VLOOKUP with IF statement in Excel

The tutorial shows how to combine VLOOKUP and IF function together to v-lookup with if condition in Excel. You will also learn how to use IF ISNA VLOOKUP formulas to replace #N/A errors with your own text, zero or blank cell.

Whilst the VLOOKUP and IF functions are useful on their own, together they deliver even more valuable experiences. This tutorial implies that you remember the syntax of the two functions well, otherwise you may want to brush up on your knowledge by following the above links.

Vlookup with If statement: return True/False, Yes/No, etc.

One of the most common scenarios when you combine If and Vlookup together is to compare the value returned by Vlookup with a sample value and return Yes / No or True / False as the result.

In most cases, the following generic formula would work nicely:


Translated in plain English, the formula instructs Excel to return True if Vlookup is true (i.e. equal to the specified value). If Vlookup is false (not equal to the specified value), the formula returns False.

Below you will a find a few real-life uses of this IF Vlookup formula.

Example 1. Look up a specific value

Let's say, you have a list of items in column A and quantity in column B. You are creating a dashboard for your users and need a formula that would check the quantity for an item in E1 and inform the user whether the item is in stock or sold out.

You pull the quantity with a regular Vlookup with exact match formula like this:


Then, write an IF statement that compares Vlookup's result with zero, and returns "No" if it is equal to 0, "Yes" otherwise:

If Vlookup formula to return Yes or No based on vlookup result

Instead of Yes/No, you can return TRUE/FALSE or In Stock/Sold out or any other two choices. For example:

=IF(VLOOKUP(E1,$A$2:$B$10,2)=0,"Sold out","In stock")

You can also compare the value returned by Vlookup with sample text. In this case, be sure to enclose a text string in quotation marks, like this:

=IF(VLOOKUP(E1,$A$2:$B$10,2)="sample text",TRUE,FALSE)

Example 2. Compare Vlookup result with another cell

Another typical example of Vlookup with If condition in Excel is comparing the Vlookup output with a value in another cell. For example, we can check if it's greater than or equal to a number in cell G2:


And here is our If formula with Vlookup in action:
If formula with Vlookup to compare vlookup's result with another cell

In a similar fashion, you can use any other logical operator together with a cell reference in your Excel If Vlookup formula.

Example 3. Vlookup values in a shorter list

To compare each cell in the target column with another list and return True or Yes if a match is found, False or No otherwise, use this generic IF ISNA VLOOKUP formula:

IF(ISNA( VLOOKUP(…)),"No","Yes")

If Vlookup results in the #N/A error, the formula returns "No", meaning the lookup value is not found in the lookup list. If the match is found, "Yes" is returned. For example:

Vlookup values in a shorter list and return Yes or No.

If your business logic requires the opposite results, simply swap "Yes" and "No" to reverse the formula's logic:

IF ISNA VLOOKUP formula to look up values in a shorter list and return Yes or No.

Excel If Vlookup formula to perform different calculations

Besides displaying your own text messages, If function with Vlookup can perform different calculations based on the criteria you specify.

Taking our example further, let's calculate the commission of a specific seller (F1) depending on their effectiveness: 20% commission for those who made $200 and more, 10% for everyone else.

For this, you check if the value returned by Vlookup is greater than or equal to 200, and if it is, multiply it by 20%, otherwise by 10%:

=IF(VLOOKUP(F1,$A$2:$C$10,3,FALSE )>=200, VLOOKUP(F1,$A$2:$C$10,3,FALSE)*20%, VLOOKUP(F1,$A$2:$C$10,3,FALSE)*10%)

Where A2:A10 are seller names and C2:C10 are sales.
Excel If Vlookup formula to perform different calculations

IF ISNA VLOOKUP to hide #N/A errors

If the VLOOKUP function cannot find a specified value, it throws an #N/A error. To catch that error and replace it with your own text, embed a Vlookup formula in the logical test of the IF function, like this:

IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(…)), "Not found", VLOOKUP(…))

Naturally, you can type any text you like instead of "Not found".

Supposing, you have a list of seller names in one column and sales amounts in another column. Your task is to pull a number corresponding to the name the user enters in F1. If the name is not found, display a message indicating so.

With the names in A2:A10 and amounts C2:C10, the task can be fulfilled with the following If Vlookup formula:

=IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(F1,$A$2:$C$10,3,FALSE)), "Not found", VLOOKUP(F1,$A$2:$C$10,3,FALSE))

If the name is found, a corresponding sales amount is returned:
IF ISNA VLOOKUP formula pulls a matching value

If the lookup value is not found, the Not found message appears instead of the #N/A error:
If the lookup value is not found, IF ISNA VLOOKUP returns custom text instead of the N/A error.

How this formula works

The formula's logic is very simple: you use the ISNA function to check Vlookup for #N/A errors. If an error occurs, ISNA returns TRUE, otherwise FALSE. The above values go to the logical test of the IF function, which does one of the following:

  • If the logical test is TRUE (#N/A error), your message is displayed.
  • If the logical test is FALSE (lookup value is found), Vlookup returns a match normally.

