Add text by position in a spreadsheet

The Add tool from Power Tools lets you add the desired characters to any position in the selected cells with text. Extend the street name, add an area code or an extension to the telephone numbers — you name it.

Before you start

The Add tool cannot process dates. Cells formatted as dates will be ignored to avoid data corruption.

How to use the Add tool

Run the utility

  1. Open your Power Tools from the Google Sheets menu: Add-ons > Power Tools > Start:
    Run Power Tools.
  2. Access the Text group:
    Click the Text group icon.
  3. Run the Add tool by clicking on its icon:
    Add Text in Power Tools.
Tip. You can pick Add-ons > Power Tools > Text on the first step to have all options to edit text at hand.

How to add text by position in Google Sheets

Select the range with your text and decide what to do with it:
Add text by position in Google Sheets.

  1. Enter the substring you would like to add in the first field.
  2. Select the position for the new text in the selected cells:
    • Pick At the beginning to begin each cell with the entered text.
    • Select At the end to append the necessary text to each cell.
    • Choose After character number and specify the exact position for your text in the selected cell. You can either enter or pick the character number using the up and down arrows.
    • If the position varies from cell to cell, and it depends on certain values, use the Before text option and enter the value that has to follow your new text.
    • Use the After text option to insert new text after the entered value. Type the entry to search for in the range into the text field.

Press Run and see the necessary text added to the specified position.

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