How to compare two columns in Excel for matches and differences

Comparing columns in Excel is something that we all do once in a while. Microsoft Excel offers a number of options to compare and match data, but most of them focus on searching in one column. In this tutorial, we will explore several techniques to compare two columns in Excel and find matches and differences between them.

How to compare 2 columns in Excel row-by-row

When you do data analysis in Excel, one of the most frequent tasks is comparing data in each individual row. This task can be done by using the IF function, as demonstrated in the following examples.

Example 1. Compare two columns for matches or differences in the same row

To compare two columns in Excel row-by-row, write a usual IF formula that compares the first two cells. Enter the formula in some other column in the same row, and then copy it down to other cells by dragging the fill handle (a small square in the bottom-right corner of the selected cell). As you do this, the cursor changes to the plus sign:

Copy the formula down to other cells to compare two columns in Excel

Formula for matches

To find cells within the same row having the same content, A2 and B2 in this example, the formula is as follows:


Formula for differences

To find cells in the same row with different content, simply replace "=" with the non-equality sign:

=IF(A2<>B2,"No match","")

Matches and differences

And of course, nothing prevents you from finding both matches and differences with a single formula:

=IF(A2=B2,"Match","No match")


=IF(A2<>B2,"No match","Match")

The result may look similar to this:
A formula to compare 2 columns for matches and differences in each row

As you see, the formula handles numbers, dates, times and text strings equally well.

Example 2. Compare two lists for case-sensitive matches in the same row

As you have probably noticed, the formulas from the previous example ignore case when comparing text values, as in row 10 in the screenshot above. If you want to find case-sensitive matches between 2 columns in each row, then use the EXACT function:

=IF(EXACT(A2, B2), "Match", "")
Comparing two lists for case-sensitive matches in the same row

To find case-sensitive differences in the same row, enter the corresponding text ("Unique" in this example) in the 3rd argument of the IF function, e.g.:

=IF(EXACT(A2, B2), "Match", "Unique")

Compare multiple columns for matches in the same row

In your Excel worksheets, multiple columns can be compared based on the following criteria:

  • Find rows with the same values in all columns (Example 1)
  • Find rows with the same values in any 2 columns (Example 2)

Example 1. Find matches in all cells within the same row

If your table has three or more columns and you want to find rows that have the same values in all cells, an IF formula with an AND statement will work a treat:

=IF(AND(A2=B2, A2=C2), "Full match", "")
Finding rows that have the same values in all columns

If your table has a lot of columns, a more elegant solution would be using the COUNTIF function:

=IF(COUNTIF($A2:$E2, $A2)=5, "Full match", "")

Where 5 is the number of columns you are comparing.

Example 2. Find matches in any two cells in the same row

If you are looking for a way to compare columns for any two or more cells with the same values within the same row, use an IF formula with an OR statement:

=IF(OR(A2=B2, B2=C2, A2=C2), "Match", "")
Finding matches in any two cells in the same row

In case there are many columns to compare, your OR statement may grow too big in size. In this case, a better solution would be adding up several COUNTIF functions. The first COUNTIF counts how many columns have the same value as in the 1st column, the second COUNTIF counts how many of the remaining columns are equal to the 2nd column, and so on. If the count is 0, the formula returns "Unique", "Match" otherwise. For example:

Compare several columns and find matches in any two cells in the same row.

How to compare two columns in Excel for matches and differences

Suppose you have 2 lists of data in Excel, and you want to find all values (numbers, dates or text strings) which are in column A but not in column B.

For this, you can embed the COUNTIF($B:$B, $A2)=0 function in IF's logical test and check if it returns zero (no match is found) or any other number (at least 1 match is found).

For instance, the following IF/COUNTIF formula searches across the entire column B for the value in cell A2. If no match is found, the formula returns "No match in B", an empty string otherwise:

=IF(COUNTIF($B:$B, $A2)=0, "No match in B", "")
Compare two columns in Excel for matches

Tip. If your table has a fixed number of rows, you can specify a certain range (e.g. $B2:$B10) rather than the entire column ($B:$B) for the formula to work faster on large data sets.

The same result can be achieved by using an IF formula with the embedded ISERROR and MATCH functions:

=IF(ISERROR(MATCH($A2,$B$2:$B$10,0)),"No match in B","")

Or, by using the following array formula (remember to press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to enter it correctly):

=IF(SUM(--($B$2:$B$10=$A2))=0, " No match in B", "")

If you want a single formula to identify both matches (duplicates) and differences (unique values), put some text for matches in the empty double quotes ("") in any of the above formulas. For example:

=IF(COUNTIF($B:$B, $A2)=0, "No match in B", "Match in B")

How to compare two lists in Excel and pull matching data

Sometimes you may need not only match two columns in two different tables, but also pull matching entries from the second table. Microsoft Excel provides a special function for such purposes - the VLOOKUP function. As an alternative, you can use more powerful and versatile INDEX & MATCH formulas.

For example, the following formula compares the product names in columns D and A and if a match is found, a corresponding sales figure is pulled from column B. If no match is found, the #N/A error is returned.