IFNA VLOOKUP in newer Excel versions

Beginning with Excel 2013, you can use the IFNA function instead of IF ISNA to catch and handle #N/A errors:

IFNA(VLOOKUP(…), "Not found")

In our example, the formula would take the following shape:

=IFNA(VLOOKUP(F1,$A$2:$C$10,3, FALSE), "Not found")

Tip. If you'd like to trap all sorts of errors, not only #N/A, use VLOOKUP in combination with the IFERROR function. More details can be found here: IFERROR VLOOKUP in Excel.

Excel Vlookup: if not found return 0

When working with numerical values, you may want to return a zero when the lookup value is not found. To have it done, use the IF ISNA VLOOKUP formula discussed above with a little modification: instead of a text message, supply 0 in the value_if_true argument of the IF function:


In our sample table, the formula would go as follows:

=IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(F2,$A$2:$C$10,3,FALSE)), 0, VLOOKUP(F2,$A$2:$C$10,3,FALSE))
If Vlookup formula: if not found return 0

In the recent versions of Excel 2016 and 2013, you can use the IFNA Vlookup combination again:

=IFNA(VLOOKUP(I2,$A$2:$C$10,3, FALSE), 0)

Excel Vlookup: if not found return blank cell

This is one more variation of the "Vlookup if then" statement: return nothing when the lookup value is not found. To do this, instruct your formula to return an empty string ("") instead of the #N/A error:


Below are a couple of complete formula examples:

For all Excel versions:

=IF(ISNA(VLOOKUP(F2,$A$2:$C$10,3,FALSE)), "", VLOOKUP(F2,$A$2:$C$10,3,FALSE))

For Excel 2016 and Excel 2013:

=IFNA(VLOOKUP(F2,$A$2:$C$10,3, FALSE), "")
If Vlookup formula: if not found return blank (empty string)

If with Index Match - left vlookup with If condition

Experienced Excel users know that the VLOOKUP function is not the only way to do vertical lookup in Excel. The INDEX MATCH combination can also be used for this purpose and it's even more powerful and versatile. The good news is that Index Match can work together with IF in exactly the same way as Vlookup.

For example, you have order numbers in column A and seller names in column B. You are looking for a formula to pull the order number for a specific seller.

Vlookup cannot be used in this case because it cannot search from right to left. Index Match will work without a hitch as long as the lookup value is found in the lookup column. If not, a #N/A error will show up. To replace the standard error notation with your own text, nest Index Match inside IF ISNA:

=IF(ISNA(INDEX(A2:A10, MATCH(F1, $B$2:$B$10, 0))), "Not found", INDEX(A2:A10, MATCH(F1, $B$2:$B$10, 0)))

In Excel 2016 and 2016, you can use IFNA instead of IF ISNA to make the formula more compact:

=IFNA(INDEX(A2:A10, MATCH(F1, $B$2:$B$10, 0)), "Not found")
Using If with Index Match to do left lookup without N/A errors

In a similar manner, you can use Index Match in other If formulas.

This is how you use Vlookup and IF statement together in Excel. To have a closer look at the formulas discussed in this tutorial, you are welcome to download our sample workbook below. I thank you for reading and hope to see you on our blog next week!

Practice workbook for download

Excel IF Vlookup - formula examples (.xlsx file)


  1. Sir
    bloew details i have getting sheet 02 dd date on sheet 01 with same dd no and same bank name
    Kindly suggest the formula ?
    Sheet 01 main file


    241 08-Jan-24 Hdfc Bank Ltd
    241 16-Jan-24 Surat Mercantile Co-Op Bank Ltd
    241 20-Jan-24 Surat District Co-Op Bank Ltd
    244 12-Jan-24 Surat District Co-Op Bank Ltd
    244 24-Jan-24 Hdfc Bank Ltd
    245 02-Feb-24 Hdfc Bank Ltd
    245 06-Feb-24 Bank Of India
    248 16-Jan-24 Hdfc Bank Ltd
    248 20-Jan-24 Hdfc Bank Ltd
    255 10-Jan-24 Bank Of India
    255 18-Jan-24 Surat District Co-Op Bank Ltd
    260 16-Jan-24 Surat District Co-Op Bank Ltd
    260 18-Jan-24 Surat District Co-Op Bank Ltd



    241 ?
    241 ?
    241 ?
    244 ?
    244 ?
    245 ?
    245 ?
    248 ?
    248 ?
    255 ?
    255 ?
    260 ?
    260 ?

      • Respcted sir ,

        no results found....

        please help me

        • This formula on Sheet 01 searches for a date which meets two criteria: Bank Name and DD No. These criteria are on Sheet 02. If this is not what you need, tell me why and describe the problem in more detail.

          • Sir, i have Bank DD which is same number with Same bank or Other bank. I want to create a column on which date particular Bank DD was passed in clearing. I have Bank DD number, Bank Name and Bank Clearing Date. I tried but same value (duplicate-BANK DD same number) captured so how i trust that same Bank DD number was cleared on which date ?? so that is why i writing you for help. Can i share you my excelsheet on your e-mail id? please tell me and share your e-mail id... Thank You....

