Use Shared Email Templates in Outlook Calendar

You can use Shared Email Templates not only for your email messages but also to create appointments and schedule meetings in the Outlook Calendar. You can prepare templates for appointments and meetings and automatically fill in the body and some fields of a calendar event with the help of macros.

To start using Shared Email Templates macros, refer to this guide: How to use macros in templates

Use templates to create appointments

Start creating an appointment and run Shared Email Templates by clicking its icon in the ribbon. Find the template you need (or create a new one) and click the Paste icon.

The body of the appointment as well as the Title and Location fields can be filled in with the values you specify in your template:
Shared Email Templates in an appointment

Helpful macros

  • For the Title field, use the ~%Fill macro. If you already have some text in the field and want to keep it, opt for the ~%Add macro.
  • Use the ~%Fill macro for the Location field as well. If you need to keep the details you already have in the field, choose the ~%Add macro.
  • To insert the contents of the Location field into the body of an appointment, use the ~%Insert macro.

Create meetings with templates

You can use templates for meetings. Start creating a meeting, run Shared Email Templates, and insert the template of interest to fill in the body of the meeting, the Title, Required, Optional, and Location fields:
Shared Email Templates in a meeting

Helpful macros

  • For the Title field, use the ~%Fill macro. You can choose the ~%Add macro to keep the current text in this field.
  • For the Required and Optional fields, use either the ~%Add or the ~%Fill macro. If you opt for ~%Fill, the addresses added previously will be deleted.
  • For the Location field, use the ~%Fill macro. The ~%Add macro will be helpful if you want to keep the current information in this field.
  • To add the contents of the Location field to the body of a meeting, use the ~%Insert macro.

More macros for meetings and appointments

You can find all the Shared Email Templates macros on the Сomplete list of macros for templates page.

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