Comparing two lists in Excel and pulling matching data

For the detailed explanation of the formula's syntax and more formula examples, please check out the following tutorial: INDEX & MATCH in Excel - a better alternative to VLOOKUP.

If you don't feel very comfortable with this formula, then you may want to try the Merge Tables wizard - a fast and intuitive solution that can compare and match 2 tables by any column(s).

Compare two lists and highlight matches and differences

When you compare columns in Excel, you may want to "visualize" the items that are present in one column but missing in the other. You can shade such cells in any color of your choosing by using the Excel Conditional Formatting feature and the following examples demonstrate the detailed steps.

Example 1. Highlight matches and differences in each row

To compare two columns and Excel and highlight cells in column A that have identical entries in column B in the same row, do the following:

  • Select the cells you want to highlight (you can select cells within one column or in several columns if you want to highlight entire rows).
  • Click Conditional formatting > New Rule... > Use a formula to determine which cells to format.
  • Create a rule with a simple formula like =$B2=$A2 (assuming that row 2 is the first row with data, not including the column header). Please double check that you use a relative row reference (without the $ sign) like in the formula above.

A conditional formatting rule to highlight matches in each row

To highlight differences between column A and B, create a rule with the formula =$B2<>$A2
A conditional formatting rule to highlight differences in each row

If you are new to Excel conditional formatting, please see How to create a formula-based conditional formatting rule for step-by-step instructions.

Example 2. Highlight unique entries in each list

Whenever you are comparing two lists in Excel, there are 3 item types that you can highlight:

  • Items that are only in the 1st list (unique)
  • Items that are only in the 2nd list (unique)
  • Items that are in both lists (duplicates) - demonstrated in the next example.

This example demonstrates how to highlight items that are in one list only.

Supposing your List 1 is in column A (A2:A6) and List 2 in column C (C2:C5). You create the conditional formatting rules with the following formulas:

Highlight unique values in List 1 (column A): =COUNTIF($C$2:$C$5, $A2)=0

Highlight unique values in List 2 (column C): =COUNTIF($A$2:$A$6, $C2)=0

And get the following result:
Comparing 2 lists and highlighting unique entries in each list

Example 3. Highlight matches (duplicates) between 2 columns

If you closely followed the previous example, you won't have difficulties adjusting the COUNTIF formulas so that they find the matches rather than differences. All you have to do is to set the count greater than zero:
Highlighting matches between 2 columns

Highlight matches in List 1 (column A): =COUNTIF($C$2:$C$5, $A2)>0

Highlight matches in List 2 (column C): =COUNTIF($A$2:$A$6, $C2)>0

Example 4. Built-in rule to compare 2 lists and highlight duplicates or uniques

If you are one of those power users who mostly rely on functions and formulas, you may have missed this amazingly simple way to compare two columns in Excel :)

  • Select two lists you want to compare. If they include different numbers of cells or are located in non-adjacent columns, select the first list, press and hold the Ctrl key, and then select the second list.
  • On the Home tab, go to Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cells Rules > Duplicate Values.
  • Select either Duplicate or Unique from the left-hand side drop-down list, and choose the desired format from the right-hand side drop-down. If you are not happy with any of the predefined formats, click Custom format... and set the Font or Fill color to your liking.
  • Click OK and you are done!

Built-in rule to compare 2 lists and highlight duplicate or unique values

Highlight row differences and matches in multiple columns

When comparing values in several columns row-by-row, the quickest way to highlight matches is creating a conditional formatting rule, and the fastest way to shade differences is embracing the Go To Special feature, as demonstrated in the following examples.

Example 1. Compare multiple columns and highlight row matches

To highlight rows that have identical values in all columns, create a conditional formatting rule based on one of the following formulas:

=AND($A2=$B2, $A2=$C2)


=COUNTIF($A2:$C2, $A2)=3

Where A2, B2 and C2 are the top-most cells and 3 is the number of columns to compare.

Highlighting rows that have the same values in several columns

Of course, neither AND nor COUNTIF formula is limited to comparing only 3 columns, you can use similar formulas to highlight rows with the same values in 4, 5, 6 or more columns.

Example 2. Compare multiple columns and highlight row differences

To quickly highlight cells with different values in each individual row, you can use Excel's Go To Special feature.

  1. Select the range of cells you want to compare. In this example, I've selected cells A2 to C8.

    Select the range of cells you want to compare.

    By default, the top-most cell of the selected range is the active cell, and the cells from the other selected columns in the same row will be compared to that cell. As you can see in the screenshot above, the active cell is white while all other cells of the selected range are highlighted. In this example, the active cell is A2, so the comparison column is column A.

    To change the comparison column, use either the Tab key to navigate through selected cells from left to right, or the Enter key to move from top to bottom.

