Shared Email Templates for Microsoft Outlook

How to pass email messages to teammates


If your organization uses shared mailboxes, the Pass Email button on the ribbon in your Outlook will help you easily assign email messages that are awaiting a reply to your teammates.

Here is the Pass Email button.

Note. If the Pass Email button appears dimmed and is not clickable, make it active by selecting any message in your mailbox.

Note. If the Pass Email button is missing, reinstall Shared Email Templates. For step-by-step instructions on how to uninstall the add-in and install it back, please visit these help pages:
How to uninstall Shared Email Templates
How to install Shared Email Templates

How to pass an email message

  1. In your shared mailbox, select an email message that you want to pass to a teammate and click Pass Email in the Ablebits group on the ribbon:
    Here is the Pass Email button.
  2. The Shared Email Templates pane will appear in your Outlook showing members of your teams in Shared Email Templates for Outlook on the Pass to tab. Select the teammate you're going to assign the task of replying to the selected email message, add a comment if necessary, and then click Pass.
    The Pass button on the Pass to tab

    1. The list of teammates is available here.
    2. Under the list of teammates, the selected email message is shown.
    3. This is a comment box.
    4. Here is the Pass button.

    As soon as you click the Pass button, a confirmation message containing the subject of the email and the name of the teammate responsible for replying will show up on the Shared Email Templates pane.

Tip. To easily find a teammate in the list, type their name in the search box:
Look for your teammate.

To narrow down the list of teammates, apply a filter:
A filter in use

Note. You can pin the Shared Email Templates pane by clicking the pin button:
Here is the pin button.

How to find out what email messages have been passed to you

  1. As soon as email messages are passed to you, a notification icon will appear in the lower-right corner of the Shared Email Templates pane:
    This is a notification icon.
  2. To find out what email messages you should reply to, select any message in your mailbox and click the Pass Email button on the ribbon in your Outlook:
    Here is the Pass Email button.
  3. On the Passed to Me tab, you'll see a list of notifications. Double-click a notification to open the email message that it refers to.

    Emails passed to you

    1. This is a source mailbox that contains the email messages that have been passed to you.
    2. Here are the details associated with the email message that the selected notification refers to: a comment (if there's any), the subject, sender, and date of the email message, along with the name of the person who has passed this email message to you.
    3. Notifications are available in the list for two weeks. To remove a notification from the list, select it and then click the trash button.

Note. If the list of notifications appears dimmed, it means that you have the wrong mailbox selected.
This is how a dimmed list of notifications looks like.

To make the list active, go to the mailbox to which the assigned email messages were delivered, select any email message, and click the Pass Email button on the ribbon.

Note. "This email is not available" appears in the list of notifications if the assigned email message has been removed from the source mailbox.

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