              • sir,

                below example the data sheet was two diffrent excel file below formula was apply ?

  2. Good morning,

    This might not be possible and I'm struggling to search for it properly to find an answer and I hope I'm not confusing this too much, but I basically want a formula which uses the data in one cell to return a specific result, and if it doesn't match I want it to then vlookup to a specific range on a data sheet (so if the data in one cell matches it overrides the need to do the vlookup function, but if it doesn't match then it reverts to the vlookup) :

    If data in Cell H12 = a certain phrase then return a specific text result.
    But if the phrase doesn't match, then I want it to run through an if/or vlookup (I already have this formula and it works fine (below), but I want it to use the above condition as the primary source to return a result.

    So the if/or vlookup formula I am using successfully is: =IF(OR($J$9="N",(VLOOKUP($F$16,Dropdowns!$G$4:$K$117,5,0))),"",VLOOKUP($F$16,Dropdowns!$G$4:$K$117,5,0))

    But was then trying to also incorporate =IF($H$12="Service","Manager")
    So if "Service" is selected from a drop down box in one cell, it returns "Manager" in the cell I want, but if a different option is selected like "Sales" or "Marketing" etc then it reverts to using the vlookup formula above to determine who the budget holder/approver would be.

    Apologies, that probably all sounds a mess.

    Many thanks!

  3. =IF(E4="LO",IF(L4="THW",VLOOKUP(H4,Table1,3),IF(L4="THHN",VLOOKUP(H4,Table2,3),IF(L4="SP","")))),IF(OR(E4="CO",E4="ACU"),IF(L4="THW",VLOOKUP(H4,Table1,3),IF(L4="THHN",VLOOKUP(H4,Table2,3),IF(L4="SP",""))))

    SIr can you check my formula, it says Error in Value. thank you

  4. I am working in a report that filters operations with defects found in production lines by product type following certain codes per product and operations. I am using pivot tables to condense all the data logged into said report.

    I was asked to attach the number of operation to the names of the operations by a bulletin. So far I've gotten it to match just one style but I cannot get it to change the result depending on style. OP #15 can be "Attach Velcro" for Style#1 and "Make Hood" for Style #2. All styles are defined by codes too.

    My report logs all the data in the following columns

    Style# | Operation # | Operation description |

    Example of what I am using in the Operation Description (which is where I need the value to change according to the style:

    Bulletin is the name of the sheet where I have all the operations divided by product. I cannnot find a way to make the value change depending on the style, continues to give me error.

    in the "Bulletin" sheet it is divided as follows:
    Operation # | Style | Operation Description.

    I hope that's clear.

  5. Hello, please i am trying get an excel function that will look through column A, compare its corresponding value in column B and return either PASS/FAIL under column C, assuming an expected minimum value under column B is expected after a specific curing days under column A.

    E.g. if after 28 Days, the corresponding UCS value is 10.5 (which is below the expected minimum for 28 day period) then it returns FAIL under column C.

    A B C
    Curing Days UCS Results (MPa) PASS/FAIL
    28 Days 27.3
    7 Days 15.2
    24 Hrs 27.3
    24 Days 17.2

    • Hi! If I understand correctly, column A contains text. You need to extract a number from the text to compare it with other numbers. You can find the examples and detailed instructions here: How to extract number from string in Excel. For example:

      =--LEFT(A2, MATCH(FALSE, ISNUMBER(MID(A2, ROW(INDIRECT("1:"&LEN(A2)+1)), 1) *1), 0) -1)

      You can use this number in the IF formula, but the conditions are not very clear to me.

  6. Hi, I have a table in which multiple columns are there. I need to search key word "P1" in column J and key word "Not Mapped" in column AN. If these two are matching then I should get output from column A which is unique ID. Can you please help me with the vlookup formula.

    For Ex:

    ID City1 City2 City3 City4 City5 City6 City7 City8 Priority Team1 Team2 Team3 Team4 Team5 Team6 Team7 Team8 Team9 Team10 Team11 Team12 Team13 Team14 Team15 Team16 Team17 Team18 Team19 Team20 Team21 Team22 Team23 Team24 Team25 Team26 Team27 Team28 Team29 Status
    66050C24 P1 Not Mapped
    56050C24 P2 Mapped
    56050C24 P1 Mapped

    In above example only first row satisfies the condition so it should fetch ID from column A i.e. 66050C24.

      • Thank you for your swift response, really appreciate it.
        I tried it but I am getting #SPILL! error message. Can you please help.

        • I got the output correctly.
          Issue here is I have 100+ values which satisfies (J2:J100="P1")*(AN2:AN100="Not mapped") but I am getting output is first ID from column A. My ask is to fetch all IDs from column A which satisfies the condition (J2:J100="P1")*(AN2:AN100="Not mapped").

