Alexander Trifuntov

Alexander Trifuntov

I've been working with Office software for years and I always think about the ways how to make my daily work easier and quicker.

I've managed to learn lots of subtleties in Add-in Express. Many tough problems have ludicrously simple solutions. I've made sure of this working in a friendly company of professionals. And I'd like to share my solutions and discoveries with you because it can really help to make your work in Office simpler and more efficient.

A few words about me. I'm a professor of economics, I write books and articles on this sphere, give lessons. On my spare time I walk, read and search some special offers on Office with my friend - a cat Fudgi. He really helps me very much! :)

I'll be glad if our posts will make your work and life easier.

Here is a list of Alexander's recent articles: