Using IF function in Excel: formulas for numbers, text, dates, blank cells

IF is one of the most popular and useful functions in Excel. You use an IF statement to test a condition and to return one value if the condition is met, and another value if the condition is not met.

In this tutorial, we are going to learn the syntax and common usages of Excel IF function, and then will have a closer look at formula examples that will hopefully prove helpful both to beginners and experienced users.

Excel IF function - syntax and usage

The IF function is one of logical functions that evaluates a certain condition and returns the value you specify if the condition is TRUE, and another value if the condition is FALSE.

The syntax for IF is as follows:

IF(logical_test, [value_if_true], [value_if_false])

As you see, the IF function has 3 arguments, but only the first one is obligatory, the other two are optional.

  • logical_test (required) - a value or logical expression that can be either TRUE or FALSE. In this argument, you can specify a text value, date, number, or any comparison operator.

    For example, your logical test can be expressed as or B1="sold", B1<12/1/2014, B1=10 or B1>10.

  • value_if_true (optional) - the value to return when the logical test evaluates to TRUE, i.e. if the condition is met.

    For example, the following formula will return the text "Good" if a value in cell B1 is greater than 10: =IF(B1>10, "Good")

  • value_if_false (optional) - the value to be returned if the logical test evaluates to FALSE, i.e. if the condition is not met.

    For example, if you add "Bad" as the third parameter to the above formula, it will return the text "Good" if a value in cell B1 is greater than 10, otherwise, it will return "Bad":
    =IF(B1>10, "Good", "Bad")

Excel IF function - formula example

IF function - things to remember!

Though the last two parameters of the IF function are optional, your formula may produce unexpected results if you don't know the underlying logic beneath the hood.

  1. If value_if_true is omitted

    If the value_if_true argument is omitted (i.e. there is only a comma following logical_test), the IF function returns zero (0) when the condition is met. Here is an example of such a formula:

    =IF(B1>10,, "Bad")

    In case you don't want your Excel IF statement to display any value when the condition is met, enter double quotes ("") in the second parameter, like this: =IF(B1>10, "", "Bad"). Technically, in this case the formula returns an empty string, which is invisible to the user but perceivable to other functions.

    The following screenshot demonstrates the above approaches in action, and the second one seems to be more sensible:
    IF formulas with the value_if_true argument omitted

  2. If value_if_false is omitted

    If you don't care what happens when the specified condition is not met, you can omit the 3rd parameter in your formulas, which will result in the following.

    If the logical test evaluates to FALSE and the value_if_false parameter is omitted (there is just a closing bracket after the value_if_true argument), the IF function returns the logical value FALSE. It's a bit unexpected, isn't it? Here is an example of such a formula:

    =IF(B1>10, "Good")

    Putting a comma after the value_if_true argument forces your IF statement to return 0, which doesn't make much sense either:

    =IF(B1>10, "Good",)

    And again, the most reasonable approach is to put "" in the third argument, in this case you will have empty cells when the condition is not met:

    =IF(B1>10, "Good", "")

    IF formulas with the value_if_false argument omitted

  3. Get the IF function to display logical values TRUE or FALSE

    For your Excel IF formula to display the logical values TRUE and FALSE when the specified condition is met and not met, respectively, type TRUE in the value_if_true argument. The value_if_false parameter can be FALSE or omitted. Here's a formula example:

    =IF(B1>10, TRUE, FALSE)
    =IF(B1>10, TRUE)
    an example of the IF function that displays logical values TRUE or FALSE

    Note. For your IF statement to return TRUE and FALSE as the logical values (Boolean values) that other formulas can recognize, make sure you don't enclose them in double quotes. A visual indication of a Boolean is middle align in a cell, as you see in the screenshot above.

    If you want "TRUE" and "FALSE" to be usual text values, enclose them in "double quotes". In this case, the returned values will be aligned left and formatted as General. No Excel formula will recognize such "TRUE" and "FALSE" text as logical values.

  4. IF statement to perform a math operation and return a result

    Instead of returning certain values, you can get your IF formula to test the specified condition, perform a corresponding math operation and return a value based on the result. You do this by using arithmetic operators or other functions in the value_if_true and /or value_if_false arguments. Here are just a couple of formula examples:

    Example 1: =IF(A1>B1, C3*10, C3*5)

    The formula compares the values in cells A1 and B1, and if A1 is greater than B1, it multiplies the value in cell C3 by 10, by 5 otherwise.