  7. Hello,
    May I know how would I search my data in multiple columns? I have a dataset which I want to identify their function.. And each data have multiple functions which listed in multiple columns.
    Eg; abc, cde, efg, ghi
    metabolism: cde, efg
    Oxidative: abc, efg, ghi
    Catabolism: abc, cde, efg, ghi

    When I did the vlookup for ' abc' resulted N/A, cde - metabolism, efg-metabolism, ghi-N/A.
    My formula as below:

    =VLOOKUP(A2, 'C:\Functions'! $B:$C,2,0)

    How can I make it go through other columns
    So that every data have their exact function? If can't found in column 1, check in the rest of the columns until meet their function.

    Thank you.

    • Hi! I don't really understand how you could get these results with your formula. I’ll try to guess and offer you a sequential search across multiple columns using these instructions: How to do sequential VLOOKUPs in Excel


      If this is not what you wanted, please describe the problem in more detail.

  8. Please help po for the formula.

    I nee to know if the ID no. is certified on the process

    ID No. Process Status
    PH0001 Inspection Certified or not

    Note: 1 ID no. have so many process i need to know the id no. is certified for the specific process

    • Hi! Based on your description, it is hard to completely understand your task. However, I’ll try to guess and offer you the following formula:


  9. I have Item_Desc in Sheet1
    Item 1, Item 2, Item 3
    in other hand in Sheet2 I have Item_Desc, Bill_Date, Value
    Item 1, 01/12/2023, 1050
    Item 2, 11/12/2023, 850
    Item 1, 51/12/2023, 950

    Need Solution : I need in Sheet1 VlookUp Item1 of last Bill_Date from Sheet2.
    Please solve my problem.

  10. Sample problem:
    A B C D G
    C001 121-150 D 31-60 D NO PAYMENT C004
    C002 121-150 D 31-60 D NO PAYMENT
    C003 121-150 D NOT FOUND UPDATED
    C004 121-150 D NOT FOUND CANCELLED

    Question: what is the formula to tag c0003 as updated then the c004 as cancelled while getting the current aging of c0011 & c002? Scenario: current aging list is found in sheet 2.

    • Unfortunately, this information is not enough to understand what you need. Please clarify your specific problem or provide additional information to understand your question.

  11. I am trying to create a new reference column in a data set to say 'If cell from column B is found in the lookup table, then return text from cell B + cell E, otherwise return just the value/text from cell B' - It is working for some, but not others.

    Can you help?

    =IF(VLOOKUP(B11,$N$9:$N$12,1,TRUE)=B11,TEXTJOIN(" - ",,B11,E11),B11)

    • Hi! If the value B11 is not found, the VLOOKUP function will return an error. Use the IFERROR function to return only the B11 value in case of an error. Try this formula:

      =IFERROR(TEXTJOIN(" - ",,VLOOKUP(B11,$N$9:$N$12,1,TRUE),E11),B11)

  12. Hi,
    I have a data set where in one column i have unique code, which needs to be mapped/looked-up in another tab but the data required is in multiple tables and i need to lookup that data based on the priority .
    Example "qt3213e" is my unique key which can be available in more then 1 table but based on my priority is should 1st search in table 2 then table 1 and so on till it is found and return the value in front of it. How can this be done. Thanks.

  13. hai,
    i have to vlookup and substitute the word from "COMPANY A" to "-"
    can anyone help me?
    how to add 2 formula in one column?

    =SUBSTITUTE(A3, "COMPANY A", "-", 1)

    • Hi! You can't write two formulas in the same cell. I'm not quite sure what you want to look for. To replace the text in the cell, use the SUBSTITUTE formula. If that text is not found, the value will not change. You can use a reference to a range of cells, for example:

      =SUBSTITUTE(A1:A10, "COMPANY A", "-", 1)

      If this does not help, explain the problem in detail.

  14. =IFS(VLOOKUP($B:$B,SMS!$B:$B,1,FALSE),"SMS",VLOOKUP($B:$B,Email!$B:$B,1,FALSE),"Email","Others")

    Please help me with my problem, I have 3 worksheets, 1st Worksheet is all the data that is sent via SMS, 2nd worksheet is all data that is sent via Email, then the 3rd worksheet is the consolidated data of the clients who replied. I used vlookup to verify what mode did I use to reach that client. As of now, I individually use vlookup per client then if N/A, I manually put "Others". Thanks in advance.

    A B C
    No. Account Name
    1 001 Asadf Akjs

  15. I just have to say that this is a great summary of all the simpler ways to optimise VLOOKUP with IF.

    Simple, to the point, and very very helpful and useful.

    Thanks for writing this.

  16. =IFERROR(IF(VLOOKUP(B35,$S$3:$AB$209,10,FALSE)=K35,"",=VLOOKUP(B35,$S$3:$AB$209,10),"")

    Im in Row 35 because this was an example of Vlookup return false. I want the code to if false insert the value from the 10th column of the vlookup section

    (I am using two sections of data to compare dates, if the date has updated it will return false which I currently have marked "check" and then I have to manually go back and check what the date was updated to in the database. The new date is already listed in the 2nd section of data but I want it to automatically populate the cell with the date instead of searching manually.)

    The current formula doesnt work but I was hoping it would show what I am looking for.