    Tip. To select non-adjacent columns, select the first column, press and hold Ctrl, and then select the other columns. The active cell will be in the last column (or in the last block of adjacent columns). To change the comparison column, use the Tab or Enter key as described above.
  2. On the Home tab, go to Editing group, and click Find & Select > Go To Special… Then select Row differences and click the OK button.
    Select Row differences and click the OK button.
  3. The cells whose values are different from the comparison cell in each row are highlighted.If you want to shade the highlighted cells in some color, simply click the Fill Color icon on the ribbon and select the color of your choosing.
    To shade the highlighted cells in some color, click the Fill Color icon on the ribbon.

How to compare two cells in Excel

In fact, comparing 2 cells is a particular case of comparing two columns in Excel row-by-row except that you don't have to copy the formulas down to other cells in the column.

For example, to compare cells A1 and C1, you can use the following formulas:

For matches: =IF(A1=C1, "Match", "")

For differences: =IF(A1<>C1, "Difference", "")

To learn a few other ways to compare cells in Excel, please see How to compare strings in Excel.

For more powerful data analysis, you may need more sophisticated formulas and you can find a few good ideas in the following tutorials:

Formula-free way to compare two columns / lists in Excel

Now that you know Excel offerings for comparing and matching columns, let me demonstrate you an alternative solution that can compare 2 lists with a different number of columns for matches (duplicates) and differences (unique values).

Ablebits Duplicate Remover for Excel can search for identical and unique entries within one table as well as compare two tables residing on the same sheet or in 2 different worksheets / workbooks.

For the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on the second feature, which is called Compare Two Tables and is specially designed for comparing two lists by any column(s) that you specify. The comparison of two data sets by several columns is a real challenge both for Excel formulas and conditional formatting, but this tool handles it with ease.

Compare 2 lists by several columns in 6 quick steps

Supposing you have 2 tables of data and you want to find duplicate rows based on 3 columns - Date, Item and Sales:
Two tables to be compared by 3 pairs of columns

Step 1. Assuming that you have the Duplicate Remover for Excel installed, select any cell within the 1st table, and click the Compare Two Tables button on the ribbon to start the wizard. This button resides on the Ablebits Data tab, in the Dedupe group.
Click the Compare Two Tables button to start the wizard.

Step 2. The wizard picks the entire table and suggests to create a backup copy of the original table, just in case. So, simply make sure your 1st table is selected correctly and click Next.
Make sure the first table is selected correctly and click Next.

Step 3. Select the 2nd table by using the standard Select range icon Select range icon. If both tables reside in the same workbook and have similar column names, there's a great chance that the second list will be fetched automatically as well.
Select the second table to be compared to the first one.

Step 4. Select whether to search for matches or differences:

  • Duplicate values - look for matches, i.e. items that exist in both tables.
  • Unique values - look for differences, i.e. items that are in Table 1 but not in Table 2.

In this example, we select Duplicate values and click Next.
Select whether to search for matches or differences.

Step 5. This is the key step where you select the column pairs you want to compare in 2 tables. In this example, we are comparing 3 columns - Date, Item and Sales.

For the wizard to find the matching columns automatically, click the Auto Detect button in the upper-right corner. If the columns have different names in both tables, you might need to select the right column manually by clicking the little black arrow next to the Table 2 column on the right-hand side:
Select the pairs of columns to be compared in 2 tables.

Step 6. In the final step, you choose how to deal with the found items and click Finish.

The following two options deliver the results comparable to Excel formulas and conditional formatting that we've discussed earlier in this tutorial:

  • Add a status column - adds a new column with "Duplicate" or "Unique", like Excel IF formulas do.
  • Highlight - shades duplicate or unique rows like an Excel conditional formatting rule.

In addition, you can choose to delete the duplicate entries, move or copy to another worksheet, or just select the found items.

In this example, I've decided to highlight duplicates in the following color:
Choose how to deal with the found duplicate items.

And got the following result in a moment:
Duplicate rows are highlighted.

If we chose Add a status column in the previous step, the result would look as follows:

Duplicate rows are marked.

This is how you compare and match columns in Excel. If you are interested to try this tool, you are welcome to download a fully functional trial version. And if you like it, we will happily offer you the 15% off coupon code that we've created especially for our blog readers: AB14-BlogSpo. It works both for the Duplicate Remover tool purchased as a separate product and as part of Ultimate Suite for Excel.

If you want to have a closer look at the formulas discussed in this tutorial, feel free to download the Compare Excel Lists workbook. Thank you for reading and see you next week!

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    example CFGA

    because: there were three rows in the celection that had value only in columns CF and GA out of celected 4 columns.

    Will greatly appreciate it.

  43. Uktam says:

    Hi can someone help me how i can compare two sheets columns and that compared cells has to be seen in other sheet. i consider it will very great i mean it may more visible

  44. Patrick kivale says:

    Thanks very informative content

  45. Rainer says:

    Sorry, that earlier post was accident :)

    How can I make Excel sheet which compares Game result to my quess? And then I get points depends how good was my quess.
    Here is small Example

    Result My quess Points
    0-1 0-2 4 winner right and one value right
    1-1 1-1 10 Both values right = 10 points
    1-1 2-1 0,5 One value right
    1-2 0-3 3 Winner right, both values wrong
    0-0 1-2 0 Both values wrong

  46. Ashique says:

    I need a help to compare two sheets but it should compare the entire row only if there first column matches.
    for example:

    Row ID Order ID
    32298 CA-2012-124891

    26341 IN-2013-77878

    25330 IN-2013-71249

    13524 ES-2013-1579342

    Row ID Order ID
    32298 CA-2012-124891
    26341 IN-2013-77878
    25330 IN-2013-71249

    here suppose row number 2,4,6 are blank or u can say contains other data. But need to compare row only when rowID matches...
    32298==32298 but they are in different row numbers

  47. sathya says:

    row to row cheque the same the

  48. Steve says:

    I've been searching for a solution to this, but have so far haven't found an answer.

