How to conditionally format dates and time in Excel - built-in rules and formulas

If you are a regular visitor of this blog, you've probably noticed a few recent articles covering different aspects of Excel conditional formatting. Those tutorials explain how to apply Excel's built-in rules and make your own conditional formats based on formulas.

And now we will leverage this knowledge and create spreadsheets that differentiate between weekdays and weekends, highlight public holidays and display a coming deadline or delay. In other words, we are going to apply Excel conditional formatting to dates.

If you have some basic knowledge of Excel formulas, then you are most likely familiar with some of date and time functions such as NOW, TODAY, DATE, WEEKDAY, etc. In this tutorial, we are going to take this functionality a step further to conditionally format Excel dates in the way you want.

Excel conditional formatting for dates (built-in rules)

Microsoft Excel provides 10 options to format selected cells based on the current date.

  1. To apply the formatting, you simply go to the Home tab > Conditional Formatting > Highlight Cell Rules and select A Date Occurring.
    Excel conditional formatting built-in rules for dates
  2. Select one of the date options from the drop-down list in the left-hand part of the window, ranging from last month to next month.
  3. Finally, choose one of the pre-defined formats or set up your custom format by choosing different options on the Font, Border and Fill tabs. If the Excel standard palette does not suffice, you can always click the More colors… button.
    Choose one of the pre-defined formats or set up your custom format.
  4. Click OK and enjoy the result! : )
    Highlight cells in Excel with dates occurring in the last 7 days.

However, this fast and straightforward way has two significant limitations - 1) it works for selected cells only and 2) the conditional format is always applied based on the current date.

Excel conditional formatting formulas for dates

If you want to highlight cells or entire rows based on a date in another cell, or create rules for greater time intervals (i.e. more than a month from the current date), you will have to create your own conditional formatting rule based on a formula. Below you will find a few examples of my favorite Excel conditional formats for dates.

How to highlight weekends in Excel

Regrettably, Microsoft Excel does not have a built-in calendar similar to Outlook's. Well, let's see how you can create your own automated calendar with quite little effort.

When designing your Excel calendar, you can use the =DATE(year,month,date) function to display the days of the week. Simply enter the year and the month's number somewhere in your spreadsheet and reference those cells in the formula. Of course, you could type the numbers directly in the formula, but this is not a very efficient approach because you would have to adjust the formula for each month.

The screenshot below demonstrates the DATE function in action. I used the formula =DATE($B$2,$B$1,B$4) which is copied across row 5.
Use Excel DATE function to display the days of the week.

Tip. If you want to display only the days of the week like you see in the image above, select the cells with the formula (row 5 in our case), right-click and choose Format Cells…> Number > Custom. From the drop-down list under Type, select either dddd or ddd to show full day names or abbreviated names, respectively.

Your Excel calendar is almost done, and you only need to change the color of weekends. Naturally, you are not going to color the cells manually. We'll have Excel format the weekends automatically by creating a conditional formatting rule based on the WEEKDAY formula.

  1. You start by selecting your Excel calendar where you want to shade the weekends. In our case, it is the range $B$4:$AE$10. Be sure to start the selection with the 1st date column - Colum B in this example.
  2. On the Home tab, click Conditional Formatting menu > New Rule.
  3. Create a new formatting rule based on a formula, as explianed in How to create Excel conditional formatting rules with a formula.
  4. In the "Format values where this formula is true" box, enter the following WEEKDAY formula that will determine which cells are Saturdays and Sundays: =WEEKDAY(B$5,2)>5
  5. Click the Format… button and set up your custom format by switching between the Font, Border and Fill tabs and playing with different formatting options. When done, click the OK button to preview the rule.
    Excel conditional formatting rule with the WEEKDAY formula to highlight weekends.

Now, let me briefly explain the WEEKDAY(serial_number,[return_type]) formula so that you can quickly adjust it for your own spreadsheets.

  • The serial_number parameter represents the date you are trying to find. You enter a reference to your first cell with a date, B$5 in our case.
  • The [return_type] parameter determines the week type (square brackets imply it is optional). You enter 2 as the return type for a week starting from Monday (1) through Sunday (7). You can find the full list of available return types here.
  • Finally, you write >5 to highlight only Saturdays (6) and Sundays (7).

The screenshot below demonstrates the result in Excel 2013 - the weekends are highlighted in the reddish colour.

The weekends are highlighted in the reddish colour.


  • If you have non-standard weekends in your company, e.g. Fridays and Saturdays, then you would need to tweak the formula so that it starts counting from Sunday (1) and highlight days 6 (Friday) and 7 (Saturday) - WEEKDAY(B$5,1)>5.
  • If you are creating a horizontal (landscape) calendar, use a relative column (without $) and absolute row (with $) in a cell reference because you should lock the reference of the row - in the above example it is row 5, so we entered B$5. But if you are designing a calendar in vertical orientation, you should do the opposite, i.e. use an absolute column and relative row, e.g. $B5 as you can see in the screenshot below:

Excel conditional formatting formula to highlight weekends in a vertical orientation calendar.

How to highlight holidays in Excel

To improve your Excel calendar further, you can shade public holidays as well. To do that, you will need to list the holidays you want to highlight in the same or some other spreadsheet.

For example, I've added the following holidays in column A ($A$14:$A$17). Of course, not all of them are real public holidays, but they will do for demonstration purposes : )

Add list of public holidays to a worksheet.

Again, you open Conditional Formatting > New Rule. In the case of holidays, you are going to use either MATCH or COUNTIF function:

  • =COUNTIF($A$14:$A$17,B$5)>0
  • =MATCH(B$5,$A$14:$A$17,0)
Note. If you have chosen a different color for holidays, you need to move the public holiday rule to the top of the rules list via Conditional Formatting > Manage Rules…

The following image shows the result in Excel 2013:

Conditional formatting formula to highlight holidays in Excel.

