Back up data in Shared Email Templates

How to export and import templates

In Shared Email Templates, all your templates are stored in a cloud-based database hosted by Amazon Web Services. The database is automatically backed up daily.

However, you can create backups of your templates yourself and save them to your local storage by exporting them. On this page, find out how to export and import templates.

Export templates

You can export the My Templates or team templates and folders even if your subscription key is not valid anymore and you can't see and use all your templates due to limitations.

We recommend that you use the Shared Email Templates web app in Google Chrome for template export to avoid issues and problems the desktop and online Outlook and other browsers may bring.

You cannot export any single folders from My Templates or a team—only all the private templates or the entire team.

To export templates, open the Shared Email Templates web app, right-click on My Templates (or a team), and pick Export:
Click Export.

You will find the downloaded .xml file in Downloads. Date and time of the backup are displayed in the name of the file.

Note. If necessary, you can extract the content of any template from the backup file in plain HTML. Just find the name of this template there and copy the text that the templatefiledata attribute contains.

Import templates

To Shared Email Templates, you can import templates in .xml and .ptd formats. For example, when you migrate from Template Phrases for Outlook Online, you export and import a .ptd file.

The content of My Templates or a team will not be affected in any way. New templates/folders will be created by reading them from a file. If the names of templates from the imported file match names of templates that are already present in My Templates or a team, both versions will be preserved.

To import templates, right-click on My Templates (or a team), and pick Import:
Click Import.

Select an .xml or .ptd file and click Open:
Select file.

All templates and folders from the exported file will be imported to My Templates or the team:
Templates and folders imported.

Note. To import templates to a team, you need to have Editor or Admin permissions.