    Example 2: =IF(A1<>B1, SUM(A1:D1), "")

    The formula compares the values in cells A1 and B1, and if A1 is not equal to B1, the formula returns the sum of values in cells A1:D1, an empty string otherwise.

Using the IF function in Excel - formula examples

Now that you are familiar with the IF function's syntax, let's look at some formula examples and learn how to use it in real-life scenarios.

Excel IF statement for numbers: greater than, less than, equal to

The use of the IF function with numeric values is based on using different comparison operators to express your conditions. You will find the full list of logical operators illustrated with formula examples in the table below.

Condition Operator Formula Example Description
Greater than > =IF(A2>5, "OK",) If the number in cell A2 is greater than 5, the formula returns "OK"; otherwise 0 is returned.
Less than < =IF(A2<5, "OK", "") If the number in cell A2 is less than 5, the formula returns "OK"; an empty string otherwise.
Equal to = =IF(A2=5, "OK", "Wrong number") If the number in cell A2 is equal to 5, the formula returns "OK"; otherwise the function displays "Wrong number".
Not equal to <> =IF(A2<>5, "Wrong number", "OK") If the number in cell A2 is not equal to 5, the formula returns "Wrong number "; otherwise - "OK".
Greater than or equal to >= =IF(A2>=5, "OK", "Poor") If the number in cell A2 is greater than or equal to 5, the formula returns "OK"; otherwise - "Poor".
Less than or equal to <= =IF(A2<=5, "OK", "") If the number in cell A2 is less than or equal to 5, the formula returns "OK"; an empty string otherwise.

The screenshot below demonstrates the IF formula with the "Greater than or equal to" logical operator in action:
the IF formula with the

Excel IF examples for text values

Generally, you write an IF statement with text using either "equal to" or "not equal to" operator, as demonstrated in a couple of IF examples that follow.

Example 1. Case-insensitive IF formula for text values

Like the overwhelming majority of functions, IF is case-insensitive by default. What it means for you is that logical tests for text values do not recognize case in usual IF formulas.

For example, the following IF formula returns either "Yes" or "No" based on the "Delivery Status" (column C):

=IF(C2="delivered", "No", "Yes")

Translated into plain English, the formula tells Excel to return "No" if a cell in column C contains the word "Delivered", otherwise return "Yes". At that, it does not really matter how you type the word "Delivered" in the logical_test argument - "delivered", "Delivered", or "DELIVERED". Nor does it matter whether the word "Delivered" is in lowercase or uppercase in the source table, as illustrated in the screenshot below.
Case-insensitive IF formula for text values

Another way to achieve exactly the same result is to use the "not equal to" operator and swap the value_if_true and value_if_false arguments:

=IF(C2<>"delivered", "Yes", "No")

Example 2. Case-sensitive IF formula for text values

If you want a case-sensitive logical test, use the IF function in combination with EXACT that compares two text strings and returns TRUE if the strings are exactly the same, otherwise it returns FALSE. The EXACT functions is case-sensitive, though it ignores formatting differences.

You use IF with EXACT in this way:

=IF(EXACT(C2,"DELIVERED"), "No", "Yes")

Where C is the column to which your logical test applies and "DELIVERED" is the case-sensitive text value that needs to be matched exactly.
Case-sensitive IF formula for text values

Naturally, you can also use a cell reference rather than a text value in the 2nd argument of the EXACT function, if you want to.

Note. When using text values as parameters for your IF formulas, remember to always enclose them in "double quotes".

Example 3. Excel IF statement with wildcard (partial match)

If you want to base your condition on a partial match rather than exact match, an immediate solution that comes to mind is using wildcard characters (* or ?) in the logical_test argument. However, this simple and obvious approach won't work. Many functions accept wildcards, but regrettably IF is not one of them.

A solution is to use IF in combination with ISNUMBER and SEARCH (case-insensitive) or FIND (case-sensitive) functions.

For example, if No action is required both for "Delivered" and "Out for delivery" items, the following formula will work a treat:

=IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH("deliv",C2)), "No", "Yes")
IF formula for text values with partial match

We've used the SEARCH function in the above formula since a case-insensitive match suits better for our data. If you want a case-sensitive match, simply replace SEARCH with FIND in this way:

=IF(ISNUMBER(FIND("text", where to search)), value_if_true, value_if_false)

Excel IF formula examples for dates

At first sight, it may seem that IF formulas for dates are identical to IF statements for numeric and text values that we've just discussed. Regrettably, it is not so.

