Maximize the security of your shared email templates

When you use Shared Email Templates, we do all we can to protect your data. We adhere to the zero-trust and privacy-by-design principles. As a result, the files you attach and the images you insert get to your emails directly from your Microsoft 365 storage without any servers involved, both ours and third-party ones. But in today's world of cyber insecurity, who can blame you for feeling unsafe, especially when a software product is new to you? If you wonder whether you can get peace of mind without paying extra, you're on the right help page :)

Simple steps to make your content 200% secure

To protect your data in the best possible way when using Shared Email Templates, follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign up with Microsoft work or school account credentials. In this case, your identity and credentials are protected by Microsoft as an identity provider.
  2. Encrypt teams. We don't store your team passwords on our end. By using strong team passwords, you enable true end-to-end encryption. You pass your team password to your teammates yourself, via channels you trust, and it's only you and your team who know it.
  3. Back up templates regularly in .xml format. With .xml format, you can easily restore your templates or transfer them to another team or account.
  4. Back up templates regularly in .zip format. With .zip format, you get all your templates in a reusable form, HTML, that you can open in Word, in any browser, or even in a plain text editor. It means that you don't have to rely solely on our add-in for your templates, you're independent, and you can stop using the add-in at any time. You're always free to go.
  5. Disable My Templates and Mail Merge by hiding them from users.
  6. Use Azure account properties instead of user profile properties.
  7. Attach images and files from shared OneDrive or SharePoint folders with the managed access control enabled. In this way, you'll control access to your files, including reading and changing them.
  8. Grant Editor permissions only to those users who create templates.
  9. Limit the use of templates to selected accounts or domains with the DisableIf macro.

That's all :)

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