Separate date and time units in Google Sheets

This small tool from the Power Tools collection will split the selected column with Date time values into new columns with only date or only time units.

How to use Split Date & Time

Start the add-on

  1. Select a column that contains those Date time values that you want to split.
    Note. If you select more than one column, only the values from the leftmost column will be processed.
  2. Go to Extensions > Power Tools > Start to run the tool:
    Open Power Tools first.
  3. Access the Split group:
    Split group in Power Tools.
  4. And then click the icon representing the add-on:
    Split Date & Time icon.
Tip. You can change the range to divide to columns any time before you click the Split button. Simply select the necessary column or other cells in your spreadsheet.

How to separate date and time in Google Sheets

You will see the add-on pane with a few settings to tweak:
Select the required options.

  1. If the column you selected has a header, check the very first setting. It will keep the top value from being split and will add headers with the corresponding unit names (Date and Time) to new columns.
  2. Select those units that you want to get individually in new columns: Date, Time, or both.
    Tip. The unit that you don't choose will be ignored even if it is present in the source column.
  3. If the original column is no longer needed, select the last option to replace it with new columns. This way, you won't have to delete the source column manually afterwards.
    Tip. This is especially useful if you want to extract Date/Time units from the Date time record and work with the former only.

Once you're ready, hit Split. You will see the split units in new columns to the right of the original one.


Split date means this needs to split date in to DD MM and YYYY

split time means this needs to split time in to HH MM and SS

This tool is not doing this

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