    In a soccer league consisting of several matches there are a number of two differing outcomes to a specific criteria.

    Here's a summary:

    League and Result
    ASIA: East Asian Championship Won
    ASIA: East Asian Championship Lost
    ASIA: East Asian Championship Women Lost
    ASIA: East Asian Championship Women Won
    AUSTRALIA: Brisbane Premier League Won
    AUSTRALIA: Brisbane Premier League Lost
    AUSTRALIA: Brisbane Premier League Won
    AUSTRALIA: Brisbane Premier League Lost
    AUSTRALIA: Brisbane Premier League Lost
    AUSTRALIA: Brisbane Premier League Won
    AUSTRALIA: Capital Territory Won
    AUSTRALIA: Capital Territory Won
    AUSTRALIA: Capital Territory Won
    AUSTRALIA: Capital Territory Won
    AUSTRALIA: Northern NSW Lost
    AUSTRALIA: Northern NSW Won
    AUSTRALIA: Northern NSW Lost
    AUSTRALIA: Northern NSW Won
    AUSTRALIA: Northern NSW Lost
    AUSTRALIA: Northern NSW Won
    AUSTRALIA: Northern NSW Lost
    AUSTRALIA: Northern NSW Lost

    What I want to do is create a report that lists each league and counts the number of Wins and Losses in each:

    League Criteria
    ASIA: East Asian Championship Won 1
    ASIA: East Asian Championship Lost 1
    ASIA: East Asian Championship Women Lost 1
    ASIA: East Asian Championship Women Won 1
    AUSTRALIA: Brisbane Premier League Won 3
    AUSTRALIA: Brisbane Premier League Lost 3
    AUSTRALIA: Capital Territory Won 4
    AUSTRALIA: Northern NSW Lost 5
    AUSTRALIA: Northern NSW Won 3

    I've looked at Pivots, and that goes some of the way there. But I can't figure out how to count the number of wins and losses in each of the leagues.

    Many thanks :)

  49. Sateesh says:

    Its very good site, which is useful and saved my one week manual effort.


  50. AZHAR says:

    Hi I have beeen stuck in a problem I have data with mulipt column with simlier values but different lenght =INDEX($B$2:$B$6,MATCH($D2,$A$2:$A$6,0))
    but problem is i have four columns withe common values in one two or three oe all four like your banan expmale so i want to extract the rspective values for common values in multiple columns how it will work tell me please or some other method

  51. mohamed says:

    I have 2 excel worksheets. 1st sheet contain 900 names with details in 9 columns.
    2nd sheet is with 600 names (which are available in above 900) but with different details in 6 columns.
    I want to merge the details of 2nd list of 600 with those details of 600 available in the 900 name list.
    How to do this.

  52. Maria N says:


    I have 1 spreadsheet with 4 separete text tables. Each table contains a code on the first column and a description on the second.

    How can I highlight the mtaching letters sequence or identical words on the second column (description) of two considered tables?

  53. kalpesh says:

    I have large amount of data,



    I want to find the difference in content of cell,
    e.g in example difference between COL-A & COL-B is {3/4"(20 MM) & 0.75}

    Can anyone help?

  54. Yel says:

    I read this article and its great but I haven't found solution to my problem.
    I need to compare every to cells in a column that belongs to same object in 2 rows.
    I mean for each object (out of many objects) I have 2 rows and multiple columns and for every each of this columns I need to compare every 2 cells (that are one row after another) to see if the data is the same, if not then I need to highlight the 2 cells.
    I hope someone can understand me and answer me. I need some condition or maybe to write a command in Macro.

  55. Tim says:

    I have a spreadsheet that needs to be alpha dominant where column A is a lower alpha character and column B wants to be a higher alpha character relative to column A.
    An example of this is.
    Column A Column B

    However, if the columns A and B values are flipped where it is not the correct output such as will be incorrect.
    Column A Column B

    I need a formula to weed out the lower alpha to higher alpha issue on a spreadsheet with thousands of rows.


  56. manoj says:

    kindly help me to assign the remarks of attendence as excellent, good or bad based on the student attendence. It will be mentioned in range as 95-99 as Excellent,90-94 as good, 85-89 as average and like.
    kindly reply

  57. Manish says:

    I've been using a column compare macro which gives me the data (which is there in column A but not in column b) into column C AND the data (which is there column B but not in column A) into column D. I'm trying to find out the formula used to make this macro.