Unlike many other Excel functions, IF cannot recognize dates and interprets them as mere text strings, which is why you cannot express your logical test simply as >"11/19/2014" or >11/19/2014. Neither of the above arguments is correct, alas.

Example 1. IF formulas for dates with DATEVALUE function

To make the IF function recognize a date in your logical test as a date, you have to wrap it in the DATEVALUE function, like this DATEVALUE("11/19/2014"). The complete IF formula may take the following shape:

=IF(C2<DATEVALUE("11/19/2014"), "Completed", "Coming soon")

As illustrated in the screenshot below, this IF formula evaluates the dates in column C and returns "Completed" if a game was played before Nov-11. Otherwise, the formula returns "Coming soon".
An example of the IF formula with the DATEVALUE function

Example 2. IF formulas with TODAY() function

In case you base your condition on the current date, you can use the TODAY() function in the logical_test argument of your IF formula. For example:

=IF(C2<DATEVALUE("11/19/2014"), "Completed", "Coming soon")

Naturally, the Excel IF function can understand more complex logical tests, as demonstrated in the next example.

Example 3. Advanced IF formulas for future and past dates

Suppose, you want to mark only the dates that occur in more than 30 days from now. In this case, you can express the logical_test argument as A2-TODAY()>30. The complete IF formula may be as follows:

=IF(A2-TODAY()>30, "Future date", "")

To point out past dates that occurred more than 30 days ago, you can use the following IF formula:

=IF(TODAY()-A2>30, "Past date", "")
Advanced IF formulas for future and past dates

If you want to have both indications in one column, you will need to use a nested IF function like this:

=IF(A2-TODAY()>30, "Future date", IF(TODAY()-A2>30, "Past date", ""))
A nested IF formula for dates

Excel IF examples for blank, non-blank cells

If you want to somehow mark your data based on a certain cell(s) being empty or not empty, you can either:

  • Use the Excel IF function in conjunction with ISBLANK, or
  • Use the logical expressions ="" (equal to blank) or <>"" (not equal to blank).

The table below explains the difference between these two approaches and provides formula example.

Logical test Description Formula Example
Blank cells ="" Evaluates to TRUE if a specified cell is visually empty, including cells with zero length strings.

Otherwise, evaluates to FALSE.

=IF(A1="", 0, 1)

Returns 0 if A1 is visually blank. Otherwise returns 1.

If A1 contains an empty string, the formula returns 0.

ISBLANK() Evaluates to TRUE is a specified cell contains absolutely nothing - no formula, no empty string returned by some other formula.

Otherwise, evaluates to FALSE.

=IF(ISBLANK(A1), 0, 1)

Returns the results identical to the above formula but treats cells with zero length strings as non-blank cells.

That is, if A1 contains an empty string, the formula returns 1.

Non-blank cells <>"" Evaluates to TRUE if a specified cell contains some data. Otherwise, evaluates to FALSE.

Cells with zero length strings are considered blank.

=IF(A1<>"", 1, 0)

Returns 1 if A1 is non-blank; otherwise returns 0.

If A1 contains an empty string, the formula returns 0.

ISBLANK()=FALSE Evaluates to TRUE if a specified cell is not empty. Otherwise, evaluates to FALSE.

Cells with zero length strings are considered non-blank.


Works the same as the above formula, but returns 1 if A1 contains an empty string.

The following example demonstrates blank / non-blank logical test in action.

Suppose, you have a date in column C only if a corresponding game (column B) was played. Then, you can use either of the following IF formulas to mark completed games:

=IF($C2<>"", "Completed", "")

=IF(ISBLANK($C2)=FALSE, "Completed", "")

Since there are no zero-length strings in our table, both formulas will return identical results:
The IF formula for blank / non-blank cells

Hopefully, the above examples have helped you understand the general logic of the IF function. In practice, however, you would often want a single IF formula to check multiple conditions, and our next article will show you how to tackle this task. In addition, we will also explore nested IF functions, array IF formulas, IFEFFOR and IFNA functions and more. Please stay tuned and thank you for reading!

