Cheat sheets for Shared Email Templates

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Find all the Shared Email Templates cheat sheets on this page. In the list below, click on the cheat sheet of interest to open it in your browser or download a PDF file.

Why cheat sheets? They will help you quickly get started with the add-in. However, even if you've been already using Shared Email Templates for a while and probably know the basic features, a quick look through the cheat sheets may help you discover more functionality for your tasks.

  1. Shared Email Templates: General overview
  2. User interface
  3. Create and manage email templates
  4. Organize email templates
  5. Macros
  6. Insert pictures
  7. Attach files
  8. Add fillable fields (WhatToEnter macro guide)
  9. Datasets
  10. Template shortcuts
  11. Share templates (create and manage teams)
  12. Mail merge


Im Wicked excited about these Templates. Y'all ROCK for getting this into everyone's hands Now I can sound like a PRO since all the writing is like the words out of my mouth! only better


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