Ablebits add-ons go to the cloud

Even with all the snow and frost this season, new Ablebits products find ways to spring out!

Whether or not you attempted to move to the cloud, the new version of Google Sheets can be a good reason to check this option again. The changes you are making are saved as you bring them into your table, hints come up when working with formulas and now you also have the possibility to work with your spreadsheet offline.

Besides that, we couldn't miss out on the news that one awesome Google team has introduced add-ons in Google Sheets

Guess what add-ons are available in Google Sheets now?

We couldn't watch it from the sidelines. Now not only can you try your favorite Ablebits tools in the new environment, but also have the exclusive opportunity to work with the add-ons free! See the first six add-ons that made the move. Now you can remove duplicates, merge values, generate passwords and do much more.

Take your tasks to the cloud: you can get the solutions right in the Google Sheets store.

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