Ablebits stands with Ukraine

Ablebits stands with Ukraine

What is really happening in Ukraine?

On the orders of Putin, on February 24, 2022, Russian troops launched an all-out war in Ukraine. Since then, tens of thousands of civilians have been killed, tens of thousands of Ukrainian soldiers have died, entire cities and villages have been completely destroyed, tens of thousands of Ukrainian children have been deported to Russia, and millions of Ukrainian citizens have been forced to become refugees. The whole world saw the results of such atrocities and tortures that were unthinkable in the 21st century.

Do not believe the Russian propaganda and their allies, all this is still going on. Right now, civilians and Ukrainian heroes continue to die, and waves of Putin's ogres continue to roll on Ukrainian cities, leveling them to the ground and killing their residents and defenders.

40% of our profit to help Ukraine

We realize that Ukraine, more than ever, needs help. Ukrainian people need water and electricity, medicine and first aid kits, while refugees sometimes do not have even the basic necessities. That is why, starting from March 2022, month after month, we send part of our earnings to the aid funds of Ukraine, and we intend to continue at the same pace.

How can you help?

Ukrainians valiantly protect their nation, yet they still require our assistance. Different needs arise every minute. Therefore, the most effective way to help them is money.

Here are the links to the funds we trust. And please remember, every cent counts!

  • SOS Ukraina - a Polish humanitarian campaign
  • MacPaw Foundation - a foundation, established by our colleagues, MacPaw, an Ukrainian software development company
  • UkraineNow - a global decentralized effort to help Ukrainians


Thank you,
Eugene Starostin
CTO, Office Data Apps sp. z o.o.

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