      • I want a return false to display the value which is listed in the 10th row of the searched section

      • If error, leave it blank. If true, leave it blank. If false show new value.

      • Got it figured out


        For anyone needing a code like this

        If Error Blank
        If true Blank
        If false display new value.

  17. I don’t know if this is quite what I’m needing (probably far more advanced for me). I have 2 inventory sheets, Sheet1 with running totals of inventory incl column with prices. Sheet 2 is inventory taken by various sub trades. I’m trying to have sheet 2 calculate the individual costs per item taken on a specific entry. For simple example:
    Sheet1 Totals Sheet 2
    Item # Quantity Cost Item Quantity Job# Cost Date
    1234 10 1.25. 2345 2 111 3.00. 7/18
    2345 10 1.50. 1234 3. 121 3.75. 7/18
    3456 10 1.75

    Maybe ill answer my own thought, but I need Sheet 2 to input column D with IF A2 range is (Sheet1A2:A3)*(sheet1C2:C3) multiplied whatever the quantity is in Sheet 2 B2.

    Is this even possible? I have about 150 items and would hate to have to put criteria for each individual item.

  18. I am trying to pull data based on multiple criteria. I have tier levels numbered 1,2,3, etc. Each tier level has amount in another column. Each customer has between 1 & 7 tiers. I need to lookup which amount makes up that tier level for each customer. (ie; customer #1 is currently at tier 2, what is the amount associated with tier 2 for that customer #).

    Customer # Tier Level Amount
    1 1 $0
    2 $1,000
    3 $2,000

    Thanks!! :)

      • Thanks! That is close, but I need to reference a different cell for the value and they are on multiple sheets as well. I am not able to paste a screenshot so hopefully you can decipher this. ;)

        Sheet 1 - Column A has the customer number (each customer number has 1 row), Column I is where I need to add the formula to find the Lower Tier Amount for that customer.

        A H I
        Cust Lower Tier Rank Lower Tier Min
        61523 - ??? (needs to return 0)

        Sheet 2 - Column A has the customer number (each customer number has 1-7 rows of tier levels), Column I is the Lower Tier Amount, Column Q shows the current lower tier number (ie, tier 1, tier 2).

        A I J P Q R
        Cust Volume From Volume To Current Tier Lower Tier Higher Tier
        61523 0 700,000 1 - 2
        61523 700,000 1,000,000 0 (1) 1
        61523 1,000,000 999,999,999,999,999 0 (1) 1

        Thanks!!! :)

        • Sorry, I knew it would mess up that formatting. A H I & A I J P Q R are the columns and the data for each column is listed below it (but bunched together).
          Sheet 1 - Column A - Cust, (61523) Column H - Lower Tier Rank (-), Column I - Lower Tier Min (??? this is the value I need - should return a 0). Sheet 2 - Column A - Cust, (61523), Column I - Volume From (0), Column J - Volume To (700,000), Column P - Current Tier (1), Column Q - Lower Tier (-), Column R - Higher Tier (2).

            • On sheet one Column I is the amount for the tier that is in Q (this is the value I need returned on sheet 2). Sheet one has; Customer # in column A, and their tier level number on column Q.

              On sheet 2, Column A has the customer number. Column H has the tier level number.

              I need sheet 2, column I to tell me what the amount is on sheet 1 that matches both the customer number and the tier number.

              Sorry, I wish I could add screenshots. :)

              • That is exactly what I needed! Thank you so much for all your help!! :)

  19. Hello
    i have 12 seet of 12 month and i want to make one master seet all seet have pary name and its payble amount , for exampale , we have to do 2000 payment to abcd party in jan. And 3000 in feb. How can i make master seet to seet all month payment in row, i want formula that put jan paybale ammount in jan cell ,not in diffrent month cell .
    So please help me with make this master seet
    Thank you.

  20. I have two Columns:

    Column A Column B

    OLF2-09-AI-001 1"-AI-130486-BAE3-IS50
    OLF2-09-AI-003 1/2"-AI-130586-A7A
    OLF2-09-AI-005 12"-AI-137584-AR3-IH25
    OLF2-09-BH-001 1"-BH-130486-A7A
    OLF2-09-BH-001 12"-BH-135846-A7A
    OLF2-09-BH-001 8"-BH-135874-A7A
    OLF2-09-BH-001 14"-BH-132145-A7A
    OLF2-09-GR-001 1"-GR1358100-AS3-IC
    OLF2-09-GR-001 1"-GR-130004-A7A
    OLF2-09-GR-001 1"-GR-130005-A7A
    OLF2-09-GR-001 1"-GR-1300001-A7A
    OLF2-09-NHD-004 1"-GR-136666-A7A

    I want to get result as value in column B against similar value of column A with largest number with " sign.

