The new improved version of Template Phrases for Outlook is out!

We released a new version of Template Phrases for Outlook 2013-2003. Some major and minor bugs are fixed and new macros are added. Now the file with your templates is moved to a new storage base which largely improves Outlook memory usage. Read on to learn more.

Reply with templates in Outlook 2010, 2013-2003
If you actively work in Outlook and send similar emails every day, you are likely to have our Template Phrases add-in.

Here at AbleBits we constantly test and enhance the tools you use daily. Today we've got really good news for you as we have just released an update for Template Phrases version 4. Some of the changes can be easily noticed, some are not so evident, but all of the updates are implemented to improve your experience with Outlook.

Outlook memory usage reduced

The first important change is moving the file with templates to a new storage base. This improvement allowed to reduce Outlook memory usage by several times and to avoid some major problems with big-size files with templates.

New helpful macros for your templates

In addition, our developer fixed several minor bugs and added a number of helpful macros. You can see their descriptions below:

~ADDCC= - this macro automatically adds the email address(es) you enter after = to the CC field. If you already have any addresses in the CC field, they will be kept. Please note that there is also the macro ~%FILLCC= which will remove any current entries from CC when the template is pasted.

~ADDBCC= - enters the BCC address(es) you specify. The current BCC addresses will be saved. If you need to clear the BCC line before inserting the template, please use the ~%FILLBCC macro.

~ADDTO= - adds the specified email(s) to the To field. If you already have any data in the To field and want to remove them before pasting the template, you can use the ~%FILLTO= macro.

~%CLEAR_SIGNATURE. We received a number of requests to add this macro and we are happy to introduce it. It will be really helpful if you have certain signature pasted automatically, but there are several templates that require a different signature. With this macro in your template the current signature will be deleted and you will not need to do it manually.

Download the update or upgrade at half price

If you have the latest version of Template Phrases, you can download the update from our website.

The new version can be installed over your current one. The templates will be transferred to the new base automatically.

Note. It can take some time for Outlook to start after you install the update. This is because the templates are being moved.

If you have Template Phrases version 1, 2 or 3 and want to get the latest update, please contact us for a link to upgrade at half price.

Our team hope that you'll find the enhancements helpful and will enjoy working with the new version of Template Phrases. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at or leave a comment below.

8 Responses to "The new improved version of Template Phrases for Outlook is out!"

  1. Ryan says:

    Do you have a converter built to upload the XML to the new .DATA file format? there seems to be an issue of just exporting the current templates in XML to .DATA as once you upload the .DATA again, the data duplicates sometimes two or three times, so you have 2 or 3 of the sames templates.

  2. Robert says:

    Hi Maria, Thanks for this update!

    I just updated to the newest version. We are using the older version of Template Phrases with the older .xml structure for our shared templates.

    After the update I can't find a converted .xml to .data file. What can we do? Is there a way to convert this .xml file to .data?

  3. Julia says:

    Do you have a version that works in Outlook 2011 on Mac OS?

  4. JM says:

    the date macro has it in this format 11/27/2015. Is there a macro which would allow the date to appear in this format? November 27, 2015?

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