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Fill template fields with dataset values

You can add fillable fields to your templates and fill them with values from datasets by using macros. With the Insert macro, you get a value from a dataset inserted into an email message automatically. With the WhatToEnter macro, you can select what value to use while inserting a template into an email message.

To open a quick Datasets cheat sheet, click the button below.

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Video: How to populate emails with data from datasets

By watching this video, you'll find out how to get dataset values inserted into your email messages automatically and interactively.

Fill template fields automatically

  1. In a template you're creating or editing, place the cursor where you'd like to add an auto-fillable field for a dataset value, and then select Insert macro.
    The Insert macro button on the template editor toolbar
  2. Select Insert Dataset Value.
    Insert Dataset Value
  3. Select the necessary dataset, column, and key value (a value from the key column identifying a row from where to retrieve a dataset value). Then click OK.
    The Dataset value dialog
  4. An auto-fillable field will appear in your template. Select Save.
    An auto-fillable field in a template

When you insert such a template into an email message, the auto-fillable field will be replaced with a value from the specified column and row.
A value from a dataset in an email message

Fill template fields interactively

If you want to fill several fields in your template with data retrieved from the same row of a dataset by selecting a key value (a value from the key column identifying a row from where to retrieve a dataset value) only once, follow these steps.

  1. In a template you're creating or editing, add a fillable field using the Dataset option of the WhatToEnter macro. Learn more.
    An interactive fillable field added to a template
  2. Copy the added field as many times as you need changing the column from where the necessary value must be retrieved.
    Adding an interactive fillable field by copying from another WhatToEnter
  3. When you're done, save your template.
    Several interactive fillable fields in a template

When inserting such a template into an email message, select a key value to specify the row from where to retrieve data.
A list of dataset key values in a dialog

In your email message, the template fields will be filled with the necessary values in one go.
Dataset values in an email message

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