  21. Hi I am hoping to use excel to drive an advice action

    Column 2 = drop down list
    Column 3 = will return a text based action based on the response in Column 2

    For example:
    drop down = yes => Talk to Mel
    drop down = no => leave blank
    drop down = not sure => Talk to Sam
    drop down = [any other choice] => Further information required

  22. Hi, I have cell A1 Apples and Cell A2 Lemons on Sheet 2. Cell B1 and 2 is qty, now i have Cell A3 Apples & Lemons and Cell B3 qty. On my next Sheet
    I have Cell A1 Apples and Cell A2 Lemons. I want to vlookup the second sheet and count the qty over to Sheet 1, prob is i have Cell A3 with Apples and Lemons, but need to split count to sheet 1 ex: Apples and Lemons in Cell A3 qty is 4, now this must count to sheet 1 as apples 2 and lemons 2 and or apples =4 and lemons =4, either one of the 2 solutions will work as i have a database working with machinery. On my excel apples will be a machine (DD211) and lemons will be (DD2710) they use the same parts therefore sometimes I get 1 order for both machines, I still need separated data as to what was ordered for each, So it should be order 1 for DD2710 and DD211, 50 parts, on sheet 2 it must show DD211 1 order Cell A1 and cell A2 DD2710 1 order or it could shou DD211 25 parts Cell A1 and 25 Parts DD2710 cell A2, Hope i explained enough detail

    Thank you

    • Hi!
      The VLOOKUP function cannot search for a match over a part of the text in a cell. Also, your problem is very confusing and cannot be solved by a single formula. If you have a specific question about the operation of a function or formula, I will try to answer it.

  23. I want to lookup and the "where to look up" is in a cell among other values. How should be the formula in this case?

    For example, I have my data with A,B,C,D,E, I want to know for those a specific information linked, but sometimes the cells could be filled like A ; B ; C or A ; B or A : E.

    The "where to look up value" is then not always alone in its cell like "A" to do the proper formula.
    Hope it is clear enough :)

  24. 1) For Book A, I have 5 copies, For Book B, I have 10 copies, For Book C, I have 15 copies. I have 1000 books with different titles & quantity.
    2) I have to distribute these copies to different schools & also simultaneously maintain how many copies I have given to whom & how many are left.

    Please help me out.

  25. Hi!
    I have 6 columns.
    In first one - A i have a list of shop names, in the second one B I have code of selled products, and on the sixth column F i have quantity of this selled products:

    A B F
    Shop 1 Product 1 Quantity 1 (5)
    Shop 2 Product 1 Quantity 2 (4)
    Shop 3 Product 1 Quantity 3 (0)
    Shop 4 Product 1 Quantity 4 (3)

    In other table i need to extract from this first table for example The Quantity that Shop 3 is selled and to put it in exact cell.

    A B
    Shop 3
    Product 1 Quantity 3

    I tried with combination of VLOOKUP and IF, but withot the result i need...
    Please for your support!

    Thank you!!!

  26. I need to do vlookup only if date for same lookup value in one sheet is greater than date of that return value in lookup array in another sheet. what is formula for this please.

  27. hey magic excel guys,

    Scenario: part number "x" & "y" have different locations and each location has its own quantity of x & y. see below.

    Item No Location Qty
    x A 5
    B 4
    y A 3
    D 12

    I need to be able to lookup value x only in location A to get the quantity. (my excel sheet has 3804 rows of data similar to the above)

    Here's the formula i came up with:

    =IF(VLOOKUP(A1,table_array,col_index_num,false)=A, (A1,table_array,col_index_num,false), "Not available")

    In my mind, this makes sense, but excel thinks otherwise.

    Grateful for any help here.


  28. Hi, I am searching for a number in the other sheet and I want the answer in "Y" or "n". I will explain this in detail,
    For ex. if I enter anything in D4 and want to know whether that number is present in the other sheet or not. And I want that results in column V4 with the colour Green for "Y" and Red for "N".

    How can I make a formula for the above requirement as I have tried it using IF(IFERROR(VLOOKUP)) functions, but something is wrong.

      • Actually still I did not got the proper solution, Currently I have been using the below formula for the above condition


        LIST_aktuelle_....is the sheet name.

        Can you correct if you have understood the problem.

        I have already done the conditional formatting for the Yes or No.

        • Hi!
          I don't quite understand what result you want to get. I can't see your data so I can't check the formula. Note that you are looking for text. The search data must also be text.

          • Hi,
            If I put any Material number (which includes text and numbers) in A2 and then I want to know whether the material number which I am searching for is present in the other sheet or not by the result of "Y"OR "N" in the field V2.

            I know its hard to understand this without seeing the data, but just wanted to know which formulas I can use.

            Thanks for your help!!!

  29. Hi, can somebody help me please.. can someone give me a formula wherein.. "if I input any any TEXT on C1, "latest date will show in B1" and "number will show in A1". And a formula wherein "if I input TEXT in C5", it will also show the other values beside it in B and A column.

    Thank you so very much and God bless you.

    • use this formula

      in B1
      =IF(ISTEXT(C1);"latest date";"")

      in A1

  30. Hi, I would like a formula for the below criteria

    I have two sheets, the first fixed one contains the restaurant names with their fixed delivery charge in the column next to them, E.g Restaurant A (delivery charge 10), Restaurant B (delivery charge is 12), etc..

