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Create and manage a personal account

Note. Personal accounts this page relates to are deprecated. For up-to-date information, follow this link: Create and manage a company or team account.

Shared Email Templates for Outlook is an account-based service, so, first of all, let's start the add-in and create your account. When you're registered and your email is confirmed, you'll be able to activate your subscription key and create templates and teams.

Create your account

The Shared Email Templates add-in offers two sign-up options: Sign up with email and Sign up with Microsoft.

Sign up with email Sign up with Microsoft
You sign up with your email address. You sign up with your Microsoft work or school account.
You need to create a password. You use your existing Microsoft password.
Note. As soon as you create your account by signing up with email, switching to signing up with Microsoft won't be possible.

Sign up with email

  • Start Shared Email Templates in your Outlook and click Sign up on the add-in pane:
    Start creating your account.
  • Select the Sign up with email button:
    The Sign up with email button
  • Decide which account you need: a company account or a personal one. Here are the differences between them:
    Personal account Company account
    A personal account suits you well if you're going to use your templates yourself or share them within a small team. A company account is designed to address the needs of large teams that are managed by company administrators.
    You can create your account on your own. Only company administrators can create accounts for their users.
    You can create a team and invite other people to join it. Only company administrators can manage users and teams.
    You need to activate your subscription yourself. Only company administrators can assign subscription keys to their users.
    Inviting a company account user to a personal team is not possible. Adding a personal account user to a company team is not possible.

    If you're going to create a company account, find our step-by-step instructions here. If you want to create a personal account, switch to the Personal tab:
    Choose Personal.

  • You'll see a registration form:
    This is a registration form.
  • Enter the required details, accept the Shared Email Templates Terms of use and Privacy policy, and click Sign up.
Note. If you're currently running Outlook under another email, a confirmation message will be sent to the email address you specified in the sign-up form so that you can verify that email address.

Sign up with Microsoft

Note. We will not have access to your Microsoft password.
Note. Free Microsoft accounts, such as and Hotmail accounts, are not supported.
  • Open the Shared Email Templates pane in your Outlook and click Sign up:
    Sign up for Shared Email Templates.
  • Select the Sign up with Microsoft button:
    The Sign up with Microsoft button
  • A Microsoft dialog window will show up. Sign in to your Microsoft work or school account to proceed. Then you'll be asked to accept the Shared Email Templates permissions:
    Permissions requested
  • As soon as the requested permissions are granted, you'll see a registration form. Check the First name and Last name fields. If you accept the Shared Email Templates Terms of use and Privacy policy, select the corresponding checkbox, and then click Sign up:
    A registration form

Your Shared Email Templates account is created.

Sign in to your account

Sign in with email

  • Select the Sign in with email button on the Shared Email Templates pane:
    The Sign in with email button
  • Then enter your username or email address and password. Click Sign in:
    Sign in to your account.

Sign in with Microsoft

Note. Select Sign in with Microsoft if you signed up for Shared Email Templates with your Microsoft work or school account.
  • Click the Sign in with Microsoft button on the add-in pane in your Outlook:
    The Sign in with Microsoft button
  • In the Microsoft dialog window that will show up, select your Microsoft work or school account that you want to sign in with.

Manage your profile

To manage your profile, click the three dots in the lower-right corner of the add-in pane and select Profile:
Open Profile.

You'll see four sections: My Account, My License, My Properties, and My Teams.
Manage your profile.

My Account

To edit your account, click the Edit Account icon:
Here is the Edit Account icon.

You can change your name, email, date of birth, and password. You can choose between two macros styles: Default and Dashed. You can also delete your account if you want to.
Edit your account.

To keep the changes you've made, click the Save Changes button.

Note. Checking the Use single sign-on (SSO) where possible option in your profile enables the single sign-on feature (SSO). As a result, Shared Email Templates will require you to authenticate just once, and then you can insert images or attach files from OneDrive and SharePoint without repeated authentication checks.

To learn more, visit these help pages:
Inserting images from OneDrive and SharePoint: SSO
Attaching files from OneDrive and SharePoint: SSO

Note. If you signed up for Shared Email Templates with your Microsoft work or school account credentials, your profile doesn't contain password fields.

My License

The My License section contains information on the current subscription plan and its expiration date. Here you can activate and deactivate your subscription key.

Note. If you have a company account, your subscription is managed by your company's administrator and you'll see neither the Enter Subscription Key button nor the Deactivate button in the My License section.