  58. n4dk03 says:


    your description is actually very clear and helpful,thanks a lot. But with my data set it didn´t work for some reason. I want to compare two columns with gene names to find genes which are in column A and in column B, so i tried your example "Example 3. Highlight matches (duplicates) between 2 columns" respectively "Example 2. Highlight unique entries in each list", but unfortunately no cells were marked although there are duplicates. Do you have any idea why this happened?

    Thanks a lot!!

  59. kadrleyn says:

    Thanks for tutorial. The comparing can be done with Excel Vba Codes .The compare process can be made with Excel Vba Worksheet.Countif Function .

    Two columns in different worksheets were compared in this template .Found different results as entire row were copied to second worksheet .
    Codes :
    "Dim stk, msb As Worksheet
    Set stk = Sheets("Page1")
    Set msb = Sheets("Page2")

    Application.ScreenUpdating = False
    sat = (msb.Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row) + 1
    For i = 2 To stk.Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row
    If WorksheetFunction.CountIf(msb.Range("A2:A" & msb.Range("A" & Rows.Count).End(xlUp).Row), stk.Cells(i, "A")) = 0 Then
    msb.Range("a" & sat).EntireRow.Value = stk.Range("a" & i).EntireRow.Value
    msb.Range("a" & sat).Interior.ColorIndex = 22
    sat = sat + 1
    End If
    Template at :

  60. Dallas > Please help says:

    # Name TYPE
    abcd Abbott Nails
    abcde Cost Comedy
    baco Lion Mane
    zhty Bear Paw
    zhty Bear Paw

    The above is a simplified version of my data however there are numerous rows and columns but overall I would like to identify unique values across columns and rows simultaneously by documenting it with a 1 as unique or a 0 as it occurred in previous rows across columns.

    # Name TYPE Nails Comedy Mane Paw
    abcd Abbott Nails 1 0 0 0
    abcde Cost Comedy 0 1 0 0
    abcde Cost Comedy 0 0 0 0
    baco Lion Mane 0 1 0 0
    baco Lion Mane 0 0 0 0
    zhty Bear Paw 0 0 0 1
    zhty Lion Mane 0 0 1 1

  61. Dallas > Please help says:

    That output looked funky so I wanted to clarify:

    Col. A = #
    Col. B = Name
    Col. C = TYPE

    Col.D = Nails
    with 1 and 0 in data which shows a 1 as a unique listing throughout the rows above and columns A – C.

    Col. E = Comedy with the same statement as above with 1’s and 0’s
    Col. F = Mane ….
    Col. G = Paw ….

  62. Dallas > Please help says:

    I have a product if statement but it’s not working properly

    see below


    ….It’s not providing 0’s where there is repeat data across the columns based on the rows above. If it were working it would place a 0 rather than 1.

    Thank you Everyone!

  63. Sudeep says:


    i need to compare one column to all the rows present in Second column.can someone answer?

  64. SANDEEP KUMAR says:


  65. Kashish says:

    Hey sir if I'm having 5 cells in 2 columns say column A and Column B.
    with entries like.
    Column A Column B
    1. B21 Rojer
    2. B11 Rojer
    3. A11 Adam
    4. A11 Adam
    5. C22 Chris
    6. C22 Chris
    How can I select the row 1 and row 2 which are having different code for same name Rojer

  66. jayesh says:

    Data validation list A =a1:a10
    Data validation list b =b1:b10

    link cell D1

    my problem is if selected list from List A or List B cell D1 change automatically any formula or any solution

  67. Boza says:

    Somebody to help me....
    Dear all,
    I have a huge problem...
    I have two rows A and B,
    Values in column A (3,4,4,5,5,6) in column B (3,3,4,5,6,6), I wont to compare this two column
    3 with 3 nothing
    4 with 4 nothing
    4 with x 4
    5 with 5 nothing
    5 with x 5
    nad reverse (if you dont have in column A, have in column B) also to be in column C.
    If you understan (match just once number by number), if aleready match to give me value.
    Tnks a lot, to all.

  68. Jonathon says:

    if column A has names and column D has dates. Is there a way to highlight equal dates that belong to the same name?

  69. johnng says:

    Hello.. I now actually trying using Index match/IF function to try to index the value from “ColE” onto “ColB” , by matching “ColA” compare with “ColD”.

    For my eg.
    Shown below “Urr” got 3 different value in “ColE” how to I match and insert the three “Urr” with the different number
    result in “ColE” onto “ColA” with the same exact result number should appear in “ColB”???
    And “colA” “Usw” data still match with “ColD” “Usw”even is not in the same row?

    something like new data replace with original data orderly, plus without deleting original data if the data don not appear in new data.



    ColD ColE
    Doman 1234
    Urr 12345
    Urr 12345
    Urr 12346

  70. johnng says:

    Hi i currently using index and match function in excel, to auto match and index the value back, if i put a set of new data to compare with my original data.

