Meet the new Ultimate Suite release

Change of the seasons is my favourite time for letting you know about the improvements we bring to Ultimate Suite. Here at AbleBits we've been testing and enhancing the tools you use daily. Today, we're making the updates available to you!

Our developers had their vacation to get down to the next improved version of Ultimate Suite with all their energy. Here is what you can find in your Excel after installation:

- New tooltips and schematic images that help you see the way your data are processed
- We also fixed some major and minor bugs we found and you reported... thank you! :)

Get more control over your add-ins

We managed to do the impossible and accelerated the Suite productivity even more.

If you always use the Suite tools, they will load as soon as you start Excel. Otherwise, there is a secret little option that allows you to make the Suite load on demand. You will notice how much faster your Excel starts now.

  Download the Update  

Just double-click the setup file while having your next cup of tea, and enjoy new features.

We are hungry for your feedback! :)

If you have any questions, suggestions, criticism, send your thoughts directly to my inbox, or post them on our Facebook and Google+ pages.

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