Conditionally format a cell when a value is changed to a date

It's not a big problem to conditionally format a cell when a date is added to that cell or any other cell in the same row as long as no other value type is allowed. In this case, you could simply use a formula to highlight non-blanks, as described in Excel conditional formulas for blanks and non-blanks. But what if those cells already have some values, e.g. text, and you want to change the background color when text is changed to a date?

The task may sound a bit intricate, but the solution is very simple.

  1. First off, you need to determine the format code of your date. Here are just a few examples:
    • D1: dd-mmm-yy or d-mmm-yy
    • D2: dd-mmm or d-mmm
    • D3: mmm-yy
    • D4: mm/dd/yy or m/d/yy or m/d/yy h:mm

    You can find the complete list of date codes in this article.

  2. Select a column where you want to change the color of cells or the entire table in case you want to highlight rows.
  3. And now create a conditional formatting rule using a formula similar to this one: =CELL("format",$A2)="D1". In the formula, A is the column with dates and D1 is the date format.

    If your table contains dates in 2 or more formats, then use the OR operator, e.g. =OR(cell("format", $A2)="D1", cell("format",$A2)="D2", cell("format", $A2)="D3")

    The screenshot below demonstrates the result of such conditional formatting rule for dates.

    A row is highlighted when text in column C is changed to a date.

How to highlight rows based on a certain date in a certain column

Suppose, you have a large Excel spreadsheet that contains two date columns (B and C). You want to highlight every row that has a certain date, say 13-May-14, in column C.

To apply Excel conditional formatting to a certain date, you need to find its numerical value first. As you probably know, Microsoft Excel stores dates as sequential serial numbers, starting from January 1, 1900. So, 1-Jan-1900 is stored as 1, 2-Jan-1900 is stored as 2… and 13-May-14 as 41772.

To find the date's number, right-click the cell, select Format Cells > Number and choose the General format. Write down the number you see and click Cancel because you do not really want to change the date's format.

Find the numerical value of a date.

That was actually the major part of the work and now you only need to create a conditional formatting rule for the entire table with this very simple formula: =$C2=41772. The formula implies that your table has headers and row 2 is your first row with data.

An alternative way is to use the DATEVALUE formula that converts the date to the number format is which it is stored, e.g. =$C2=DATEVALUE("5/13/2014")

Whichever formula you use, it will have the same effect:

Highlight every row based on a certain date in a certain column.

Conditionally format dates in Excel based on the current date

As you probably know Microsoft Excel provides the TODAY() functions for various calculations based on the current date. Here are just a few examples of how you can use it to conditionally format dates in Excel.

Example 1. Highlight dates equal to, greater than or less than today

To conditionally format cells or entire rows based on today's date, you use the TODAY function as follows:

Equal to today: =$B2=TODAY()

Greater than today: =$B2>TODAY()

Less than today: =$B2<TODAY()

The screenshot below demonstrates the above rules in action. Please note, at the moment of writing TODAY was 12-Jun-2014.
Excel formulas to highlight dates equal to, greater than or less than the current date.

Example 2. Conditionally format dates in Excel based on several conditions

In a similar fashion, you can use the TODAY function in combination with other Excel functions to handle more complex scenarios. For example, you may want your Excel conditional formatting date formula to color the Invoice column when the Delivery Date is equal to or greater than today BUT you want the formatting to disappear when you enter the invoice number.

For this task, you would need an additional column with the following formula (where E is your Delivery column and F the Invoice column):

=IF(E2>=TODAY(),IF(F2="", 1, 0), 0)

If the delivery date is greater than or equal to the current date and there is no number in the Invoice column, the formula returns 1, otherwise it's 0.

After that you create a simple conditional formatting rule for the Invoice column with the formula =$G2=1 where G is your additional column. Of course, you will be able to hide this column later.
Excel conditional formatting rule to highlight blank cells in the Invoice column when the Delivery Date is equal to or greater than today.

Example 3. Highlight upcoming dates and delays

Suppose you have a project schedule in Excel that lists tasks, their start dates and durations. What you want is to have the end date for each task calculated automatically. An additional challenge is that the formula should also consider the weekends. For example, if the starting date is 13-Jun-2014 and the number of days of work (Duration) is 2, the ending date should come as 17-Jun-2014, because 14-Jun and 15-Jun are Saturday and Sunday.

To do this, we will use the WORKDAY.INTL(start_date,days,[weekend],[holidays]) function, more precisely =WORKDAY.INTL(B2,C2,1).
The WORKDAY.INTL formula calculates the End Date for each task taking into account the weekends.

In the formula, we enter 1 as the 3rd parameter since it indicates Saturday and Sunday as holidays. You can use another value if your weekends are different, say, Fri and Sat. The full list of the weekend values is available here. Optionally, you can also use the 4th parameter [holidays], which is a set of dates (range of cells) that should be excluded from the working day calendar.

And finally, you may want to highlight rows depending on how far away the deadline is. For example, the conditional formatting rules based on the following 2 formulas highlight upcoming and recent end dates, respectively:

  • =AND($D2-TODAY()>=0,$D2-TODAY()<=7) - highlight all rows where the End Date (column D) is within the next 7 days. This formula is really handy when it comes to tracking upcoming expiration dates or payments.
  • =AND(TODAY()-$D2>=0,TODAY()-$D2<=7) - highlight all rows where the End Date (column D) is within the last 7 days. You can use this formula to track the latest overdue payments and other delays.

Excel conditional formatting rules to highlight upcoming dates and delays

Here are a few more formula examples that can be applied to the table above:

=$D2<TODAY() - highlights all passed dates (i.e. dates less than the current date). Can be used to format expired subscriptions, overdue payments etc.

=$D2>TODAY() - highlights all future dates (i.e. dates greater than the current date). You can use it to highlight upcoming events.