    But however sometime a new data had a multiple result , how to i auto insert a row on the original data columns for the multiple result?

    this is my formula code : =INDEX($L:$L,MATCH($A:$A,$K:$K,0)) it could match and bring back the index value back i wanted ... but those with multiple result it only return back to the first result it show.

    regards istillanoob

  71. Alex says:

    Let say that column A has 2 cells and are as follow:
    A1 : 10
    A2 : 20
    And in column C there are 2 cells as follow:
    C1 : 10,20
    C2 : 20,10
    In cell B1 I want that it searches in A1 cell that is 10 and if the first number in column C is 10(that is C1 and not C2), it copies cell C1 in B1.

  72. Danta says:


    I want to know can we compare this type cells

    Cell A

  73. Danta says:

    I posted before completing the question

    I want to compare likewise

    A B C
    Danta,Alex,John,Ryan Alex,Ryan,Danta,John True
    John,Alex,Ryan Alex,John,Danta False
    Michelle,Rob,Sean Michelle,Rob,Sean True

  74. Pip says:

    I want to put a conditional format in column B.
    I have a target number in column A and input Actual in B.
    I want a conditional format in B
    if the number is same as or above target in A then "fill" the cell otherwise no fill.

    610 0 - no fill
    1525 915 - no fill
    610 0 - no fill
    610 710 - fill
    610 610 - fill
    305 0 - no fill

  75. Avinash says:

    Thanx for such an informative article over excel,still struggling to find the solution ,Pl help if possible.
    I've two columns in which one column say B having exhaustive values,while in another say column A ,some values are missing.How to ascertain either through Vlookup,Countif or If,which values are missing. Here,it is to be noted that all data in A is in column B,but vice versa is not true. Just wanted to know missing data. Pl help in getting formula for the same.Total entries in column A is less than column B(vertically) Plzz..

    • Hello Avinash,

      If my understanding of the task is correct, you need to identify the values that are present in column B, but not in column A. If so, you can use the following formula:
      =IF(COUNTIF($A:$A, $B2)=0, "missing", "")

      Where B2 is the topmost cell with data, ignoring column headers.

      When you copy the formula down the column, the word "missing" will appear in the rows containing data in column B that do not appear anywhere in column A. To get a list of missing values, apply Excel's auto-filter, filter the formula column by "missing" and copy the filtered values in column B.

  76. Avinash says:

    Yes its working. Thank you so much. Grateful for the support.

  77. ivan says:

    Hi Guys,

    Need your advice.

    How to check duplication of two numbers in two different column, with the two number provided in different sequence order. sample as in below.

    Column A Column B Column C (result)
    1234 2341 A=B

  78. HS says:


    Need your advice.

    How to take data from two columns to another table ie. if we have two columns and having some data true and false so i need to separate true data and false data in another table

  79. michelle says:

    Hi, whuch formula should I use if I want to compare 2 excel sheets. 1 has been revised and 1 has no changed.
    please help!!!! Thank you

  80. Warren says:

    Hi, I have two columns.

    column A: a list of 60 different distinct computer hardware in every cell.

    Column B: over a thousand combination of not only including from 0 up to 10 computer hardware, but also have brand names in each cell.

    All I want to achieve is to display in column C what are those computer hardware A shown up in B, in the same row as in column B.

    Thank you for your time.

  81. Chandan says:

    I have two excel sheets
    One sheets boys sheet mention name, gotra, year, qualification salary
    second sheets girls mention name, gotra, year, qualification salary
    how we can match it

  82. Ashok says:

    List 1 List 2
    1 a
    2 a
    3 b
    3 b
    1 a
    3 c
    1 d

    Hello, please help me in the above example. I want to check if list 1 and List 2 has same row values. Like first row is same as the fifth so row 3 and 4.

    WHat formula should I use.

  83. marc says:

    I need a formula to count how many times column A has a ON and NS that represents a CU in column B. In the case below ON and NS represent a total of 3 CU's in column B

    A B
    ON CU
    BC CU
    AB CU
    ON CU
    NS CU
    NS BA

    Eg. =+COUNTIFS(QtradePartners!B3:B136,"=ON",QtradePartners!B3:B136,"=NS",QtradePartners!C3:C136,"=CU") ... THIS IS NOT WORKING and I think it makes sense that it doens't work... Anyone help?

  84. Erika says:

    I have a Google spreadsheet with 50 separate titled sheets with one that I have labeled as Forms_Received. All sheets are different meetings that we have going on and I need to compare a column in all the sheets with the Forms_Received sheet and have a column in all the sheets marked with "Y" if a form was received on each of the sheets. I would prefer that the "Y" be an exact match from the column in the Forms_Received sheet, since it will have a linked document attached to the "Y". What formula should I use? If you need to see what I am talking about, please let me know.
    Thank you,

  85. Tamer says:

    Thanks a lot,
    It saved me couple of hours.

  86. jen says:

    I have 2 sheets. 1 has a column with 14 digit numbers representing products. The 2nd sheet has a column with 10 digit numbers also representing products. Product descriptions are different in each sheet. I want to verify the list of 10 digit numbers are included within the sheet with 14 digit numbers. Can you help? Thanks!

