Combine data from multiple sheets into one

This tutorial shows how to use the Combine Sheets add-on to join tables from multiple sheets together. Learn how to save the column order and original formatting of combined tables and put the result where you decide.
Combine sheets based on their headers.

Before you start

Please bear in mind that Google Sheets limits the total number of possible cells in your file up to 5 million cells.

How to use the Combine Sheets add-on

Start Combine Sheets

Run the utility from the Google Sheets menu: Add-ons > Combine Sheets > Start.
Run the add-on from the Google Sheets menu.

Tip. You can also find Combine Sheets in the Merge & Combine group in the Power Tools add-on:

  1. Access Merge & Combine from the corresponding Google Sheets menu:
    Merge & Combine in Power Tools.
  2. Click the Combine sheets icon on the Power Tools sidebar:
    The Combine Sheets icon in Power Tools.

Step 1: Select the sheets to combine

On this step you choose the spreadsheets you want to combine:
Check the sheets you want to combine.

  1. Tick off the Sheets checkbox if you want to combine all spreadsheets from the tree view together.
  2. Press Add files from Drive to import and merge more files.
    Tip. If you don't remember the exact location of the file or simply don't want to browse from folder to folder, use the Search field at the top of the Import files from Drive window instead.

    Simply enter the word your spreadsheet name may contain, press Find, and the add-on will scan all Drive folders, including Shared with me, for both exact and partial name matches. You will see the list of these spreadsheets in the Combine Sheets tree view.

    Hover the mouse cursor over any spreadsheet, and you will see its location:
    Search for specific files all over your Google Drive using a part of its name.

    Tip. You can add a few files at a time. Just click their names to see them highlighted in light-blue. Click Add to work with these files or click on the names once again to cancel the choice:
    Add more sheets to bring them together.
  3. If you added the spreadsheet by mistake or simply no longer want to use it for merging, select it in the list and click the Exclude button.
  4. If some sheets have extra data, you can limit the range of interest. To do that, click All data next to the sheet name under the Ranges column and do one of the following:
    • Type the range.
    • Click the Select range icon and highlight the cells on the sheet manually.
    • Click the Select range icon, select any cell within your table, and press Auto select. This will automatically pick the entire table:
      Select the needed range manually.

When the sheets you want to work with are selected, click Next.

Step 2: Tweak extra options to combine spreadsheets into one

The add-on lets you personalize the way it's going to combine data:
Use additional options to merge sheets.

Choose how to transfer the data from the sheets

  • If your tables contain similar columns arranged in different ways, pick to Consider table headers. This option lets the add-on combine worksheets based on their headers.
    Tip. This way you will avoid extra header rows before each table — only the data will be transferred.
  • If you want to save the original look of each table, check the box called Preserve formatting.
  • The last option, Separate the copied ranges by a blank row, will add an empty row between the tables so that you could easily find where one range ends and the next one begins.

Decide where to put the result

  • Select New spreadsheet to review the resulting table in a new file. Combine Sheets will create it automatically.
  • Use the New sheet option to place your output table to a new tab within the opened file.
  • In case you want to put the combined data to a particular place in a spreadsheet, tick off Custom location and enter or select the leftmost cell of the future joined table.

If you want to select other sheets or add a few more, click Back.

Press Combine to merge the data.

Get the result

At the end, you will see the message saying how many sheets have been combined. Your data will be collected together in a new place according to the options you selected.

Tip. If you chose to put the results to a new spreadsheet on step 2, the add-on will offer you a link to open the new file right away.
Get the result message saying how may tables were joined.


i would like to know whether if i buy the Sheet Combine addon for my company will it be applied for my entire Company domain or one user

please update


Hi, Khalid,
our subscription is account-based.
If the product is going to be used under different accounts at the same time, you need to have several subscriptions, so that there is one for each account.

Please email us to if you have any other licensing questions.


Thank you for your reply.

Is it transferable to another account may be after 3 month later if i need to give it to my other staff.

please send me a reply onto my email.

Khalid, I answered your question in email as requested.
Please check your Spam folder if you don't see in your Inbox.