    The second sheet will contain the deliveries done for the month. So if the name of the restaurant matches its equivelant name in the first sheet, then the delivery charge is 10. If the second row also has restaurant A then charge is 10 again, if third row contains restaurant B, then delivery charge is 12.

    Thank you

  31. I want to have a function that will check the rows. Columns A to C can contain a value or word "Dummy". In Column D, I want to return the values that is not the word "dummy".

  32. Hi,

    I am trying to add a condition to the following VLOOKUP:
    =IF(A25="","",IF(A250,VLOOKUP(A25,'Product List'!$A$2:$H$73,8,FALSE)))

    The condition I would like to add, is if cell E25=Lemons then =IF(A25="","",IF(A250,VLOOKUP(A25,'Product List'!$A$2:$H$73,8,FALSE)))

    So that the =IF(A25="","",IF(A250,VLOOKUP(A25,'Product List'!$A$2:$H$73,8,FALSE))) only works if E25 has Lemons entered in the cell. Is this even possible?

    Thank you for your help. I have been trying to solve this all day (I am not an advanced Excel user). :(

  33. suppose x employee OT done in jan-22 & claim in feb-22, again in mar-22 try to claim ot agst jan-22, then how to track/stop claim twice/double OT date in which excel formula to use

  34. I would need help on the following conditions please if possible.

    If Column A meet the criteria and Column B meet another criteria, return Column C.
    But if the Column C is blank, look for the next return value under Column C where Column A & B still both meets the criteria.

  35. Hi, I need exactly what describe in the scenario of "Vlookup with If statement: return True/False, Yes/No, etc." With only one twist.
    Imagine I have multiple rows of "Lemons" in column A with different values (10,6,etc) and I need the function to tell me true/false only if one of the "Lemon" rows hits the value of "0" value in column B ignoring the others (10,6,etc).
    Is that possible?

  36. =IF(AE3=$AQ$2,IF(AC3=$AR$2,IF(AI3=$AS$2,IF(AJ3=$AT$2,VLOOKUP(B3,B3:AM422,3,FALSE)))))
    I am trying to a command that says IF($AQ$2=N/A, false, otherwise give me the value).
    I was using this formula to pull data from a large data base using a drop down list. However, It is requiring me to choose all 4 criteria's, otherwise, it gives me the false result instead of giving me a number for one and false for the other.

    Let's say I have this headers for a drop down list: State City Tenancy (Elderly, Family, and Other) Construction Type (New, Rehab)

    Depending on the criteria's above, I commanded it to If(AE3-$AQ$2....VLOOKUP ((B3,B3:AM422,3,FALSE)) $AQ$2 is the state and such. AE3 is the criteria from the big data base.

    Depending on my criteria choice, i wanted it to give me the values for the different expenses i was looking for: Management fees, utilities, etc.

    The bottom line of my problem is that If I want to see all the properties in Indiana, with a tenancy type of Family and construction type of Rehab, and I don't care about which cites these projects are located so I select N/A, it gives me false for all criteria's instead of values for the criteria's I choose. How can I command it so that if I selected the stat, the tenancy Type, and the the construction type, it will give me the appropriate values. But since I don't want the city this time, I am trying to command it if City is "N/A), then give me false.

    • Hello!
      If I understood your problem correctly, you want to define a N/A error in a cell. Try using the ISNA function for this.
      IF(ISNA($AQ$2), false, otherwise give me the value)
      Hope this is what you need.

  37. I am trying to write a formula where if a cell = EBAY then take item number in column B and vlookup a range of data. Any ides?

    • Hi!
      The information you provided is not enough to understand your case and give you any advice, sorry. Please describe your problem in more detail.

  38. Hello - I am trying to verify if a delivery time was within the scheduled delivery window, can someone help with a formula?

    Arrival Time Departure Time Start Time End Time DELIVERED DURING CORRECT TIME SLOT
    8/1/2022 2:28:16 AM 8/1/2022 3:01:45 AM 0 300 TRUE

  39. Great article,

    I probably am missing something easy, but how can I use
    =IF('sales-breakdown-jul1-12-2022 '!A:A=A3,VLOOKUP("Liquor",'sales-breakdown-jul1-12-2022 '!$B:$D,2,FALSE))
    where A3 is a cell within a name bank. When I write the person's name in "John Doe" into the logical test, it works but I don't want to write a formula for each new person each time we run report.

  40. Hello Alex,

    Thank you for this great article. I only came to know of ISNA & IFNA after i read this. I have been struggling with this formula since morning as the formula works in some cells and shows N/A in some cells. I have a sheet that has to look up the country, if US, then check if it is a corporate or client , look up the pay range in the adjacent cell then give a value, If not US, there is no differentiation and picks the defined range for non-US. What bothers me is when i correct the formula by doing the single v-look up in the N/A cell, the value pops up, but when I drag the formula its a ruin.

    Could you guide me on what I should be doing.