  87. Paul says:

    Hi- Thanks for your post. I have another requirement.
    I have two columns ex A and B. In col A is a list of employees and Col B is list of employees (kind of sub set of Col A), Col B can contain all the employees present in Col A, but if any employee left in this month then that employees name will be removed from Col B. Also Col B can contain new employees as well.

    So end of the month I want to run a report and show that Which all employees Of col A is present in Col B , list them in a new col C, and also Column C also should list out if any new employees names are found in column B and put that also in Column C.

    Can you help?

  88. Rishikesh Shetty says:

    I have two data sets (sheets), first columns in both the sheets have data that can be matched. Based on the first columns, I want to create a new data set having the expanded data for each of the columns.


  89. E Sivakumar says:

    Hi ,

    How to compare two cells whether another cell contains same word,

    Location Code Description Location from part no Status


  90. Deepal says:

    I have some items and rates in one table, other table I need to type item name and get relevant rate to next column in same row Table1 Table2 Item. Rate. Item. Rate. A. 3. D. ? B. 4. A. ? C. 6. B. ? D. 4. E. 1. .... Z. 4.

  91. prabhakar says:

    Thanx. it helped me.

  92. DrewM says:

    I am trying to do a comparison between 2 columns for values only. In one column, the value is 13 while the other I am comparing it to is 13.0. None of the methods I have tried return a match.
    Is there a way to compare for a match in value of the two without having to reformatting the columns to match?
    Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided.

  93. raji says:

    how to convert excel data to note pad text transpose (T). and need to add some ad some special character with the text

  94. sn_cathy says:

    Very helpful. Thanks so much!

  95. Kim says:

    I need a formula to count how many times a specific range of numbers occurs twice in a row.

    Example: how many times a number between 1 and 9 occurs at the same time in column C and D

    1, 7, 9, 14, 20, 27
    1, 3, 4, 5, 14, 21,
    2, 3, 4, 17, 22, 23
    4, 5, 7, 8, 20, 24
    16, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22

    The answer is 2 times

    I thought I could use:
    =COUNTIF(C1:C379,"<=9") + COUNTIF(D1:D379,<=9")

    But it is adding the number of times the range occurs in column c to the number of times the range occurs in column D. What I need is the number of times the range occurs in column C and D within the same row, or in other words, at the same time.


  96. Joseph says:

    Hello good evening,

    I need small help. So I need to get how many same numbers repeats in Column A that matches same value in column B. Example How many times 38692 repeats in column A and has value of $5 in column B? Can anyone help me with that please
    A B
    38770 $10.00
    38692 $5.00
    38692 $5.00
    38692 $5.00
    38692 $10.00
    38769 $10.00
    38692 $5.00
    38692 $5.00
    38692 $10.00
    38694 $10.00
    38694 $10.00

  97. Yasir says:

    Is it possible to compare for certain values two different sheets of same Ms Excel file?

  98. Bill says:

    Excellent website, thanks.

  99. Albourn says:

    I would like to know how to compare a range "A1" of file names with a directory and return the date the file was last save to a each matching cell in range "B1"

  100. Baiju says:

    Need a formula based on below criteria:
    I have two cells, A and B,
    if the difference btw A & B is less than 6 or equal to 6, "No Change"
    if greater than 6 and less than 9, "Slight Change"
    if greater than 10 "Significant Change"

    Also the formula should override the difference with positive numbers, even the B is larger than A, vice-versa

    Please help!!

  101. Glenroy Carty says:

    As a step in a bank reconciliation, I am comparing two list of $amt. I do have a unique identifier in one list but not the other, just $ values.
    I want to compare the $values and find a "unique" match. Meaning, say I have $155 twice in list 1, three times in list 2.
    Is there a way to id the match 2?
    With a unique identifier in both list, two column match with condition formatting would work fine.
    It a large volume of data, please help!

  102. kevin18roy says:

    I need help writing a formula to find matches between a column in SHEET1 and a column in SHEET2. Goal is to get "Match" inserted into Column B, SHEET1 if there is a match between Column A and Column B.

    I tried:

    =IF(A2=$SHEET2$,B2,"Match","") but this didn't work. Can someone help me out please!


    Column A, SHEET1

    Column A, SHEET2

    Thanks in advance!

  103. allan says:

    Good day
    I`m a marine engineer.I am just creating a worksheet where if a parameter in column F is greater than a parameter in columnn I by 0.03(P4>Pd>0.03),A separate column say H has to highlight each row as Abnormal with cell bgrnd as red.Would you please help me on this
    Thanks in advance

  104. satish Gummanur says:

    i want add the data with different uniqe item below following table
    item data
    1 4
    2 3
    1 2
    3 2
    2 3
    1 1

  105. Jamsheed says:

    how to Compare table columns in excel
    for example
    Table -1
    Col A; Col B; Col C;
    Roll No. Std. Name Result 1 semester (total Marks)
    1 A 50
    2 B 40
    3 C 55

    Table -2
    Col A; Col B; Col C;
    Roll No. Std. Name Result 2 semester (total Marks)
    2 B 45
    4 D 60
    1 A 60
    3 C 50

