Reply to routine emails with fillable templates

In desktop and online Outlook. On PCs, Macs and tablets.

  • Create effective reply templates with fillable fields
  • Insert images and attach files to your templates
  • Add predefined customizable fields and drop-down lists
  • Share your templates with colleagues

And reduce the time your team spends on routine correspondence to an absolute minimum!

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Shared Email Templates

Empower your Outlook with reply templates

Create compelling email templates for you and your team

Reply to emails with a click or tap.
Quick replies for Outlook emails
If responding to emails is a part of your daily routine, there's no need to type the same text manually over and over again. Compose your response just once, save it as a template, add fillable fields, and reuse whenever you want.
Use Outlook drafts as email templates
Create a draft in Outlook using all features of its rich text editor, pre-fill the Subject line, populate Cc and Bcc addresses. Link the Outlook folder containing your drafts to Shared Email Templates and use these drafts as templates for new messages or quick replies.
Use macros in your templates
Create templates while replying to emails
Create templates while replying to emails
When you type a common response that you’d like to reuse in the future, you can select the text, run Shared Email Templates and click the New button. A new template with your reply will be created, and you can save it as is or add formatting, shortcuts, macros, files, images, etc.
Make your emails look attractive
Use the built-in visual editor to embellish your templates with basic formatting or take advantage of all HTML means to create professionally designed email messages.
HTML-based templates
Use snippets for quick replies
Use shortcuts for quick replies
Shortcuts are small text units, "templates for templates". You can create a number of shortcuts and construct your email messages by using them in different combinations and order.
Personalize your replies
With the help of template macros, you can automatically attach files from a URL or cloud-based storage, fill in the To, Cc, Bcc, and Subject fields, add variables and drop-down lists. Also, you can put placeholders in the template's text and enter context-specific information on the fly.
Personalize your replies
Share templates with colleagues
Share templates with colleagues
Use your fillable email templates either solely on your own or create teams, invite members, and share templates in teams. Naturally, you can adjust permissions for your teammates depending on their role.
Insert pictures and attach files
Templates let you not only paste and customize text but also attach files and insert images. You can get files and pictures for templates from OneDrive, URL, or SharePoint. Besides, you can create Outlook drafts with attached files and use these drafts as reply templates.
Insert pictures and attach files
Bring values from datasets to templates
Bring values from datasets to templates
In Shared Email Templates, you can create or import datasets and have the necessary values from these sets automatically inserted into your messages.
Run on PC, Mac, Windows tablet
The app lets you access templates from all your devices as they are stored in a cloud-based sharing service and work on Outlook for Windows, for Mac, and Outlook online.
Run on PC, Mac, Windows tablet
Feel free to tap
Feel free to tap
Shared Email Templates supports touch-enabled devices and makes Outlook touch-friendly, so even in the field with no keyboard at hand you can comfortably use your Outlook templates.
Manage user permissions
You can set three permission levels for your team members. Admin can manage templates and a team; editor may edit, create and delete templates; user is able to only insert templates into email messages.
Manage user permissions
Protect your templates
Protect your templates
To protect your privacy, you can enter your own secret key while creating a team. This will encrypt all templates in the team and save them to the cloud in coded form.
Secure your privacy
We can neither decrypt or read your templates nor access your external resources credentials, so they cannot be shared with third parties. We do not use any scanning tools, do not track or log your actions.
Your templates and teams are your property, and we guarantee that at the moment you close your account all your data will be deleted from our servers.
Secure your privacy
Not only for Office 365
Not only for Office 365
In addition to Office 365 accounts, Shared Email Templates works for paid Exchange Online subscriptions, on-premise Exchange 2016+ clients and even for free accounts.

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Free Trial Business Enterprise Mail Merge
License per
An individual license must be acquired for each user
1 user 1 user 1 user 1 user
Personal templates and folders
Number of folders and templates you can use personally
512 512 512 512
Teams per user
Number of teams you can create or be part of
4 3 4 4
Members in team
Number of users that can be invited to a team.
Note! Each user should have a separate subscription.
256 32 256 256
Templates and folders per team
Number of folders and templates that can be created in a team
512 512 512 512
Client apps per user
The total number of client apps that can be connected simultaneously

You can have several client apps on one device. For example, Outlook Online in your Chrome and desktop Outlook running in parallel are treated as two different apps.

4 4 4 4
Template size
Number of symbols including all HTML elements
65 000 symbols 65 000 symbols 65 000 symbols 65 000 symbols
Mail merge
Use your Outlook mailbox for personalized newsletters, notifications, etc.
Priority customer support service
Subscription duration
60 days trial period 12 months 12 months 12 months
Price per user
Free $ 3.00 / month $ 4.00 / month $ 15.00 / month
Performance vs. limitations

The limitations above are created to not impact the Outlook performance.

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System requirements

Microsoft Outlook

  • Outlook on Windows connected to Office 365
  • Outlook on Mac connected to Office 365
  • Outlook on Windows 2019
  • Outlook on Windows 2016
  • Outlook on Mac 2019
  • Outlook on Mac 2016
  • Outlook on the web
  • Note! Outlook should be connected to Office 365, or Exchange 2016+


  • Google Chrome 78 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge 44 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge (Chromium-based)
    beta support 79 and higher
  • Safari 12 and higher (limited support)
  • Firefox 69 and higher

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