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    =>In the sheet ,after "Cycle", Next two columns are having "Months" and third is "Days", but the subsequent columns after this are "Months" and "Days". Month cells are custom formatted as mmm-yy like:

    Cycle | Mar-20 | Apr-20 | Days | May-20 | Days | Jun-19 | Days | Jul-19 | Days | Aug-19 | Days | Sep-19 | Days | Oct-19 | Days | Nov-19 | Days | Dec-19 | Days | Jan-20 | Days | Feb-20 | Days | Mar-20 | Days | Total Days

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    I2 cell formula is
    =IF(ISERROR(MATCH((G25+1),$C$33:$C$103,0)),(G25+1),IF(ISERROR(MATCH((G25+2),$C$33:$C$103,0)),(G25+2),(IF(ISERROR(MATCH((G25+3),$C$33:$C$103,0)),(G25+3),IF(ISERROR(MATCH((G25+4),$C$33:$C$103,0)),(G25+4),IF(ISERROR(MATCH((G25+5),$C$33:$C$103,0)),(G25+5),IF(ISERROR(MATCH((G25+6),$C$33:$C$103,0)),(G25+6),"More than 6 days")))))))

    I3 Cell Formula is
    =IF(ISERROR(MATCH((I2+1),$C$33:$C$103,0)),(I2+1),IF(ISERROR(MATCH((I2+2),$C$33:$C$103,0)),(I2+2),(IF(ISERROR(MATCH((I2+3),$C$33:$C$103,0)),(I2+3),IF(ISERROR(MATCH((I2+4),$C$33:$C$103,0)),(I2+4),IF(ISERROR(MATCH((I2+5),$C$33:$C$103,0)),(I2+5),IF(ISERROR(MATCH((I2+6),$C$33:$C$103,0)),(I2+6),"More than 6 days")))))))

    =>The whole idea is to match the difference between dates across the sheet to fit in (364 or 365 or 366) total days and Col "Days" between (28 to 32) such that each cycle average number of days is maintained close to 30.

    =>What formula can be set to fill dates in particular cell C33 onwards to achieve the above?

    Thanks and regards,

  34. Scott Warren says:

    Going out on a limb & praying I get some help. It is more a 2 part issue and as a result I tried to break it apart. Thanks in advance if anyone does help out. If not, I completely understand.

    Overview: We have to record the absences at my job. When the agents call in we obtain some basic information. It is a voicemail inbox though. So sometimes it is extremely hard to understand things. The managers continue to add things they want us to track. With larger numbers of staff it has just become a nightmare.

    Issue 1:
    When the agents call in we obtain some basic information and send it out to our managers/supervisors/QA team. What I was trying to determine is if there was some way to take the data I have on an alternate spreadsheet, and make it so that when I enter the agent's phone number it will populate the basic data for us? Essentially, we have a field for last name, first name, supervisor, their reason for missing, shift start time, department, and site.

    What I have been working on for weeks was a table that actually contains the data I want to be pulled in when the phone number is entered. I've added some extra fields that would allow for alternate phone numbers and things like that. So if the agent ever uses a phone number not in the system we could just add it to their "profile" & increase the chances of the automatic entry. I was also going to build a list of generic reasons that contain no details. Just because that is yet another thing the managers & clients both want. Totals of each reason.

    My big question is: is this even possible? Making it so that when 1 thing of text is entered into a cell - the other data populates automatically?

    Issue 2: The main manager wanted a running total at the top of the page. I used =COUNTIF in order to make that operational. However, the client requests a more detailed breakdown. They basically want a total for each start time + what department they are. So for example, I'd have 20 for 7:45 - 2 are Claims / 1 is a Team Lead. 12 for 8:00 - 3 chat + 4 dual skilled etc. etc. etc.

    I was trying to figure a way to where as the call outs were entered in - the formula would automatically be totaling everything.

    Another thing that may be useful with this 2nd issue.... The last sentence basically explains why I felt that way:

    Our manager wanted a total at the top of the spreadsheet. I would often forget to tally it up. So I used =COUNTIF and.... Yeah... I'm not an expert. So I just added an extra row and I put the "bitcoin B" symbol in that row. Thus it only counts that symbol. When a new day starts I just delete the "B" out of that row. I also have a row called "Filter". They want us to keep all of the past data but want the column headers in the email. The easiest way for me was to just put an X in this "Filter" column for todays call outs. When tomorrow rolls around I just delete the X out, filter to show only the "X" (removing blank fields). And repeat daily. So it keeps all the past call outs (We average 20k per year) out of way. ----

    Reasoning mentioned above & possibly the only useful part of that ramble: I didn't know if having the unique symbol already active would help with the counting process since the range it is counting will be changing on a daily basis. I thought maybe the "B" symbol would help identify what needs to be counted.

    Very likely all of this is impossible and that is why no one else has done it already and I am just an idiot?