    I Want to Result like that

    Table -1 Table-2
    Col A; Col B; Col C; Col D; Col E; Col F;
    Roll No. Std. Name Result S-1 Roll No. Std. Name Result S-2
    1 A 50 1 A 60
    2 B 40 2 B 45
    3 C 55 3 C 50
    4 D 60

    Could you described please how i could solve this as Table 2 match with table 1 and sort and place the record on same row

  106. Sourish says:

    Hi, kindly help me derive a proper formula for this problem. I am using two sheets Sheet 1 & Sheet 2 in excel 2013. I created a drop down value (1-15 & 1-15) in the first sheet using data validation to derive two numbers in two different cells. In the second sheet I have created variables (with 1-15 in one cell and 1-15 in another cell) to derive a result in the third column). Say, in the first sheet I have one column no. of factories (1-15) & No of Managers (1-15). In the second sheet I have created the variable; No. of Factories, No of Manager & in the third row their Operating hours:

    No of Factories: 1/2/3/4/5/....
    No of Managers: 1/2/3/4/5/....
    No of Operating hours: 8 (in case 1,1), 15 (1, 2), etc.

    Now in the first sheet I want to use the drop down values to enter what i want to know and get the result using a formula.

    Kindly help me with this.

  107. Karthik says:

    Hello I have 10 values in Col A and 3 values in Col B. I want to highlight only values that match col A with Col B and mark others in a diff color . How do i do it?

    Col A Col B
    1 1
    2 6
    3 9

    Col A Col B
    1 1 Match
    2 No match
    3 No match
    4 No match
    5 No match
    6 6 match
    7 No match
    8 No match
    9 9 match
    10 No match

  108. boladale says:

    Excellent resource. I have two worksheets. one with 25,000 rows and the other with 63,000 rows and i want to find out the complete match of sheet2 to sheet 1, the ones without any match and others with at least 90% match. please how do i go about this. thank you

  109. GARRY says:

    not working the below formula in excel 2016, please guide if any changes on this?

    =IF(COUNTIFS($CU2:$CU59862,CU2, $CA2:$CA59862,CA2, $FL2:$FL59862,FL2, $DA2:$DA59862,DA2, $DV2:$DV59862,DV2) >1, "DUPLICATE ROW","")

  110. Gunsannie says:

    I have an sheet with columns from January to December where people make contributions on monthly basis. A person's contribution is the same through out the year.

    I would want a formula that shows if someone is contributing the same figure throughout the year or not, kind of like "True" and "False" formula but it should be checking in all the columns thus January-December and not just two columns whose formula I know is =A2=B2


  111. Kostis says:


    Would you please help me?

    It is really important.

    What i want to do is this

    compare columns for any two or more cells with the same values within the same row and hightlight individual rows after matching

    I have 20 different columns that i need to compare for any two or more duplicate cells among them

    How can i do that with the simplest way?

    Thank you

  112. Shibu says:

    Hi, I need to copy data from one cell to another on daily basis
    A1 : =TODAY() //Changes Daily
    B1 : =SUM(B2:B10) //Changes Daily

    I need the B1 value to be copied on C1
    Next day B1 value to be copied on C2
    Next day B1 value to be copied on C3 and so on...

    Waiting for your support
    Thanks in advance

  113. Jason says:

    I need some help.
    I am using vlookup to draw information from sheets A and B and then compare them side by side on Sheet C. The values happen to be in time format. I need to have a formula (or a quick system) to highlight the the cells so that I can quickly spot the different in the times and then correct them. The spreadsheet that I am using is already full of useful conditional formatting and so would really like it to just appear a different colour so that it gets my attention.

    Any suggestions much appreciated

  114. Junaid says:

    I am facing an issue of 10,000 row items contains data for visits.

    data contains same name but different start date and end date

    Shop Name Opening End
    CRUSH TRUCKING STATION 12-May-11 22-Dec-14
    INDUS FILLING STATION 13-Dec-13 21-Feb-14
    INDUS FILLING STATION 21-Feb-14 17-Oct-14
    INDUS FILLING STATION 17-Oct-14 25-Jan-15

    Is there any solution for above to adjust columns in start and end date in same shop name

  115. Beshoy says:

    I need to make filter for unique value that created by multi user once per month per user than we need to calculate the QTY of the unique number per user

    Example for my Question:

    transaction_date Value User_NAME
    1/1/2017 1222889205 MarK
    2/1/2017 1222889205 Mac
    4/1/2017 1254879863 Eva
    21/2/2017 1225478962 Jake
    4/5/2017 1254879863 Eva
    5/5/2017 1254879863 Eva
    1/6/2017 1254793658 Mac
    1/6/2017 1254793658 Jake
    6/6/2017 1254793658 Eva

    **my Solution

    Month user Count for uniqe value
    jan MarK 1
    Mac 1
    Eva 1
    Feb JaKe 1
    May Eva 1
    Jun Mac 1
    JaKe 1
    Eva 1

    Appreciate your support thanks

  116. Beshoy says:

    any feedback

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