Plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook

Free downloads for Outlook 2016 (32- and 64-bit), 2013, 2010, 2007; desktop version of Office 365

Outlook add-ins by AbleBits will help you streamline your email communication through Outlook by adding those in-demand features that most of Outlook users want. Free download is available for all our tools.

Automatically CC / BCC Outlook e-mails

Auto BCC in Outlook 2016, 2013 - 2003

Auto BCC for Outlook

This wonderful add-in for Outlook automatically adds BCC (blind carbon copy) or/and CC (carbon copy) to your outgoing e-mails based on simple rules you create.

It can send BCC/CC of all email messages to the specified addresses, send message copies if subject or attachment name contains certain words, or if e-mails are sent from all or some of your accounts. You can create very flexible rules for every occasion, introduce exceptions and use several keywords in one field.

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Silent BCC for Microsoft Outlook administration tool

Silent BCC: have a BCC copy of every outgoing e-mail

Silent BCC for Outlook is an ideal tool for monitoring your company's outgoing e-mail without the user knowing.

Once installed, the plug-in will deliver the BCC copies of all messages sent from all user accounts of a given PC to you. No actions on the sender's side are required, they may not even know about it! Silent BCC add-in is absolutely invisible in Outlook and everywhere else in the system, there is no user interface for the user to switch it off or alter your BCC settings.

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Reply to Outlook email using template

Reply with templates in Outlook 2016, 2013-2007

Template Phrases for Outlook

Use this Outlook add-in to reduce the time spent on your e-mail correspondence at least by half. You need just one click to insert frequently-typed phrases or blocks of text into Outlook e-mail messages or to add a new template to your list.

Your templates can store text formatting, pictures and attachments. You can view all your templates at a glance organized in a multi-level tree structure and easily find the needed one with quick search. You can use various macros, assign shortcuts to most often used templates or add them to Favorites, share your templates with co-workers and much more.

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Checking email before sending

Outgoing Email Checker for Outlook will review your emails before sending

Outgoing Email Checker for Outlook

Outgoing Email Checker add-in lets you specify rules for verifying your messages before sending them. Avoid most common emailing mistakes and make sure you always add an attachment when necessary, use the correct account, hit Reply All when there are several initial recipients and many other. With this reminder add-in you can enable a wide variety of rules for effective and professional correspondence.

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Unhide and analyze email headers in Outlook

Trace email headers in Outlook

Email Headers Analyzer for Outlook

Email Headers Analyzer for Outlook helps you quickly display and examine Internet headers. To view email headers, just select a message, click on the add-in icon and see the information parsed into 5 tabs. With this tool you will never miss important details for diagnosing mail problems.

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View email sender's time-zone

Sender's Time Zone pane in the Outlook message window

Sender's Time Zone for Outlook

Plug-in for Microsoft Outlook that displays the local timestamp of the sender when you open or reply to an Outlook message. The add-in shows the sender's current time, your time zone difference and the time since the message was sent.

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Displaying all conversation-related attachments

See all conversation-related attachments on one pane in Outlook 2016-2007

Conversation view makes tracking emails in Outlook much easier. Sometimes email communication contains dozens of attached files like pictures, reference books, PDFs, Word, or Excel documents. If you need to find a file sent to you, clicking through dozens of emails may be a frustrating task. The Conversation Attachments add-in makes working with attachments in Outlook really efficient by allowing you to see all files from an email thread in one pane.

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Reply to an email in 2 clicks

Give an immediate reply to similar emails

Quick Reply for Microsoft Outlook

Have you ever thought about possibility to send emails in one click, without even pressing Reply? With the Quick Reply add-in for Outlook, all you need is to select the email and pick the needed template from the list. The text will be inserted into the message and sent automatically.

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Easily create and manage your Outlook tasks

Get the items associated with a task in the Outlook Folder View

Tasklist for Outlook

Tasklist provides a great overview of your tasks, allows to prioritize your to-dos, turn emails into tasks and use plenty of additional options that make managing your workflow super easy. With this tool you'll be able to tell what needs your immediate attention, and what you can leave until later. Break big tasks and projects into sub-tasks, get task-related emails, notes, appointments, emails and distribution lists.

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Alerts for important emails

Important Mail Alert is easy to set up and easy to use

Important Mail Alert for Microsoft Outlook

This free add-in will notify you any time you get an important e-mail. You just enter the alert text and the add-in will pop up a message saying that an e-mail with this text arrived. If you have this handy tool, important messages will never be missed. Important Mail Alert will find them in any in any Outlook Inbox folder, even if it gets to Junk mail.

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Collection for Outlook
Automatically CC or BCC recipients
Never forget to copy your colleagues on some or all outgoing messages
Reply with email templates
Create your collection of email templates to avoid typing the same text again and again
Check emails before sending
Configure your rules to prevent "Oh, no!" after sending an email
Never forget to hit Reply All
Always remember to select Reply All on a multi-recipient message
Prevent unintended replies to all
Get an alert when you're about to reply to all recipients of an email
Never miss really important emails
See an immediate notification when an urgent message arrives at your in-box
Analyze email headers
Get a really quick access to email headers to fix some common mail problems
Optimize your email timing
See sender's time zone to send timely emails when you correspond with people overseas
Add-ins Collection for Outlook
Boost your in-box productivity!
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