    • Hello!
      As you enter text in a cell, other data can be automatically filled in using the VLOOKUP or INDEX + MATCH function.
      Unfortunately, without seeing your data it is impossible to give you advice.
      I'm sorry, it is not very clear what result you want to get. Could you please describe your task in more detail and send us a small sample workbook with the source data and expected result to Please shorten your tables to 10-20 rows/columns and include the link to your blog comment.
      We'll look into your task and try to help.

  35. shalom benita says:

    I've been trying to figure this out, in the worksheet given to me as an assignment, the question is to use the if statement to recruit workers that have applied but the must be SLIM AND FEMALE and I have no idea on how to come up with a formula for that considering the fact that there are 2 conditions(slim and female)

  36. Dave says:

    Hi Svetlana

    I'm trying to build a spreadsheet to progressively record a players best scores on each of 18 golf holes, over four rounds of golf.

    So on day one they will have a score on each of 18 holes. Their total for the 18 holes will be shown at the end.

    On each successive day, if they have a better score on one or more of those holes, then the score for those holes will change, along with their total for 18 holes.

    So as an example:

    Day 1

    HOLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

    SCORE 2 2 3 2 0 2 3 3 0 2 1 1 2 2 2 1 1 0 29

    Day 2

    HOLE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

    SCORE 2 2 3 3 0 2 3 3 0 2 2 1 2 2 4 1 1 0 33

    On day two, they had a better score on holes 4, 11 and 15, so their overall total increased by 4 to 33.

    This would be repeated on days 3 and 4 and changes made depending on their scores for each individual hole.

    The objective is to determine the players best scores on each of 18 holes, over 4 rounds.

    I would appreciate any help you can give so that I can build my Excel spreadsheet.

    kind regards


  37. Koldeep says:

    =concatenate("Date",text(sheet no.2!$A$1,"mm/dd/yy") I use this formula and there is a date appear which is in sheet no. 2 are empty. I want is empty cell to be appear.. Please help me.. Thanks

  38. prasad says:

    +IFERROR(VLOOKUP($D$2:$D$495,JAN_TB!$A$2:$F$183,3,FALSE)," ",IF(VLOOKUP($D$2:$D$495,JAN_TB!$A$5:$F$441,3,FALSE)=0,0,VLOOKUP($D$2:$D$495,JAN_TB!$A$5:$I$203,3,FALSE)))

  39. prasad says:

    +IFERROR(VLOOKUP($D$2:$D$495,JAN_TB!$A$2:$F$183,3,FALSE)," ",IF(VLOOKUP($D$2:$D$495,JAN_TB!$A$5:$F$441,3,FALSE)=0,0,VLOOKUP($D$2:$D$495,JAN_TB!$A$5:$I$203,3,FALSE))) there is an error of connecting IFERROR fomula Please help me

  40. Nancy says:


    I need a cell to show"try again" if the answer is incorrect. Can you show me the formula.

    1+5=6 If answer incorrect to display "Try again"
    T6+V6 ANSWER ON W6

    Thank you

  41. Wael says:

    Hi All,

    If I have 4 different ranges, and want to make a formula in excel. Can you please help on this?
    1- Less or equal to 65% is Bad
    2- Between 65% and 110% is Good
    3- Between 111% and 200% is Awesome
    4- More than 200% is Maverick

    Thank you for your support

  42. Morgan says:

    Hi I need help,
    "The idea is to use the logical test to determine whether the current ID is the same as the previous ID. If so, use the old summation plus the current value as the new summation. If not, use the current value as the new summation."
    I have ID numbers from A2:A693 and need to sum B2:B693 but the ID numbers go up to 148
    thank you

  43. hussain says:

    I have made a formula

    =+DATEDIF($H$2,G4,"Y")&" years ,"&DATEDIF($H$2,G4,"md")& " Months and "&DATEDIF($H$2,G4,"yd")&" Days"

    Now i want that whenever the result is =0,"Formula","")

    Basically I want the result of the "Formula" when it is true in the value_if_true part else blank but don't want to retype the "Formula" again every time in the value_if_true part in the IF formula

  44. hussain says:

    I have made a formula

    =+DATEDIF($H$2,G4,"Y")&" years ,"&DATEDIF($H$2,G4,"md")& " Months and "&DATEDIF($H$2,G4,"yd")&" Days"

    Now i want that whenever the years are 0 or months are 0 only days should appear

    I can do that with IF statement that
    IF(DATEDIF($H$2,G4,"Y")&" years ,"=0,DATEDIF($H$2,G4,"md")& " Months and "&DATEDIF($H$2,G4,"yd")&" Days",DATEDIF($H$2,G4,"Y")&" years ,"&DATEDIF($H$2,G4,"md")& " Months and "&DATEDIF($H$2,G4,"yd")&" Days")

    as can be seen it is very lengthy
    Is there a better way?