Of course, there can be infinite variations of the above formulas, depending on your particular task. For instance:

=$D2-TODAY()>=6 - highlights dates that occur in 6 or more days.

=$D2=TODAY()-14 - highlights dates occurring exactly 2 weeks ago.

How to highlight dates within a date range

If you have a long list of dates in your worksheet, you may also want to highlight the cells or rows that fall within a certain date range, i.e. highlight all dates that are between two given dates.

You can fulfil this task using the TODAY() function again. You will just have to construct a little bit more elaborate formulas as demonstrated in the examples below.

Formulas to highlight past dates

  • More than 30 days ago: =TODAY()-$A2>30
  • From 30 to 15 days ago, inclusive: =AND(TODAY()-$A2>=15, TODAY()-$A2<=30)
  • Less than 15 days ago: =AND(TODAY()-$A2>=1, TODAY()-$A2<15)

The current date and any future dates are not colored.
Formulas to highlight past dates in a certain date range

Formulas to highlight future dates

  • Will occur in more than 30 days from now: =$A2-TODAY()>30
  • In 30 to 15 days, inclusive: =AND($A2-TODAY()>=15, $A2-TODAY()<=30)
  • In less than 15 days: =AND($A2-TODAY()>=1, $A2-TODAY()<15)

The current date and any past dates are not colored.
Formulas to highlight future dates in a given date range

How to shade gaps and time intervals

In this last example, we are going to utilize yet another Excel date function - DATEDIF(start_date, end_date, interval). This function calculates the difference between two dates based on the specified interval. It differs from all other functions we've discussed in this tutorial in the way that it lets you ignore months or years and calculate the difference only between days or months, whichever you choose.

Don't see how this could work for you? Think about it in another way… Suppose you have a list of birthdays of your family members and friends. Would you like to know how many days there are until their next birthday? Moreover, how many days exactly are left until your wedding anniversary and other events you wouldn't want to miss? Easily!

The formula you need is this (where A is your Date column):

=DATEDIF(TODAY(), DATE((YEAR(TODAY())+1), MONTH($A2), DAY($A2)), "yd")

The "yd" interval type at the end of the formula is used to ignore years and calculate the difference between the days only. For the full list of available interval types, look here.

Tip. If you happen to forget or misplace that complex formula, you can use this simple one instead: =365-DATEDIF($A2,TODAY(),"yd"). It produces exactly the same results, just remember to replace 365 with 366 in leap years : )

And now let's create an Excel conditional formatting rule to shade different gaps in different colors. In this case, it makes more sense to utilize Excel Color Scales (Conditional formatting > Color Scales) rather than create a separate rule for each period.

The screenshot below demonstrates the result in Excel - a gradient 3-color scale with tints from green to red through yellow.
The 3-color scale shades cells in different colors based on how many days are left until the event.

"Days Until Next Birthday" Excel Web App

We have created this Excel Web App to show you the above formula in action. Just enter your events in 1st column and change the corresponding dates in the 2nd column to experiment with the result.

If you are curious to know how to create such interactive Excel spreadsheets, check out this article - Move Excel spreadsheets online.

Hopefully, at least one of the Excel conditional formats for dates discussed in this article has proven useful to you. If you are looking for a solution to some different task, you are most welcome to post a comment. Thank you for reading!

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      If this is already formatted as a date, select the cells or column that you want to format, select "Format > Format Cells", select the "Custom" option, and enter the format "dd-mm-yyyy"

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      You would use the formulas to highlight future dates, but apply 3 different rules to your columns.
      Red would be =$K3=1, $K3-TODAY()<15)

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      You can use Home>>Conditional formatting >> Manage Rules >> New Rules >> and choose "Format only cells that contain" and choose Cell Value for less than 10 days , equal to 10 days , less than 10 days
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    • Hello,
      It looks like the following steps will do the trick for you:
      - Select the necessary range and go Conditional Formatting -> Manage Rules -> Add new.
      - Choose the "Use a formula to determine which cells to format" option.
      - Apply the formula like the one below:
      =YEARFRAC(F2, $E$4) >= 10 and =YEARFRAC(F2, $E$4) >= 5

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      Hope this is exactly what you need.

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    To draw attention to the current week (so staff can easily see where to update the work progress) I have added conditional formatting 'Highlight cell rules' - 'A date occuring' - 'This week' to H4:BP4 to fill the cell matching a date occurring this week a particular colour.

    I want the corresponding column cells (H:BP)at row 1 to reflect the same font/fill colour (to make it easier to find)to change when the row 4 cell is highlighted. (This doesn't have to apply to the whole column - but would be handy to have as as option).

    I have previously done this (the cheeky way) with individual dates in the columns then adding 'TODAY' text in white font in all the cells in row 1 then applying the conditional formatting for row 1 cells to apply dark fill - hence revealing the 'hidden' white font in row 1. However I can't for the life of me work out how to apply this when using dates that are a week apart ('this week') and not 'Today'.

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    13-04-19 15-04-19
    09-04-19 10-04-19
    15-04-19 Highlight
    no Highlight
    26-03-19 Highlight
    15-04-19 Highlight
    16-04-19 no Highlight
    14-04-19 Highlight

  32. Elvis says:

    First of all I would like to thank you on your tutorials you are absolutely great..I have a question regarding conditional formating with dates,I work with a large number of package delivery and to track all of it I use this type of formula:
    Formulas to highlight past dates
    More than 30 days ago: =TODAY()-$A2>30
    From 30 to 15 days ago, inclusive: =AND(TODAY()-$A2>=15, TODAY()-$A2=1, TODAY()-$A2<15)
    just with less days,I was wondering could you use a WORKDAY function so that it counts in the formulas above just the working days not weekends as my schedules are regarding only working days.Would that work?Thank you and keep up the good work :)

  33. Eddie says:

    Is there a formula that puts the current date only when THAT ROW is edited? I’m trying to create a running log for pipe load-outs and am trying to make it to where the date cell puts in the date that data was entered into that row only and will not change when I add to it on a later date.