Thank you.

Is there a way to refresh the data?


Thank you for your question, Jack.
I'm afraid there's no way to refresh the data automatically at the moment. You need to start the add-on each time you want to combine sheets.

However, since this is a common request, we are considering supporting triggers in the future.
I can't give you any timing yet but I can contact you back when/if the functionality is supported.
Please let me know if you have any other question.


Hi Natalia,

Is the automatic functions supported now?

Hi Chau,

I'm afraid we haven't come up with a way to automate the process for Combine Sheets yet.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience.

Paola Forero says:
March 5, 2019 at 4:40 am


- When I merge several sheets, can they be organized by date?
- My sheets are connected to forms that continuously have new registrants, does the merge in only time or can it be permanent.
' I´d like to consolidate several sheets into one master sheet, and then complement the information in each row. Can that information be retrieved to the originals sheets?

Thank you!


Hi Paola,
Thank you for your questions.

  1. The add-on doesn't organize data by sheet dates; it considers only the order in which sheets appear in the add-on tree view. Thus, to solve the task, first, you need to rename and organize your sheets and then run the tool to combine them.
  2. When you run the add-on, it combines only the data currently presented on the sheets. Since the tool cannot be run automatically, you'll need to run it manually each time you want to have all new entries added as well.
  3. As for your last question, with "complementing the information in each row", I'm afraid it's not entirely clear. I kindly ask you to share an example spreadsheets with us ( with your source data and the result you expect to get. We'll look into the task and see if our software can help.

Thank you.


Does it do a one time combine or over real time as data keeps getting aded to the source

Katerina Bespalaya says:
November 26, 2019 at 7:16 pm

Hello Denzil,

I'm sorry, our add-on can't update the combined sheet automatically once the new data are added to the source sheets. You need to run the add-on each time you want to process the data. Please let us know if you have any other questions.


Is there a way to refresh? I have 31 sheets that get changed daily.


Hello Dave,

Thank you for your comment. Sorry, but it is not possible to automatically refresh the resulting table in the current version of the add-on. You'll have to start the tool each time you update your sheet.

However, this feature is in our developers' roadmap and if the functionality is supported, we'll be sure to post a comment in this thread.

Kerrie Townsend says:
April 14, 2020 at 7:27 pm

I am trying to combine serveral workbooks(150 different workbooks) each with 10 tabs in each workbook. I want to combine the -50 workbooks into one master workbook. The part I am having difficulty with is making sure each specific tab merged into the specific tab in the workbook.

Is this something I can do with combine sheets and if so how? Thanks for your help.


Hello Kerrie,

Thank you for your comment. You see, our Combine Sheets will simply join all the tables you select in one common sheet. So if you need to join only the particular tabs into one, check them all on the 1st step of the add-on and then repeat this procedure for the other tabs as well. Hope it will work for you.

Mark Richards says:
May 19, 2020 at 5:01 pm

I would like to combine data from two different sheets, each having different columns. I do have one common field (column) in both of the sheets. I would like the data from the two sheets to be combined into one row (record) in the results sheet using the common field (column) as the relational key. Can this be done?


Hello Mark,

I believe our other tool, Merge Sheets, will do exactly what you need. It matches and merges data from two spreadsheets based on a key column(s). The single add-on can be installed directly through Google Sheets via Add-ons -> Get add-ons or you can find it within our Power Tools. Please test this tool out to see if it suits your needs.

If you have any other questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact us back.


My sheets have 2 rows as headers. Is there a way to designate a 2 row header when combining my sheets? Right now I am getting my second header row appearing each time a new sheet is combined.


Hello Keri,

Thank you for your question. Yes, the current version of the add-on joins tables by a one-row header. However, I have forwarded your request to our development team. They will discuss this feature and we'll be sure to let you know if/when it is available. Thank you.


Hi, Thank for your help.
I couldn't find the "Combine data" in add-on. So do I need to add this function at first?


Hi Wei,

Thank you for your message. Yes, you'll need to install our add-on from the Store first:

Then you'll have 30 days of fully-functional trial to test the add-on and make sure it works for you.


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