If the automatic renewal of your subscription is enabled, there's a check mark next to Auto-renewal:
Auto-renewal is on.

When the subscription period is almost over, the Renew button appears, and you can click it to renew your subscription manually by placing a renewal order.
Here is the Renew button.
Or, if auto-renewal is on and the card that was used for the original order is still valid, you can wait until the subscription is renewed automatically.

In both cases, you won't need to enter and activate the subscription key—it doesn't change. Only the expiration date gets extended.

To turn auto-renewal off, clear the Auto-renewal checkbox. As soon as the automatic renewal of your subscription is canceled, a confirmation email from 2Checkout is to be delivered.

Note. If you have a company account, the renewal of your subscription is the company administrator's responsibility and you won't see the Auto-renewal option and the Renew button in the My License section.

My Properties

To see the properties of your account or create new ones, click the Edit properties icon:
Here is the Edit properties icon.

To learn more about account and team properties, refer to the How to use team and profile properties manual.

My Teams

If you've already created or joined some teams, you'll see their list in the My Teams section. On the right of a team's name, your user permissions will be stated.
My Teams

Get your personal data

You can make a request for the personal data associated with your profile (except for passwords) by going to Profile → My Account → Request my account data:
Get personal data from your profile.

As soon as you click Request my account data, an email message containing the requested information will be sent to the email address that is stated in your Shared Email Templates account. If the message is missing from your inbox, check your junk email.

Delete your account

If you want to delete your account, click the three dots in the lower-right corner of the add-in pane and select Profile:
Open Profile.

Then click the Edit Account icon:
Here is the Edit Account icon.

To delete your account, click Delete account and all my details at the bottom of the add-in pane:
Delete the account.

Note. If you've got a team where you're the only Admin, you won't be able to delete your account until you give the Admin permissions to another team member or close the team.
Note. If there is no Delete account and all my details in Edit my account, it means that you have a company account which can be deleted only by a company administrator.


Steven Holderness says:
October 4, 2023 at 3:02 pm

I cannot seem to create an account from your webpage URL below. Because of this, I cannot install my new purchase of Shared Email Templates.

Please assist.


Hello Steven,

You see, most people who choose Shared Email Templates work in SMB companies and they prefer a centralized approach to managing users, teams, and subscriptions. We implemented such approach in company or team accounts that are managed by admins. That's why personal accounts have been deprecated.

Please create your account using this guide:

Hello, I recently downloaded the Ablebits Outlook collection. Now I am trying to set up a company account but what I'm seeing on the screen doesn't match what's listed in this FAQ. There's nothing to click on to sign up. Can you send me a link or provide more info?

i have a business license and I have already signed in as a personal account. It seems my email is now associated with the personal account so I can't sign in as a company account. is there any way to go back and sign in as a company account so i can add and manage more users? or to change completely over to a company account without losing all of my templates that i have already created?


Hi Andy,

Thank you for your question.

To switch to a company account, each user who currently has the personal account should do the following:
1 - Back up personal templates (the My Templates folder) if there are any. If you have the team templates, the team admin should back up them as well.
2 - Deactivate the subscription key in their profiles.
3 - Delete the personal SET account.

After that, you can create a company account for the same email address and add users via company account.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to email us at

Peter Mubanga says:
January 19, 2023 at 12:33 pm

Appreciate your effort to go this great length just make an ordinary person like me, with very little knowledge to be in step with the rest of world.

I thank you.

Hello Peter,

We appreciate you kind comment and are glad to know that you enjoy using our product. If it's not too much trouble for you, we would appreciate it if you rate our app and write a few words on Microsoft Office Store. This motivates us to continue providing the best experience possible for you and helps others understand how our product and support service can make their life easier. Thank you in advance.

How do I edit my subscription key? It paid for the service, but when I try to edit - the subscription key just has a copy icon - nowhere to actually paste the new one from my paid version.

Love this software.
My only huge gripe is that you can't give the template a name. i.e. The name is the subject.
This is very frustrating because in our team this is two very different things. Can we have a seperate "subject" box in the template? Please :)

Hello Jake,

Thank you for your feedback. To avoid pasting the name of a template into the Subject field, you could insert the blank ~%AddSubject macro in your template. Please make sure that you have deleted "Text" that is between the square brackets in the macro by default (~%AddSubject[]).

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at

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