  34. Rupali says:


    I'm maintaining an attendance table in the following format.

    01 Wed IN 01 Wed OUT
    08:27 17:16
    08:36 14:31
    08:38 17:07
    08:32 17:05
    08:47 17:05
    08:31 17:04
    08:16 17:13
    08:31 17:13
    08:29 17:05
    08:40 17:06
    08:32 17:02
    08:52 17:05
    08:36 17:08
    08:30 18:37

    I want to apply conditional formatting for "IN" column and "OUT" column. If IN time > 8:45, the font in that cell should be RED. If OUT time < 17:00, the font in that cell should be RED.

    The data in IN and OUT columns is a result of LEFT(cell, 5) and RIGHT(cell,5) from another column that records every IN and OUT entry of the staff.

    I have tried conditional formatting options but I'm obviously doing something wrong. Tried formatting the cells as Time, Custom, etc.

    Appreciate your help.


  35. kiki says:

    I have a column with "Due Dates" and another column with "Completed date". I want to color format the first column to turn green if the date in the "Completed date" column is equal or lower that the due date value. And to be orange if it is greater (which will mean that it was completed but past its due date).
    Also, I don't want any color if some cells in the column of "Completed date" are still blank.

  36. Andreea says:

    Hey, I have a table with "employee name" column and "date of hiring" and I should aplly a conditional format for employees whose last name is "DEDU" and were hired this year.

  37. Kenneth Bird says:

    I have two columns. The first contains dates. The second contains $ value. I choose a cell in the worksheet and apply formulae. =if(first cell: last cell="today()",(first cell: last cell="$value). What I am seeking to do is apply the $ value that is opposite the date for today().

  38. Rajesh says:

    =TIME(HOUR(M18),MINUTE(M18)+5,SECOND(0)) I am using this formula to show the incremental time of 5 minutes in each column(left to right)to have a color through conditional formatting...till the time slot given for 24 hours(split in five minutes each)its coming perfectly. however when the calculation go beyond 24 hours it is not functioning properly. hence pl advice how add days to this formula

  39. Adam says:

    I cannot perfect R/A/G conditional formatting when using 2 dates. A deadline date and an actual date of completion.

    Green if date of completion is on or before deadline date
    Amber if date of completion is blank up until deadline date
    Red if deadline date passes or date of completion is after deadline date

    Any tips?

  40. Nirmal says:

    hi. i have to get a "Icon Set" for the below given information.
    there is 3 cells with date which is "PO Issued Date", "PO Delivery Date" & "Delivered Date".
    1. i need green color on "Delivered Date" if the Date is entered.
    2. i need yellow color if the date is not exceed on "PO Delivery Date"
    3. i need Red Color if the "Delivered date" is not filled when the date exceed the "PO Delivery Date".

    PO Issued Date PO Delivery Date Delivered Date
    7/20/2019 7/26/2019

  41. John A Maclean says:

    Help on formulas to highlight future dates in calendar.
    Have a 12 month booking calendar Coloums ( A:AG) with separate Arrival And Departure date input cells, say coloum ( AJ : AK ) what i would like is, as i enter arrival and departure dates ,EG. enter (arrival date (7-03-2020) departure date (21-03-2020).) reverent cells between dates in calendar to change colour
    Thanks for looking.

  42. Carl says:

    Is there a way to copy conditional format to each row.
    I have a spreadsheet which shows date someone last attended I wanted it to go one colour if the date is between 180-269 days, highlight a different colour if date is 270-364 and a different colour if more than 365

    I managed to do it on one line but when I tried copying it it used the data from first line

    • Chris Hiles says:

      Copy the cell with the conditional formatting you want and use the Format Painter to paste the format to the cells where you need the conditional formatting.
      If it's a lot of cells, select the block of cells and then click manage rules in the conditional formatting tab.
      Make sure it's set at "for this worksheet" and not "current selection".
      Click the up arrow next to the conditional formatting you want to apply and select the cells in the worksheet in which you want the conditional formatting to appear. Click apply and ok.

  43. Dean says:

    Hi, am have created a drop down list in D to prioritise tasks from 1-4. I would like column E to auto update the due/target date for each line task based on a 30, 60, 120 and 240 day due date form date created.
    Is this possible?

  44. Lydia says:

    I have a spreadsheet with a Expired due dates in one column . I'm trying to get the cells to turn yellow when its 60 days before the due date , and turn red when its expired .
    My expired due dates are in column G .
    Name Course Expired /Due date
    Jane Doe Annual Training 26/09/2019
    John Doe Orientation 01/02/2020

    Hoping you can help me. Thanks in advance .

    • Mr. Kamal says:

      Dear all,
      Hope my all friend everything, but i am not ok, we are facing in problem in excel file format issue, please help me about this, Problem: one cell have amount date wise color change issue, how can it's possible, plz help me friend,,,

      From Bangladesh.

  45. Erin says:


    I am struggling to set up conditional formatting for a specific time frame
    for example Green if between the times 8:00:00 AM and 8:00:00 PM. I have tried many things but cant seem to get it to work. Any thoughts?? I am having to use Google sheets at work so usually we can't do as much as you can with Excel, but hoping someone knows how. Thank you!

  46. Laurie says:

    Fill cell C with color if the date is 30 days later than cell A:
    Cell A = 03/01/16
    Cell C = 05/02/16
    The conditional formatting would make Cell C fill with orange.
    Everything I find is based on today's date and not two dates that can be at any time. It would be great if I can also fill the cell with a different color if within 30 days.

  47. jon says:

    I am having an issue that I cannot find the answer for:

    I am formatting my cells to display color simply by TODAY() date (Red for ).
    The problem is, it isnt changing colors with the date. IF it does change color, the date is wrong (itll highlight RED when the date is clearly several months in the future or vise versa).
    Date Calculation is set to Automatic, Number drop down is on GENERAL. It just wont do anything at all. Current format is mm/dd/yyyy.

