Fill in the blanks and autofill formulas in Google Sheets

Fill Blank Cells from Power Tools replaces empty cells in your selection in Google Sheets with neighboring records from above, below, on the right & on the left. You can also enter your custom value to fill in blank cells and make the tool autofill formulas if there are any.
Fill Blank Cells in action.

Before you start

Hidden & filtered rows

At the moment, the add-on processes hidden and filtered cells as well. It fills hidden/filtered blanks with values and copies values from hidden/filtered cells to the neighboring blanks.

Multiple ranges

If you select multiple ranges (even non-adjacent ones), the add-on will fill blank cells in each range accordingly.

How to use Fill Blank Cells

Start the add-on

  1. Go to Extensions > Power Tools > Start to run the collection first:
    Find the add-on in the Google Sheets menu.
  2. Proceed to the Process group:
    Access the tools from the Process group.
  3. Once you see the Fill blank cells icon, click on it to access the add-on:
    Fill blank cells icon.

How to autofill blank cells in Google Sheets

Select the range in your Google Sheets where you want to fill in the blanks and pick the way to do that:
Fill Blank Cells options.

  1. Choose the contents that will fill your blank cells:
    • Fill with the existing values will fill all blanks in the selection with the existing records from nearby cells:
      Fill blanks with the existing values.
    • To replace blank cells in Google Sheets with zeros (0) or any other value of your choice, pick Fill with a custom value and enter the desired record in a field right below:
      Fill blanks with a custom value.
    • Select Autofill formulas and the tool will copy existing formulas into empty cells and adjust cell references accordingly at the same:
      Autofill blanks with formulas.
  2. Pick the direction in which you'd like to fill in the blanks:
    Fill blanks in 4 directions.

    • downward will replace blank cells in Google Sheets with the values from cells above them:
      Fill blanks downward.
    • upward will replace empty cells with the values from cells below them:
      Fill blanks upward.
    • rightward will fill in the blanks on the right with records from cells on their left:
      Fill blanks rightward.
    • leftward, on the contrary, will copy the values and paste them into empty cells on their left:
      Fill blanks leftward.


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