Separate names in Google Sheets

This one-step add-on will divide the selected full names in your sheet into different columns with the name parts you choose to see.

Video: How to split names in Google Sheets

How to use the Split Names add-on

Start Split Names

Select the column with multipart names you want to split and open the tool in Extensions > Split Names > Start:
Run the add-on from the Google Sheets menu.

Note. If you select more than one column, only the names from the leftmost one will be processed.
Tip. You can change the range to split any time before you click the Split button — simply highlight the necessary column or cells in your spreadsheet.
Tip. You can also find Split Names in the Split and Text groups of Power Tools:

  1. Run the collection first:
    The Split group in Power Tools.
  2. Go the Split or Text group:
    Access Split or Text in Power Tools.
  3. And then open Split Names by clicking on its icon:
    The Split Names group in Power Tools.

How to separate names in Google Sheets

You will see the add-on window with a couple of settings:
How would you like to separate names?

  1. If your column with names has a header row, tick off this checkbox. This option perceives the top value in your column as a header, and therefore will not split it. It will also add headers with the corresponding name parts to the created columns.
  2. Check the boxes next to the name units you want to have in the new columns: First name, Middle name, Last name, Salutation / title, and/or Name suffix / post-nominal letters.
Tip. Those name parts that you choose not to add will be ignored even if they are present in your original column.

Once you have the range and columns set, click on the Split button to get the selected name parts in a new column to the right of the original one:
Split names from one column to multiple columns.