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Email routine against people
For an average Outlook user, nearly half the inbox is routine correspondence. How do you normally handle it? Many people just type the same answers to the same questions over and over again. Someone uses Quick Parts, while others store their common responses as Outlook drafts, .oft templates or even .doc files. But software engineers use another approach...
Email routine against people
Engineers against email routine
Engineers against email routine
Instead of digging through old conversations, Sent Items or Drafts folders, here's what you do:
  • Write a message just once and save as a template.
  • Include links and images.
  • Attach files if needed.
  • Place fillable fields where appropriate.
  • Re-use the template.
No magic. Engineering approach.
A single button click saves your template to your own template collection, which comfortably resides on a neat pane directly in an Outlook message window. Another click, and the template is inserted into a message. That's it. Replying to a routine email takes just a fraction of a second!
No magic. Engineering approach.
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Shared Email Templates

for Microsoft Outlook

Rapid and flexible
Rapid and flexible
With Shared Email Templates, you can respond to repetitive emails faster than ever before due to a set of unique features that you won't find anywhere else! Here are just a few examples: quick replies for emails, templates for meetings and appointments, macros for personalization, template shortcuts, fillable text fields, dropdown lists and pop-up calendars, rich formatted html, preset Outlook fields, nested templates, conditional formatting, and a lot more!
Works everywhere...
The best thing about it is that you can access your templates from any device and comfortably work in a hybrid workspace: at home, office, or in the field; using Outlook on PCs, Macs, Outlook Online or Windows tablets.
Works everywhere...
...for every user
...for every user
And you can easily share your templates with colleagues and work on them together. Create teams, invite members, share templates, and assign permissions for your teammates depending on their role.
...for every business
This approach will work for any business that includes routine correspondence - realtors, medical centers, flower shops, developers, support engineers, HR departments. You regularly send invitations, orders, inquiries, acknowledgments, meeting requests and the like? Shared Email Templates will make your life easier :)
...for every business
Your templates are safe and secure
Your templates are safe and secure
Initially, we created this product for our own team, and safety was one of our main concerns. But your templates and your privacy are even more important to us, therefore you'll find here end-to-end encryption for your templates, strong privacy policy, and robust code powered by Amazon cloud services, modern Microsoft extensibility technologies and smooth integration with OneDrive and SharePoint.
Includes a mail merge feature
Shared Email Templates lets you use your Outlook inbox for sending newsletters, notifications, and the like to multiple recipients at once. Pick one of the adaptive layouts and built-in color themes, easily personalize emails with merge fields, add a distribution list, and decide whether to start the mailing immediately or schedule it.
Includes a mail merge feature
Built by engineers, works for you
Built by engineers, works for you
Unquestionably, Shared Email Templates beats any other method of handling repetitive emails. Why? Because you let the professionals do the technical part where they really shine. And you focus on what is truly important to you and your team!

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Free Trial Business Enterprise Mail Merge
License per
An individual license must be acquired for each user
1 user 1 user 1 user 1 user
Personal templates and folders
Number of folders and templates you can use personally
512 512 512 512
Teams per user
Number of teams you can create or be part of
4 3 4 4
Members in team
Number of users that can be invited to a team.
Note! Each user should have a separate subscription.
256 32 256 256
Templates and folders per team
Number of folders and templates that can be created in a team
512 512 512 512
Client apps per user
The total number of client apps that can be connected simultaneously

You can have several client apps on one device. For example, Outlook Online in your Chrome and desktop Outlook running in parallel are treated as two different apps.

4 4 4 4
Template size
Number of symbols including all HTML elements
65 000 symbols 65 000 symbols 65 000 symbols 65 000 symbols
Mail merge
Use your Outlook mailbox for personalized newsletters, notifications, etc.
Priority customer support service
Subscription duration
60 days trial period 12 months 12 months 12 months
Price per user
Free $ 3.00 / month $ 4.00 / month $ 15.00 / month
Performance vs. limitations

The limitations above are created to not impact the Outlook performance.

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System requirements

Microsoft Outlook

  • Outlook on Windows connected to Office 365
  • Outlook on Mac connected to Office 365
  • Outlook on Windows 2021
  • Outlook on Windows 2019
  • Outlook on Windows 2016
  • Outlook on Mac 2021
  • Outlook on Mac 2019
  • Outlook on Mac 2016
  • Outlook on the web
  • Note! Outlook should be connected to Office 365, or Exchange 2016+


  • Google Chrome 78 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge 44 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)
    beta support 79 and higher
  • Safari 12 and higher (limited support)
  • Firefox 69 and higher

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