Tara,

Thank you for your message. It looks like the ~%AddCc macro will suit your needs better. It will keep the email addresses you already have in the Cc field. By the way, you can find all the macros the Shared Email Templates add-in offers here.


I don't seem to be able to install Shared Templates to our shared mailbox. We have a support mailbox which is shared, but it won't install. The error we get is: Sorry, we can't complete this operation right now. Please try again later.
It installed to my personal email box straight away without a problem.
Is this a known issue with Shared Email Templates?


Hello Kari,

Thank you for your comment. It is possible to use Shared Email Templates in a shared mailbox. But you don't need to install the add-in for the shared account, you just need to install it for your personal one. Open your shared mailbox, click New Message, and choose the necessary email address in the From field, the Shared Email Templates icon will be available in your Ribbon. Start the add-in to get access to your templates.


Do you think you'll be adding the option to save a template with an attachment? I currently use several templates with PDF attachments and i need them to be saved together so i can quickly send them, vs, having to reattach the PDF each time i'm using the template.


Hello Nora,

Thank you for your question. The add-in provides an opportunity to attach the file of interest to your template in a few different ways. You can find them all here.

Brian Jenkins says:
January 28, 2020 at 5:10 pm

Recently downloaded.

Is there a way to add attachments in a stable format at this time?

Katerina Bespalaya says:
January 28, 2020 at 5:32 pm

Hello Brian,

Thank you for your interest in our product. You can attach files to your templates from URL or OneDrive in the current version of Shared Email Templates. Please see more details on how to do this here.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Arthur Arellano says:
January 9, 2020 at 4:51 am

I first started with your Template Phrases, then realized you had to manually copy paste each template to all the other in boxes with absolutely no way to import/export all my templates, nor was it cross platform compatible so I had to abandon the software after manually copy pasting 77 templates. The user above is asking the same question we probably are all asking, why is this software so difficult to use, why can't your dev team quickly build an import/export tool? Would be so easy to build from Excel, Word or whatever. Anyway, Ablebits then recommended I use Shared Templates so I was forced to manually add all our templates and unknowingly was blocked from entering anything more than 40. So I spent all this time entering 40 phrases and I'm prevented from entering the rest of our phrases. Where does it say there is a max of 40 templates? Had I known this I would not have wasted even more time. Ablebits doesn't seem to have answers or solutions to users needs. Its basically here's our software use it if you can approach. Its been frustrating trying to set up templates.


Hello Arthur,

Thank you for your feedback and your criticism. The thing is, Shared Email Templates is currently in an early beta-phase (we’ve published it in the middle of December) and we constantly improve and develop it.

Now, it includes the main features only and we eagerly get all the feedback and criticism from our users. Thank you for sharing it with us.

As for the export/import feature, of course, it is in our roadmap. I suppose it will be available after a couple of next releases.

Limits. Now there are 2 plans available:

It looks like you have selected the free plan. So, your templates are limited by 40.

Please keep in mind that we don’t rush to roll out new features to interfere with the add-in’s stability. We test each release thoroughly under all supported platforms so please give us some time 🙂 Thank you.



Is it possible to upload existing email template files?


Hello Olivia,
Thank you for your question. I'm sorry but currently it is not possible to import your existing templates in Shared Email Templates. For now, you can only create new ones by copy-pasting the templates' text.


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