  45. Elizna Swanepoel says:


    I need a formula in excel that ensures that cell can only be 9 characters long. And the following must show if the entry does not meet the requirements: a stop symbol and an error message that says: the text lenght must be 9 characters?

    Hope you can help

  46. Swann says:

    I'm trying to replace words.

    If the wording in A1=XXX, I want to replace the words in A1 with the words on G2

    This doesn't return anything, what am I missing?

    Thank you, Swann

  47. Elsayed Kamal says:

    How can i use if condition with range ( have 3 columns and need to say if the number in range A2:c5 more than 10 so its good

  48. Deni says:

    Hello, I'm hoping you can help.
    I'm trying to create a formula for the following
    Have multiple Dept (example 3226.7191 33.24.71, etc in Column L) and I have cost associated to each line items in Column R.
    I want to create a formula which summaries the charges for each Dept.
    For example - the forumla would look down column L and if Dept=3226.7191 it would then look at column R and cross-reference all of the charges that appear in column R with all the time that Dept 3226.7191 appears and provides a summary of those charges

  49. Sazedul Munna says:

    I made this below chart and I want a indicator in AVAILABLE Cell where I need red mark will show if Qty will be 5 Pcs or less than 5 Pcs. Please help me to get this problem solved. Here in AVAILABLE Cell I put the formula like this =IF([@AVAILABLE]="0","-1",[@STOCK]-[@[SALES QTY]])

    20 Pcs 11 Pcs 09 Pcs ▲
    10 Pcs 09 Pcs 01 Pcs ▲
    05 Pcs 05 Pcs - ▼
    15 Pcs 04 Pcs 11 Pcs ▲
    09 Pcs 04 Pcs 05 Pcs ▲
    10 Pcs 05 Pcs 05 Pcs ▲

    I tried many ways changing the number inside the fomula but failed to correct this.
    Sazedul Munna

  50. Karen Hawley says:

    I am having trouble with a formula hope you can help, I am trying to create a formula to put text in a cell.
    I have a cell that reference with a set target which is a percentage 85% and then and
    I want it to say if Col L7 which is a percentage value say 75%, is greater then a desire target which is in col K7 (85%) put YES if it is 85% or over put put no in NO if it is not

    IF L7 is >=(K7)85% "YES" but if is under <Less than 85% say (K7) "NO"

  51. SELVAKUMARAN V says:

    This is Selvakumaran, for the above given formula i have using this to create a titme table for my teachers, but I couldn't get what i have expect, can u please help me?
    I have entered E1 in one of a cell in a range and I need result as "E1" in another cell but I couldn't get it.

  52. Rose says:


    I'm trying to create an if formula so that if I type into a cell any number in the adjacent cell it will return there name

    Number Students Name
    1 Joe Bloggs

  53. Mohamed Afseer says:

    Hi Guys,
    Can you help me to solve this below mentioned if function in excel?


  54. Pushpendra says:

    I want to display a list of names of students who scored a 0 in a test.
    The problem I'm experiencing is of duplicacy.
    Please help.

  55. Sabria Hoecke says:

    Hello, is it possible to have a formula return a date? I want Excel to return a date if a column says completed. Thanks!

  56. Armani says:

    What is a equation blank -9 equals one

  57. Derrick Tullous says:

    Good morning, I am trying to make it where if I type N in colum J:J then columns K:K, L:L, M:M, N:N also populate N as well, can anyone help with this formula.

  58. Jone Balden says:

    Really good site,thank so much for your effort in writing the posts.

  59. COUNTIFer says:

    I have got a range of TEXT acronyms in a separate sheet. I am using the following formula to assign a value to rows when they have a corresponding value in a column of the separate sheet.


    The formula works most of the times except when a cell contains but a value of one of the category even if not pertaining to it.

    To better explain myself: I have got a value which is "AU" which pertains to category4, but the results for it is category1 because, the latter contains a a value that is "JAU".

    How can I made the formula to include all the text, thus making AU displayed as a category4?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hello!
      I am not sure I fully understand what you mean. It is not clear from your explanation whether cell B2 and column Sheet1!B:B must match exactly, or B2 must be contained within any value in the column.
      Perhaps instead of “*”&B2&”*” in the formula, you need to write B2. Then the error you described will not be.

