Split Google Sheets table into multiple sheets

Split Sheet is a one-step add-on that divides your Google Sheets table into several sheets based on the contents in the selected columns. The resulting sheets can be placed either to the same file next to the source sheet or to a completely new Google spreadsheet.

Before you start

Please bear in mind that Google Sheets limits the total number of possible cells in your file up to 5 million cells.

If there are filtered rows in your sheet, they will be processed as well and grouped into multiple sheets.

How to use Split Sheet

Start the add-on

Open the sheet you want to split and go to Add-ons > Split Sheet > Start:
Run the Split Sheet tool.

Tip. You will also find Split Sheet in Power Tools:

  1. Access the Split group directly from the Google Sheets menu:
    The Split menu in Power Tools.
  2. Click the add-on icon to run it:
    Split Sheet icon in Power Tools.

Fine-tune the options

All the settings you are to adjust are located on this first and the only step:
Split Sheet options.

  1. Select the range with the table to split.
    Tip. Pick any cell within the table and hit Auto select. The add-on will highlight the entire table.
    Tip. Or click the Select range icon within the Source range field and specify the exact range to process.
  2. If columns in your sheet have labels, check the option My table has headers. In this case, each new sheet will contain the same set of titles copied from the original table.
  3. Use the checkbox in the header row to quickly select all columns and group data by records they all contain. The 1st row content will hint on the values in those columns.
  4. You are free to choose any particular columns to split by. If you check more than one column, the add-on will create new sheets based on the common info in all selected columns:
    Choose columns to split by.
  5. Decide where to place the resulting sheets:
    • Select Current spreadsheet to insert all new sheets to the same file where your source table is.
    • Or have a brand new file created with the new sheets by picking the option New spreadsheet.

When you're ready, press Split.

See the result

Once the add-on divides the table, you will see the confirmation message saying how many new sheets have been created and where they have been placed.

Tip. If you decided to place the resulting sheets to a new spreadsheet, the add-on will offer you a link to open the new file right away.

Split Sheet result message.

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