When you paste a template into the current email message or current calendar event, this macro inserts the specified picture into the current macro position.


You can insert a profile picture from Azure AD (a user's photo from their Microsoft account), pictures from public URLs, and pictures from a OneDrive or SharePoint documents folder (library) that is either yours or shared with you. Also, you can specify the size of the picture (its height and width in pixels), add a hyperlink and its display text (title), and opt to use the picture as a hidden email attachment (only for a profile picture from Azure AD and for pictures available from public URLs).

In case of OneDrive and SharePoint, you can interactively select a picture when inserting or editing the macro—the "driveId", "fileId", and "fileName" parameters will be specified automatically.


     "from":"onedrive" | "sharepoint" | "url" | "aad_photo",
     [ "height":"123" | 123,]
     [ "width":"123" | 123,]
     [ "link":"textvalue", ]
     [ "linkTitle":"textvalue", ]
     // in case of OneDrive or SharePoint
     "fileName":"textvalue", )
     // in case of URL
     [ "inline":"true" | true | "false" | false ]

Works for

  • Email templates.
  • Calendar event templates.
  • Mail Merge templates.

Examples of use


Deprecated macros

  • InsertPictureFromOneDrive
  • InsertPictureFromSharePoint
  • InsertPictureFromURL