      • COUNTIFer says:

        Thank you!

        Cell B2 has a text value to be checked if present in Sheet1!B:B. Hence, B2 must be contained within any value in the column.

        If I use B2 instead of “*”&B2&”*” the result for every column is category4. Is that because the value in B2 is a TEXT?

        • Hi,
          Again, you didn't say - do you want an exact match of values or a partial match? Your first formula calculated overlapping values. Give an example of the raw values you are comparing. Check for extra spaces in your values.
          Without seeing your data it is difficult to give you any advice. Please provide me with an example of the source data and the expected result.

          • COUNTIFer says:

            Thank you Alexander,
            I want the exact match of values.

            I have got a column containing codes such as:

            In another sheet I have got 3 different columns which orders the above mentioned codes by categories:

            Category 1 Category 2 Category 3
            AF BR JAU

            Hovewer, there are some codes which are not included in the categories.
            Such as AU.

            The formula I created checks if some cells in the categories list contains the values of the codes column.

            However this does consider also consider partial values inside the cells i.e. "AU" is categorized as Category 3 - as in category 3 there is a value "JAU".
            How do I rewrite the formula to make it take into account the whole value of the cell and this making AU (which does not belong to any of the three category list) be categorized as a 4 category (which is "not pertaining to any category")

            Thank you in advance

  60. Morris Stickler says:

    cool site. Thanks for showing us.

  61. Angelo Toups says:

    Very good blog,thank so much for your time in writing the posts.

  62. Junko Liukkonen says:

    Really good blog,thank you very much for your time in writing the posts.

  63. Caleb Koerper says:

    Really good blog,thank so much for your time in writing the posts.

  64. Mylo says:

    Hi there, im trying to put together IF function formula and im struggling.

    It goes something like this,

    =IF(D41="Something1", "$1.000",
    IF(D41="something2", "$1.400",
    IF(D41="something3", "$1.000",
    IF(D41="something4", "$1.000",
    IF(D41="something5", "$1.800",
    IF(D41="something6", "$1.000",
    IF(D41="something7", "$1.400",
    IF(D41="something8", "$1.300",
    IF(D41="something9", "$1.000",)))))))))

    IS this even possible ? how many IFs is possible this way?
    This would really help me .
    thanks in andvance

  65. AJ says:

    =If(A2=0,"Closed",(IF(istext(AA2),"Closed","Active"),(IF(AA2=Cancel,"Canceled",AA2=OnHold, "OnHold")))

    My formula will not work. It works when I only put
    =IF(AA2=Cancel,"Canceled",AA2=OnHold, "OnHold")
    But I need them together to show the status of the reports if they were to fo on hold or be canceled.

    Any help would be appreciated

  66. Rebecca says:

    I need a formulas for if the cell has a Y then this other cell will enter $25.00 if not it is $0. Please help me. Thank you .

  67. Richard says:

    Hi there! I'm looking for assistance with an IF Function.

    I'm looking to create a formula that produces a value IF the value falls between a set of dates.

    For example -

    Date - 05/01/2021
    Value - 600

    Start Date 1 - 01/01/2021
    End Date 1 - 30/01/2021

    Start Date 2 - 01/02/2021
    End Date 2 - 28/02/2021

    The formula should return only 600 as it falls in between Start and End Date 1. Ideally I'd want it to be able to calculate the total value from a List i.e.

    I.e. list of Dates from A5:A55, return value if between Start and End Date 1, Return 0 Value if not between Start and End Date 1

    Hope that makes sense?

  68. Iris says:


    I'm looking for some help in using an IF statement to perform a math operation, I can’t seem to get it right:

    I have:
    Column A: Firm (either A, B, C, D or E)
    Column B: Measure (either sales, price, or promotional price)
    Column C: Product (a lot, but coded as numbers)
    Column D-FB: Value of measure per week (155 weeks in total)

    I want a cell to return: ((sales 1 * price 1) + (sales 2 * price 2)) / (sales 1 + sales 2)

    Sales 1: sales of firm A for product 1
    Price 1: price of product 1 of firm A
    Sales 2: sales of firm A for product 2
    Price 2: price of product 2 of firm A

    Thus, firm is always A, but measure and product differ. Then, I would autofill the cell to the right (from column D to FB to create a new row). I would like to do the same for promotional price.

