Table Styles for Google Sheets

Make your tables in Google Sheets look professional

This add-on will help you visually organize data in your sheets. It comes with a set of style templates that you can use for your tables straight away, also leaving you the option of creating custom styles for Google Sheets.

  • Select a range and quickly convert it to a formatted table
  • Create your own styles and use them in any sheet
  • Apply formatting to certain table parts: header, first row stripe, etc.
  • Customize anything from basic formatting like font to borders and background color.

Learn how to work with the add-on.

Table Styles add-on for Google Sheets

Apply table style to selection

Quickly change the appearance of your table

Changing the appearance of your data is very simple when you have Table Styles at hand. You can apply any of pre-supplied styles to the entire table, or even choose what table parts are present in the selection.

Thus, you can change the style of your table header, add borders to your left column and color every other row to make the information easier to read. Use existing templates or customize the way your data are represented in Google Sheets.

Add and manage table styles

Save style with formatting set for every table element

Besides pre-supplied templates, it lets you add your custom styles to the collection.

If you have an exemplary Google Sheet, add it as a style template. All you need to do is select the formatted data, help the add-on determine what table parts you have, and remember their options. Now you can use it for any other spreadsheet.

Create a style template from scratch the same way and make your tables stand out with a unique combination of table elements and their style.

You can edit or remove an obsolete style at any time.


Table Styles add-on for Google Sheets

Quickly change the appearance of your table

Save style with formatting set for every table element

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