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Complete list of macros for templates

The Shared Email Templates macros are created to help you avoid repetitive actions in your routine correspondence. For example, instead of pasting a certain email address into the Cc or Bcc field, adding some text to a subject line, attaching the same file to your messages over and over again, you can just insert a macro and do that only once.

In the list below, click on a macro to see its description, syntax, and examples of use.

Your purpose Macros you need
To change fields and body of email messages, appointments, and meetings Add
Adds the specified text to the specified field.

Fills the specified field with the specified text.

Inserts the contents of the specified field into the macro position in the body of an email message, an appointment, or a meeting.

To attach files and insert pictures Attach
Attaches the specified file(s) to the current email message, appointment, or meeting.

Inserts the specified picture into the macro position in the body of an email message, an appointment, or a meeting.

To return values from datasets Insert
Inserts the text of the specified dataset column by the specified key value.
To create interactive fillable fields WhatToEnter
Adds interactive fillable fields to your templates.

Asks the user to attach a local file when the user is inserting the current template.

To use regular expressions RegexMatch
Inserts the specified text if the specified field contains a string that matches the specified regular expression.

Extracts text from the specified field by the specified regular expression.

To add merge fields MergeField
Inserts the contents of the specified column of the mail merge distribution list.
Extra DisableIf
Stops the current template from being inserted if the specified field contains the specified text.

Adds comments to your templates.

Clears the specified field of the current email message, appointment, or meeting before the current template is inserted.


Tonia Noordt says:
May 2, 2023 at 10:59 pm

Is there a way to have the template send via Outlook on a future date without having to go through the steps of scheduling it to do so via delayed send?

Is there a way to create my own macro?
I'd like to add to my template the calendar event category and I don't see it available in the current macros.

Hi Bettina,

Thank you for your comment.

I am sorry, there is no way to create your own macro in the current version of the add-in. Also, we can't implement a macro for calendar event categories due to some limitations in API: it is not possible to assign a category in a compose mode in Outlook on the web. Thank you.

In comments above there is mention of a ~%FROM_ACCOUNT macro, however I receive an error when I try to use this and the linked help article that was previously provided makes no mention of it anywhere.

Can you please tell me the correct macro to use to fill in the FROM field for the email? (meaning, to fill in the specific email address it will be sent from) The To, BCC, and CC fields all work perfectly, so it doesn't make sense that I can't specify the sender email address as well.

Hello A W,

Thank you for your comment. Sorry, the FromAccount macro was deprecated. You see, we do have an API that allows to set the From field. Today we have ~%DISABLE_IF which stops the current template from being inserted if the specified field contains the specified text. I wish I could assist you better.

Is there a way to populate several fields using the dataset. For instance: I want to create an onboarding form.

Welcome to our new PriceKubecka Client: [New Client] (ID from the dataset)

Is there any way once I select client unique Key Column, that i can populate the fields below automatically. the data is in the same table of the dataset

Primary Contact
Client Primary Email
Client Business Address
Client Primary Phone Number
Billing Contact Name
Billing Email Contact

It would be great if the WhatToEnter was able to do multi-line fields vs only allowing a single line.

i.e. ~%WhatToEnter[{title:"Detailed issue that needs to be addressed.",required}] but instead the ability to type multi-line/paragraphs

Would love to be able to macro hyperlinks so they are links when you macro them. And macro hyperlinks with alt text (like "click here" and that's a hyperlink).

(I use templates to send a lot of links to people that are unique to the person that I am sending the link to...And sometimes I forget to add the link because I can't macro it in like the ~whattoenter macro)

Is it possible to make a macro to start a new message with a user template? So many steps to dig through for an often used template.

Hello Jo,

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, Microsoft Mail API doesn't provide a possibility to implement this functionality in the add-in.

To quickly get access to your templates, we recommend to pin the add-in pane on one side of your Outlook window, add the templates you use most often to your Favorites and use shortcuts for them. Also, you can select some text in the message body and instantly search for templates that contain this text in names or content.

Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Are you going to add the ~%FROM_ACCOUNT into Shared Email Templates? We use Shared Mailboxes to send the vast majority of our emails so the templates are a great way to ensure that they are being sent from the correct account and users do not need to change anything themselves.


Hi Justin,

Thank you for sharing your idea with us. I will forward it to our development team and let you know via email. Have a nice day!

Are there any plans to add this macro to Share Email Templates yet? I would really like to move to the new product as it has several advantages over Template Phrases however we use this macro extensively so don't want to switch over until this has been added.


Is there a way I can include a future date in the message body? I send out meeting reminder emails a few days in advance and want to be able to have that day pre-typed for me (e.g. have a date that displays the month and day of the next Wednesday). Is the there a way I can do this?

Thank you!

Hi Ted,

Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, the functionality you've described is not available in the current version of the add-in. However, your idea sounds interesting and I have forwarded it to our development team. They will discuss this feature and we’ll be sure to let you know if/when it is available. Thank you!

First of all, thanks for you tool.

I would like to insert the same text in several templates. This text doesn't often evolve but instead of copying the same text in many templates and have to change it manually everywhere from time to time, i would prefer to insert it as a template in templates where it has to appear, in order to only have to change it in one place when necessary.
Is it yet possible ? Could you implement that soon as a macro ?

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