    Can somebody ANYBODY, tell me what I am doing wrong?!

  48. VJ says:

    Please help (what am I missing)?
    I have a spreadsheet to track my time. I am trying to highlight a column based upon the current day.
    My dates cover 2 weeks and go across with the hours worked listed in cells below. My dates are formatted "dd" (i.e. for 11/5/2019 is shows 05). The dates are in row 2.
    I used conditional formatting ("use a formula to determine..." ) with the following formula: (I have selected E2:R33 area) E$2=today() and then I have selected the format of a yellow fill color.
    It is not working and I cannot figure out why? What am I missing or doing incorrectly? (NOTE: I have tried reformatting the date and even entering in today's date and still does not seem to work.)T.I.A.

  49. Gulkhan says:

    how can i create sheets highlighting red color in dun amount
    Please help me how to create when due amount received cell color change

  50. Chris Hiles says:

    The title of this article is: "How to conditionally format dates and time in Excel" yet there is no information about formatting time, only dates.
    I want to format cells which contain a time (eg - 00:05:22). Is this possible?

  51. Deepali says:

    I am using Workday formula whenever I put date in say A1 cell and it will be getting Calculated with workday formula in say B1 formula. At the same time when I set formula for entire B column date will automatically get calculated after putting in respective A column. But when A column is blank say A2 is blank at that time B2 should also show blank; instated B2 is showing me value (i.e 6-Jan-00). Please guide on this.


  52. Alison says:

    Hello! I have a spreadsheet that lists upcoming dates for months in advance. There is a conditional format that highlights the weeks in different colors and it works perfectly. However with the new year approaching, the weeks after December 30th are not highlighting. Is there a new formula to correct this?

    My current formula is: =WEEKNUM($C3,1)=(WEEKNUM(TODAY(),1)+1)

    Thank you!

  53. Nikhil Sinha says:

    please help me. I have a excel wherenin i want that data in column 1 in sheet one gets copied to coulmn 1 of sheet 2, once date changes, and data in column 1 should be deleted automatically in column 1 of sheet 1. This should happen after every date change

  54. DC says:


    I would like to know the formula for highlighting all times (Say in column A) that are later that the time in Cell B2. Is there a formula for this, as conditional formatting greater than does not seem to work.

    IE:Time in Column A1 6:30AM, A2 6:45AM, A3 7:15AM, B1: 6:35AM. Now highlight A2 & A3 Only

  55. Heather says:

    I am trying to format a cell to where it will turn yellow when it reaches a certain month. the situation is where when someone's birth month is within 3 months of the current month, the cell will turn yellow.

  56. Brada says:

    Hello everyone, i need a help here. Need a formula that will turn cell red based on TODAY and other date cell, for example B2=RED if TODAY=>E2+4. And to ignore this formula if cell K2 has any value or text or anything...


  57. Eddy says:

    I have a workbook with list of supplies of items with different future expiration dates.
    I want to put a condition on the cell, to alert me with a different color at 30 days from expiration and then again with a different color with just 7 days of expiration. (Goal to remove/then re-order expired supplies)
    I need help with the formulas. (I'm able to do it from "today" date but not from future date, for example, if item expire 3 days from today, then the today formula does not work)I will appreciate any help.

  58. Kevin Gold says:

    I'm looking to format page 1 of a 2 page spreadsheet. On page 2 is a range of shift times, but I need page 1 to show, via color code of the shifts on a particular day. So should the spreadsheet be open on May 19th then data shown on page 1 as to what shift (via the color code) everyone is working on that date. I hope someone can help

  59. matt says:

    Hi everyone, I have an item with list of different expiration dates and need my spreadsheet to highlight which ones to choose next based on which one will expire will expire first. Any ideas?

  60. gemma says:

    I have an annual training spread sheet and want the cells to change colour 30 days before its due to expire. If there are 100 staff all with different dates they undertook their draining, do I have to apply the formular separately for each one?? I am struggling with the correct formula for one years time.

  61. Matt Sprague says:

    I have a spreadsheet with a column that is a date format. I am needing a way to set a conditional rule for invalid dates ie 09/31/2020 to highlight the cell red.
    With this I need it to trigger if the data is copied and pasted from one sheet to another or a way once I have all the data in the new sheet that I can run a macro to trigger all the rules on all the cells.

  62. Flora says:

    I need help. I have a start date in column B and end date in column C. Column E to P are the months of the year. I want column E to P to reflect the start and end date with colour blue, for eg if i hv January in column B, and June in column C, then only columns E to J turn blue. How should I do it? Am totally new with Excel!

  63. peter says:

    i have a table for security report with date 1 as starting date and the whole month is triggered by change of month. i used date value and EOMONTH FORMULAS TO ESTABLISH THE CALENDAR. So each date relies on previous date because there is a formula. above the cells is names of days from Monday to Sunday which changes when i change the month because the boxes have formulas too but i format them to "ddd" only to show day name. for this am unable to highlight weekends with conditional formatting for "sun" & "sat". how can i make it.

  64. Leon says:

    I would appreciate it if someone can assist me with a date formula :
    I have 2 cells A1 and A5
    In cell A1 is todays date then Cell A5 should shows current month and Year if todays date is between the 1st and the 15 of current month but if todays date is between the 16 and end of month Cell A5 should change to next month and related year.
    For instance
    A1 20/04/2020 then A5 should be
    If A1 14/04/2020 then A5 should be Apr20
    Any help would be highly appreciated


    • Hello Leon!
      If I understand your task correctly, the following formula in cell A5 should work for you:
      If it is necessary to change the date format without changing the date itself, Custom Format in A5 should be used. Please go to Format Cells, choose Number -> Custom Format and set "mmmyy"
      I hope this will help, otherwise please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

  65. Peter T says:

    Thank you, I was able to combine and redefine your formulas! You made my life much easier.