    I hope I explained it well enough and any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

    • Hello!
      Your explanations are not very clear to me. But your formula is calculating the average price. Perhaps you should use the AVERAGEIF function and study this manual: How to calculate average in Excel - AVERAGE, AVERAGEIF, AVERAGEIFS formula examples
      Include an example of the source data and the result you want to get. It’ll help me understand your request better and find a solution for you.

      • Iris says:

        Thank you for your quick reply!

        For example:

        A1: Firm (header)
        A2: A
        A3: A
        A4: A
        A5: A

        B1: Measure (header)
        B2: Sales
        B3: Sales
        B4: Price
        B5: Price

        C1: Product (header)
        C2: 1
        C3: 1
        C4: 2
        C5: 2

        D1: Week 1 (header)
        D2: 1,670
        D3: 9,813
        D4: 1.42
        D5: 1.83

        E1: Week 2 (header)
        F1: Week 3 (header)

        =IF((D2+D3);((D2*D4)+(D3*D5))/(D2+D3);0) results in 1.77

        This 1.77 is then the new combined price of product 1 and 2 for firm A for week 1.

        In this example, I’ve already filtered on the right firm, measure, and product, but I would like to make a function where I would only have to type in the firm and product and not manually select them as I’m doing now. So for D2 * D4 for example, only multiply cells if one cell is sales of product 1 for firm A and the other is price of product 1 for firm A.

        I hope this makes sense, thank you in advance!

  69. Marco Alvarez says:

    I have a problem please help I'm very new to this, sorry.
    I want to show the result only if the full operation is done for example.
    K15 =C15*E15+F15 otherwise 0

  70. Darci says:


    I have to IF/Then statement of

    =IF(DH53=DI53,"matches", "doesn't match")

    Cell DH53 = 0.00 and DI= 0.00

    For some reason it's returning a Doesn't Match result but it does match. I have multiple that return back the Matches results but a few that return back the doesn't match result even though the two cells do match. Am I doing something wrong? I've tried reformatting all the cells so they are all the same format but nothing seems to change. Why would the IF/Then statement return back a false result if it is in fact true

    Thanks so much for your help!

    • Hello!
      Unfortunately, without seeing your data it is difficult to give you any advice. 1. Perhaps one of the values is written as text. 2. If these values are calculated by formulas, then they may differ in decimal places. For example, 0.0002 and 0.000008. In the cell, you will see 0.00. I recommend using the ROUND function in this case.

  71. Arif says:

    Kindly help to combine below formula together...Actually i need to put below formula in one cell


  72. Arif says:

    And with this i also need to add one more condition....if G2 cell not cotain number then will show "blank"

  73. Arif says:

    Thank you so much...i will check

    If Cell G2 contain text ,then how we can solve

  74. Arif says:

    In the above formula "OP" condtion is working fine...But in the "IP" when i enter in the cell 4 ,then it is showing "OUTSIDE".

    As per my condition for "IP" G25 then "OUTSIDE"

    Please support to solve this

  75. Arif says:

    Thank you so much it is working now

  76. Amber says:

    Im trying to have a column in excel that uses 2 equations based off of a word that is placed in another column .

    for example if J5 says Suburban i want the equation in N5 to be M5*9/100 and show the answer to the equation but if J5 doesn't say this and says Mercedes i want the equation to be M5*11/100 and show the answer.

    Also how do you copy to function down the column so it is using the right line number.

    I thought that I had it but its not giving me the totals

    Thank you!

  77. Jawsfree says:

    I need help with the following

    cell E14 has check box
    cell I14 has check box

    cell E4 has data
    cell F4 has data

    cell F14 is the cell I need filed with the correct data

    What I am trying to accomplish
    if cell E14=true and cell I14=true then fill cell F14 with data from cell E4
    if cell E14=true and cell I14=false then fill cell F14 with data from cell F4

    thanks for your time

  78. Paul says:


    I was wondering if anyone could help me - I am stuck with figuring out a formula to calculate a commission sheet with percentage according to a job role.
    Person A - gets a commission value in cellA1 and B1 added together however Person B only gets 10% of value in Cell A.

    Can anyone help me figure this formula out? - I tried to make it sound a little like:
    If cell J5="Y" then cell J6 = A1+B1 or if cell J5="N" then J6=10%ofCellA1

  79. Grahame Harrison says:

    I want to use the if function to populate a cell with 1 of 3 possible values. I have a start time and a finish time which gives a total time worked. I want to take the total time worked and if it is less than 5:30 hours worked then 0:00 break, 5:30 hours to 7 hours is 0:30 break and over 7 hours is 1 hour break. Help would be appreciated.

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