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The protection of our users' private information is our priority. We want you to feel safe while using our add-ins. However, the Shared Email Templates tool would not work if we didn't collect certain data. On this page, find detailed information on what data we collect, how we protect it, and where we store it.

What data we collect

Personal data

When you create an account, you enter your name, email address, and password. We collect this information so that you could log in to your account.


Creating a template, you enter its name, description, and contents. Also, you may have links to files in your templates. All this information is saved so you could use your templates.

Note. We do not save any credentials to any external resources, such as OneDrive or any other.
Note. Templates that are located in encrypted teams are encrypted, i.e. they are saved in coded form.


We save the names of your teams, description, members and their emails, and permissions.

Where we store the collected data

Your data in Shared Email Templates.
All your templates are stored in Amazon Web Services. This is a protected storage inside an isolated private network. All data can only be accessed through the template sharing service.

When you create an encrypted team, you are the only person who knows the Secret Key. Be sure to pass the key to your teammates in a safe way. In encrypted teams, all templates are encrypted with the SHA-256 symmetric algorithm before being saved to the cloud storage. This means that we do not have access to your encrypted templates.

Local copies of your templates are stored in a browser cache (in case of Outlook online) and in Outlook cache (in case of desktop Outlook). The add-in refreshes the local cache with each change in templates, e.g. if your teammate creates a new template, the new template goes to your local cache.

Tip. You can check all communication between the add-in and the template sharing service with the help of the Fiddler tool.

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