  66. Jeff says:

    Please help! I have a sheet where a particular item expires every 2 year. What I'm trying to do is have the conditional formatting come into effect when the 23 month marks hits; and I have no idea if this is even possible. The original date is in the format dd-mmm-yy and is starts in the F4 spot. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  67. sara says:

    Hi - I have 2 date columns (E baseline date) (F revised date) how can I set formatting that if (F) is equal to (E) green; if (F) is 15 days over then amber; if (F) is 30 days over then red;
    I have used 'AND' and 'IF' formula and I get partly cells in (F) green and nothing else.

    Help please!

    Thank you


  68. Melanie says:

    I need a spreadsheet to highlight cells in column c if the cell is greater than 16 and if column a is a Monday, Wednesday or Friday

  69. Eddy says:

    Hi guys,
    Could you please help with conditional formation for a day occuring (for example 26th) of each month to be highlighted. Well appreciated.
    Also if some one knows how to sort date in pivot table for the Invoice period from 26th of each month. As everymonth is a different number of days, I can't use the period with fixed number of days. Kind of desparate to complete my task.


  70. JOHN BUTLER says:

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet with forklift certificate training and expiry dates in two adjacent columns. The first column is the date of the training and the second column is the date that the training needs to be refreshed. I would like the second column to highlight 30 days before the date in the cell, every date in this column is different as no two training sessions occur on the same day, so I have 22 rows of different dates in the second column, it is these I would like to highlight 30 days before the date I am an excel beginner so any help would be greatly appreciated

    • Hello John!
      I’m sorry but your task is not entirely clear to me. For me to be able to help you better, please describe your task in more detail. Explain: "I would like the second column to highlight 30 days before the date in the cell". Please specify what you were trying to find, what formula you used and what problem or error occurred. Give an example of the source data and the expected result.
      It’ll help me understand it better and find a solution for you. Thank you.

      • JOHN BUTLER says:

        Hi Alexander, thanks for the reply,
        so i have two columns with 22 rows and each row has a different date in it, the date in the first column is when the training occurred,
        the second column has the dates that the training expires, so in column 2 it is the same date as column one + three years (training is valid for three years)
        e.g 1st column has 01/02/19 in the cell
        and the second column has 01/02/22
        What i'd like to have is the date in the second column to highlight one month before the date shown e.g on 01/01.22 i'd like the cell in column two to turn red.
        Basically id like the dates in column two to turn red one month before the dates in the cells to remind me that the date of expiry of the training is approaching!
        I hope that makes more sense!
        Thank you

        • Hello John!
          I hope you have studied the recommendations in the above tutorial. You'll need to set the conditional formatting rule for column B with the following formula applied:

          =AND(TODAY() > EDATE(B1,-1),TODAY()<B1)

          And choose red as a color to fill the cell with.

          I hope this is exactly what you need.

  71. Bird says:

    Hello Alexander,
    i have that has column C as start date and column D as end date. i want to highlight the cells from G12 to AD12 which is a two year span but divided in months.

    so based on the day i input in column C start, and D end. it highlights the cell under the month. Note, i am not using days in the highlight section, only months. but using days in C and D.

    i used this formula for days only, but i need days to work with months.
    =AND($G$10>=$C12, $G$10<=$D12)
    C12 and D12 is where i input the start and end dates (days) G10 to AD10 is where the months are located (01-January-2020, 01-February-2020, 01-March-2020, etc.)

    Appreciate the support and thank you in advance.

    • Bird says:

      i figured it out, after days of troubleshooting. i made a simple mistake in the code. instead of this =AND($G$10>=$C12, $G$10=$C12, G$10<=$D12)

      and now it works the way i wanted it.

    • Hello!
      I’m sorry but your task is not entirely clear to me. Поясните подробнее, что означает: "i used this formula for days only, but i need days to work with months."
      Please describe your problem in more detail. Include an example of the source data and the result you want to get. It’ll help me understand your request better and find a solution for you. Thank you.

  72. Stacey Hughes says:


    I am a case manager and complete needs assessments on a certain example 6/22/2020. I then have to bill on that date each month. How would I create a formula to become red 5 Days before that date each month. As I would want that cell to become red on 7/17/2020, 8/17/2020 and 9/17/2020. But then be a normal color the rest of the month? Does this make sense. Any assistance would be helpful. Thanks- Stacey

    • Hello Stacey!
      If I understand your task correctly, to make the cell turn red every 17th day of the month, use the formula in the conditional formatting rule


      I hope this will help, otherwise please do not hesitate to contact me anytime.

  73. Becki says:

    Hi Alexander, Thanks for the guide, Really Helpful!!
    I have a question regarding conditional formatting dates which have passed due, only if the the task is not close or not completed.
    For Info Start Date - Column C, End date - Column D, Task Status Column H, Today's Date - Cell J1, Date format
    Many Thanks In Advance

    • Hello Becki!
      I’m sorry but your task is not entirely clear to me.
      Please describe your problem in more detail. Include an example of the source data and the result you want to get. It’ll help me understand your request better and find a solution for you. Thank you.

      • Becki says:

        Hi Alexander,
        Apologies for the vagueness in the original post.

        please see below sample data:

        Task Name Start Date End date Status today's date =TODAY()
        task 1 29.06.20 29.06.20 completed
        task 3 23.06.20 25.06.20 closed
        task 4 01.07.20 04.07.20 at risk
        task 5 04.07.20 06.07.20 in progress

        I want to highlight the end date when it is passed today's date, but only if the task status is not Completed or closed.
        Many Thanks

  74. abu says:

    DATE :15/07/2020


    please help one this. i have mentioned colums in excelsheet. for me if date is more than 5 days if cheque amount not received then it should be popup in red colour otherwise in green color. please send me formula in my email id.

