Introduction to Shared Email Templates

Empower your Outlook experience

Shared Email Templates is a brand-new Outlook add-in to empower your emailing experience. With this tool, you can use your templates in any Outlook, whether desktop or online, including Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac and Outlook on the web. As all templates are stored in a sharing cloud-based service, you can easily share them with your colleagues united into one or several teams.

To start using your templates, simply install the add-in via the Microsoft Office Store, sign in, create a team and invite your mates. If you have security concerns, just encrypt your templates with your own secret key.

Supported versions

Please note that Outlook should be connected to your Office 365, or Exchange 2016+ account.

Microsoft Outlook Supported browsers for Outlook online
  • Outlook on Windows connected to Office 365
  • Outlook on Mac connected to Office 365
  • Outlook on Windows 2019
  • Outlook on Windows 2016
  • Outlook on Mac 2019
  • Outlook on Mac 2016
  • Outlook on the web
  • Google Chrome 78 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge 44 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based) – beta support 79 and higher
  • Safari 12 and higher (limited support)
  • Firefox 69 and higher

Shared Email Templates in Outlook

When you run Shared Email Templates in your Outlook, you will see the following pane that lets you:

Shared Email Templates in Outlook.

  1. Search folders and templates by keywords and take advantage of the Selection mode.
  2. Select the view: All Templates, Favorite Templates, My Templates, or Shared Templates.
  3. You can add any template to Favorite Templates by right-clicking it and selecting Add to Favorites.
  4. The default personal folders are Favorite Templates and My Templates. You can create new sub-folders for your templates, private or shared.
  5. You can link an Outlook folder with your drafts to Shared Email Templates and use these drafts as templates. Linked folders are marked with a blue letter "O".
  6. You can create ready-made reply templates only or use shortcuts to construct your emails and templates. Templates that are shortcuts have a blue "#" sign before the name.
  7. Shared templates are stored in teams. You can invite members to your teams and share templates with them.
  8. To secure your privacy, you can encrypt your team. Encrypted teams have a small key sign on the label.
  9. These are the template actions: Paste, Edit in Browser, Edit, Add to Favorites, Copy, Move, Delete.
  10. If your template is a shortcut, you can click here to quickly rename it.
  11. When you stand on a template, you can see its contents on the grey background.
  12. You can create new folders, templates, and teams with the help of the New button:
    Create new template, folder, team in Outlook.
  13. The Handle Shortcuts button, you'll need to click it if you use shortcuts to create your emails.
  14. By clicking the three dots, you can go to your profile, sign out, get online help, view logs, ask us a question, or see the version of the product you use:
    The More menu.

Shared Email Templates in your browser

You can manage your templates and teams in a browser. Simply open the Shared Email Templates home page and log in:

Shared Email Templates in browser.

  1. Your templates are collected by folders: All Templates, Favorite Templates, My Templates, and Shared Templates. This toolbar lets you filter all templates by the selected folder.
  2. When you stand on a template, you can see its contents on the right. If the template is a shortcut, it will have a "#" sign before its name.
  3. Click the Plus sign to create a new template, team, or folder:
    Create new template, folder, team in browser.
  4. Click the three dots to open your profile, sign out, get online help, view logs, ask a question, or see the version of the product you use:
    The More menu.
  5. These are the template actions: Edit, Add to Favorites, Copy to clipboard, Copy, Move, Delete, Get help, & Maximize the window.

Documentation and how-to guides


José Lucas Mognon says:
February 7, 2020 at 1:32 am

Hi guys!

Just discovery what appear to be a bug on Outlook Shared Template Plugin: I can't login on the server (through outlook client and online, or even through when I'm connect via my OpenVPN client. The problem is promptly solved when I disconnect my VPN.... Could you please help me on how to solve that problem?

Katerina Bespalaya says:
February 7, 2020 at 9:33 am

Hi José,

Sorry to hear that you are having difficulties with our add-in. One of our support service agents has just replied to you by email. Please send us the details requested in the email message. They will help our developers understand what's causing the issue and provide you with further instructions. Thank you.


Is it possible to reorder templates in a folder?

Katerina Bespalaya says:
March 11, 2020 at 3:38 pm


Thank you for your question. Unfortunately, it is not possible. We have not implemented this option considering possible performance issues and UI responsiveness slowdown. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Евгения Гекман says:
November 13, 2020 at 9:05 am


I have used your application for Microsoft Outlook since last year. Last week, after the Windows update, the application began to require my e-mail and password (I have already forgotten both because they were never mentioned before). I tried to enter ALL of my e-mails to recover the password, but no reaction (wrong email). What should I do? Thank you!


Hello Evgenia,

Thank you for contacting us. For us to be able to understand the problem you faced better, please specify which of our add-ins you're using exactly and send us a screenshot of the window where you're asked to log in to Thank you.


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