Shuffle data in Google Sheets

Power Tools provides you with a set of add-ins to speed up most of your daily tasks in Google Sheets. Shuffle is one of those utilities. It will help you randomize cells, rows, and columns in your Google spreadsheet.

Before you start

The Shuffle tool also processes cells in filtered & hidden rows & columns.

How to use the Shuffle tool

Start the add-on

  1. Select the range with the values you want to randomize in your sheet.
  2. Go to Extensions > Power Tools > Start in the Google Sheets menu:
    Start Power Tools from the Google Sheets menu.
  3. Click the Shuffle icon to open the tool:
    Find the add-on's icon in Power Tools.

How to shuffle cells, rows, and columns in Google Sheets

You can choose one of five ways to sort values at random:
Choose the way to randomize your data.

  • To shuffle records within the selected rows independently, select Cells in each row.
  • Pick Cells in each column to randomly sort entries within each column.
  • Choose Entire rows to keep data in the rows intact and randomize only the row order.
  • If you select Entire columns, the add-on will shuffle the order of the selected columns only.
  • Click on All cells in the range to have all selected values mixed randomly.

Once the shuffling mode is selected, click on the Shuffle button to randomize values within the selected range.