  75. Kyle says:

    Hi! Can anyone help me with this concern? :) I was trying to find the formula where the cell will be highlighted in the specified colors below when the ff conditions are met:
    EG: The exact date or deadline is July 24, 2020.
    2 days before deadline (Jul 22) = yellow
    1 days before deadline (Jul 23) = light red
    deadline (Jul 24) = red
    overdue (Jul 25 onwards) = dark red

    Is there any way we can do that in googlesheets? Thank you for the help!

  76. Katie Short says:

    Hello! I am creating a calendar in excel (and trying to avoid using vba, since I know nothing about the programming side of things!). What I am trying to do now, is use conditional formatting to highlight(/grey out) dates not in the current month. I saw on another site this formula:=MONTH(B5)MONTH($B$6), where B5 is the month dropdown list.

    Currently, my spreadsheet has this in it:
    1. dropdown lists for year in B2, and month in C2.
    2. A formula to change the dates based on the selected year and month, which is copied to all the "calendar boxes":

    3. I also have this rule:
    =B6=TODAY() which applies to my "calendar boxes", range B6:H41. It highlights the current day in blue.

    Any help would be much appreciated!

  77. diyana says:

    I need help!

    I'm trying to come up with an Excel dashboard whereby the end result will be traffic light.
    The input for this traffic light which to be displayed on the dashboard will be project completion (%) vs it's Go-Live/Handover date.

    The traffic light on the dashboard is meant to tell you whether you are on track or not when the project completion is measured against the time you have left.

    I've tried using several formulas but none worked and I'm no expert in Excel. Hope some of you can help me out here!


  78. Taleia says:

    I'm trying to have the cells for column G turn green if there are dates entered in columns E and F. If there are no dates entered I want the cells in column G to be red. If there is one date entered in either cell E or F, I want the cells in column G to yellow.

    Thank you for your help.

  79. Tony says:

    I have a spreadsheet that keeps track training. One requirement is to complete certain parts within 2 years of employees hire date. I have the start date in one cell, under the employee's name and I have a column for date complete. Want to fill the date complete cell with colors depending on if they have gone over their 24 month due date, if they are within 6 months of their due date and when they have a year left on their complete date. I believe I need and If AND formula where I can say if the date complete cell is blank and the hire date is either greater than or equal to the 730 days, 550 days or the 365 days, it fills with the appropriate color. Unable to get my formulas correct to do so. Can you help?

  80. Martin says:

    Hello, I have a sheet where it highlights a products expiry date if it is within 30-60 days of todays date Yellow, Red for 1-30 days Etc. This is set up as a conditional format based on another cell calculating the days. How do I get the formula within the conditional format rules so I can entirely remove the Column doing the calculations to improve the speed of my document? Thank you.

  81. Simon Duffy says:


    I have a 4 week school timetable (Week A1, A2, B1 and B2) on one tab that links into another tab with the whole staff timetable on it. When the staff initials are added into a cell it automatically shows their timetable. What I am trying to do is highlight in green today's lessons in that 4 week timetable structure so teachers can see which lessons they have each day.

    To help me with this I have a third tab with the dates of each day in each week. So, today, for example, is Wednesday of Week B1. How do I conditionally format the relevant timetable on the '4 Week Timetables' tab to automatically move the colour coding to the respective part of the timetable?

    My logic goes something like this:

    When today's date equals what is on the 'Whole Term Dates' tab, cells d2, d7, d11 (etc.), then make the '4 Week Timetables' tab, cells h8:j8, green.

    I hope this makes sense and that you are able to help. Thanks very much for any time you spend in this. I really appreciate it.



  82. Nitin says:

    In a column I have incremental dates which is incremented by 3 days from it's previous row. These 3 days are days required to complete the task which is independent. Lets assume the dates are as follows:
    Above dates can be obtained by simply adding +3 to previous cell and drag the formula downwards by this way I can get the date when my work will be finished.
    Now lets consider the activity in row 2 is complete, what will be the formula to calculate end date to finish my work. For example
    Pls. suggest

  83. Nitin says:

    In a column I have incremental dates which is incremented by 3 days from it's previous row. These 3 days are days required to complete any particular task which is independent with each other. At a time I can perform only one task irrespective of sequence. Lets assume the dates are as follows to complete the tasks:
    Above dates can be obtained by simply adding +3 to previous cell and drag the formula downwards by this way I can get the date when my work will be finished.
    Now lets consider the activity in row 2 & 5 are complete, the moment I put Done in any cell next cell should automatically updated with previous date + 3 days and accordingly all dates in all column. What will be the formula to auto calculate end date to finish my work in each cell. For example
    Pls. suggest

  84. Harsh says:


    daily weekly monthly activity tracking

    I want to know how to create daily weekly monthly activity details which has to show going expire date and yet to complete within these days(Ex: 2days it has to complete).

    Please am searching answer for this past 3days am not getting answer in the google

  85. ali hussien says:

    Hello Svetlana
    In the excel table I have a column that contains many different numbers from 0 to 3000 or more
    I want to format the numbers. Each number takes the color of a line and the borders of a cell in a color that differs from the other number and is equal to the same format if the number is repeated
    Thank you!

  86. Rodney says:

    On conditional formatting want to set a rule to highlight cells with dates after a cetain date. Example highlight cells with months, in different color per month, if possible, afer 30 June 2019. If not, then highlight dates after 30 June 2019. Thanks. Look forward to your swift response.

  87. Ajju says:

    I want to copy text from particular cell based on date

    Say cell A1 represents today Monday 23.11.2020 then in Cell B1 I want text 123690 and so on..

    Like Below table
    24/08/20 Mon 123470
    25/08/20 Tue 123458
    26/08/20 Wed 234569
    27/08/20 Thu 345670
    28/08/20 Fri 145678
    29/08/20 Sat 256789
    31/08/20 Mon 147890
    01/09/20 Tue 147890
    02/09/20 wed 125890
    03/09/20 Thu 123690
    04/09/20 Fri 123470
    05/09/20 Sat 123458
    07/09/20 Mon 345670
    08/09/20 Tue 145678
    09/09/20 wed 256789
    10/09/20 Thu 367890
    11/09/20 Fri 147890
    12/09/20 Sat 125890

  88. Beth says:

    I have a spreadsheet of when a patient was seen in the clinic (column G). It also contains a column with their next due date for their appt(Column I) and another for their actual scheduled appt date(column Q)(some are blank in the column)
    I need Column I and Q to highlight in Red if they are MORE than 6 months from column G.
    Since its not based on TODAys dates I'm not sure how to format it.

  89. Sandeep Anand says:

    Hi I am looking to conditional format my plan in Excel (I know its probably easier in MS project but where is the fun in that)... I have start and end dates in rows and the week in columns. I am looking to conditionally fill in the week based on the start and end dates in the row.

    Is this possible in Excel?

    thank you


  90. Ryan Hayes says:

    I have been trying to create a formula based on dates entered in row H (work allocated) I would like the cell "Technician ""B" to change if cell remains blank (no name entered) 14 days AFTER the date that has been entered. cells have been formatted to represent dates displayed in "H"
    g for
    secondly I want to change the color of "c" job paid if it exceeds 25 days after date entered into H

    ive been strugglin some time the formulas seem to count based on current date and not the work allocated date

    thans for any help you can provide, I reference your page frequently

  91. Cody White says:

    I would like to create a formula that lets me turn a cell red for a date is within 30 days of today. I am making a spreadsheet with different parts that have different expiration dates and I need to have them turn red when they have only 30 days until they expire, yellow when they have 60 days to expire and green when they have more than 60 days to expire. How would I do that?

  92. Abhishek Bhardwaj says:

    When I am trying to highlight a row on yesterday date using conditional formatting (Formula: "= $A5=Today()-1") in pivot table it Highlights the row of day before yesterday and when applying the same conditional formatting on simple table it is highlighting right row "yesterday date". I don't know why.

    If anybody knows the solution, please respond.

  93. vivek says:

    Hi team,

    How to highlight a date in a cell if it past more than 15 days.For example I want to highlight a cell with date value 01/15/2020.I want to highlight this cell once its past 15 days?

  94. Aimee says:

    In Excel, I need a conditional formatting formula to calculate 5, 10, 15 etc. year anniversaries for quarterly recognition after anniv date has passed. Ex: Start Date 2/1/2016 will be recognized in the 2nd quarter newsletter has having reached their 5 yr anniv. I want the date to format color coded during their "anniv quarter" & then return to black when quarter has ended until they reach the 10 yr anniv & the same thing happens. I can get them to change color for the correct anniversary milestone but can't figure out how to turn them to black after the quarter has ended until they reach the next anniv. I'm using the formula =TODAY()-C1)/365>=5 and it's working but the date stays formatted to the assigned color forever until the next anniversary date. I need it to revert back to black at the end of the anniv quarter. Any advice?

    • Hello!
      Create a second rule that will set the cell to normal format. Place it below the first one as described in this article — Apply several conditional formatting rules to one cell.
      The second rule will override the first rule.
      I hope I answered your question. If something is still unclear, please feel free to ask.

      • Aimee says:

        Y'all have a great website! Very informative. Thanks for the link to the article. I think I've read about 20 of them, but can't seem to find the formula I need.

        I have the 5 yr increment anniversary dates color coded & they all work. But I only want them to stay color coded for the quarter that they are in. At the end of the quarter, I need them to go back to black (default) until their next anniv date. When I added a second rule, using the same formula, that set the cell back to normal format and placed it below the first one as you suggested, it overwrote all of the other anniversary date formulas that follow it & turned them to black as well. Even clicking the "Stop if True" box did not help.

        Is there a different formula to use for the "return to default" rule? Is there a formula that will turn off the formatting at the end of the quarter? Thanks, aimee

  95. Christopher says:

    This site is great, but I think I don't see the formatting I'm looking to do.

    In my Personnel Tracker, I track when personnel transfer away and the due dates for products that are needed for them to transfer. I'd like for A) the product column to give me the date 45 days before the transfer date, and B) to turn red when the current date is inside that window (the product is late). Example:

    F3 - date of transfer - 22-Feb-2021
    H3 - Eval due date - "45 days prior to F3"
    As of todays date (4-Feb-2021) I'd like that column to have automatically turned red.

    Please advise as to how you think i could format this. Thank you.

  96. Marc Aoun says:


    I have a column of dates (Column A), and a column next to it (Column B) which return the quarter, i'm using the formula: ROUNDUP(MONTH(A2)/3,0), the value given is always 1, if i did not fill anything in column A
    and whenever i fill a date in "Col A", "Col B" will return the correct quarter number
    i need column "B" to be seen empty, or all grey without anything showing, and when i enter the date, and i get a quarter value, the color changes and the font color changes to be seen by the user

    I hope i was clear enough

    thank you!!

  97. Frank says:


    I hope u can help me please
    i looking for a formule to highlight a cell (with a date) 14 days before before that specific date
    date in that specific cell is 14/02/2021 i would like it to highlight 14days before that specific date without regard to today's date (if that is possible :)
    thank you

  98. Michael says:

    Amazing - just exactly the formulas I was looking for. I know I should keep a book with all these in, but google just seems far easier!

  99. Jess Sciberras says:

    I am looking for a formatting that would highlight cells that are past todays date, but less than 60 days past the expiry then a different colour if over 6 days past expiry.
    if the date was over 60 days ago =red
    if the date expired but is less than 60 days
    the cells have the expiry date in already so if it's past todays date.


  100. Claudia says:

    This was of great helps thanks!

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