    =IF(P11="United States of America",IF(AB11="Corporate",VLOOKUP(H11,'Main Pay Ranges'!Q11:R22,2,0),VLOOKUP(H11,'Main Pay Ranges'!E11:F22,2,0)),VLOOKUP(H11,'Main Pay Ranges'!E45:F57,2,0))

    • Hi!
      I can't check the formula that contains unique references to your workbook worksheets, sorry.
      I think you need to use absolute references for search ranges: VLOOKUP(H11,’Main Pay Ranges’!$Q$11:$R$22,2,0)
      Maybe it will help.

  41. Hi
    in BS 2 value is 1 and i am trying to use below formula.


    but its still showing " False" in cell .

    Can you help me with this.

    Thanks you.

  42. I have created a dropdown menu y/n. If yes, then the formula should get a value in another sheet and if no, it should just be a 0.
    Yes/No - If yes, pick up value in cell x; if no = 0 - I have tried several ways. Someone that might have an idea?

  43. Can you help with with what my formula format would be if I want to pull a cost from another tab if certain criteria matches in both tables?
    Ie. I have a master inventory list that has serial numbers costs, etc. When I enter the sale of that serial number on another tab I want it to auto populate the cost associated with that serial entered on the inventory tab. Is that possible?

    Thank you

  44. Hello, I am hoping you can steer me in the right direction. I have a spreadsheet for tracking monthly hours. It has a sheet for each month and a Summary sheet, which should show the sum of each person's hours for the year. There is a unique identifier (employee number) for each employee, so I set up a formula using SUM and VLOOKUP in the Summary sheet. I named a Range on each spreadsheet (jan, feb, mar, etc.), so it looked something like this (I am still experimenting, so the formula only goes to May):

    The hitch: we start with a certain number of employees in the spring, and hire seasonal workers throughout the year. So the list of names in January might be 400, by April it might be 650, and by August 800. My formula works fine for the first 400 folks, but when I add more names to the spreadsheets for the following months (and extend the Ranges to include the new names), the Summary results come up as N/A for the new names. If I add an IFNA function, all new names after the first spreadsheet (jan) bring up "0" in the Summary instead of N/A:

    I am still very much an Excel novice, so any assistance would be very appreciated!

    • Hello!
      I can't check the formula that contains unique references to your workbook worksheets. However, you are using the IFNA function incorrectly. Try to change the formula:


      Also, a pivot table is perfect for your tasks. Please have a look at this article: How to use pivot tables in Excel - tutorial for beginners.

      • Thank you very much for your help - I am off to learn about Pivot Tables!

  45. Hi,

    I'm struggling to find the right formula to multiply units by rates.

    I have different materials and tasks with different units and rates are depend on quantities. Some of the units only have one rate with no conditions.

    I have a more than 2000 row spreadsheet and units also varies that means that the formula also need to find the unit on sheet 1. Rate criteria can also change on sheet 1.

    I'm looking for the price on Sheet2.

    I believe the below formula need to be combined with vlookup but I cannot get it to work

    Many thanks for your help!


    Sheet 1
    Unit "Rate1(not exceeding)""Rate2(not exceeding)""Rate3(not exceeding)""Rate4(exceeding)"
    m (QB) 10 50 200 200
    m2 (QB) 10 50 200 150

    Sheet 2
    Description Unit Quantity Rate 1 Rate 2 Rate 3 Rate 4 Price
    path m (QB) 10 11 13 13.5 14
    road m (QB) 51 5 10 15 20
    wall m2 (QB) 35 10 15 20 25
    wood m 20 11
    paint m2 150 12

  46. I have a dataset where a single person will have several records that look very similar except for the date column.

    So if BRAD has 8 apples as of Jan 1 (row 1) and 10 apples as of March 10 (row 2) and 4 apples as of April 4 (row 3), I would want to return a value of 4 because it is the most recent date.

    BRAD - APPLES - 1/1/2022 - 8
    BRAD - APPLES - 3/10/2022 - 10
    BRAD - APPLES - 4/4/2022 - 4

    Is there a way to accomplish this with VLOOKUP and IF functions?

  47. Hello! may ask something, about vlook up, how can I automatically add new text in the table, then automatically apply in the advanced filter?

  48. Im creating a gsheet for prorated leave balance, if employee reach 2 yrs in service she/he will have 14 leave credits, if reached 3, 4, or 5 yrs will have 15 leave credits.

    But if employee reached 1 year, it will be prorated. For example her one year fall on January 1 to 15, automatically she will have 12 leave credits but if her one year fall on January 16-feb 15, she will only have 11 credits, if one year fall on Feb 16-march15, she will have 10 credits and so on. How can I formulate that?

  49. A Cell - B Cell the answer is C cell. if B cell 0 Mean the Answer C Cell should get value for A Cell.

    My question is If B Cell 0 Value mean should C Cell also need get value 0.

    therefore, what is the function i need put in C Cell.

    please explain me

    • Hi!
      I’m not sure I got you right since the description you provided is not entirely clear. However, it seems to me that the formula with IF function below will work for you:


  50. I m working with two sheet in sheet 1 having primary column and in sheet 2 having primary column and sub column ..i compared two sheet and trying to get the match records . My requirement is need to get the subcolumn match name in sheet 1 note=Column names are string

    for ex -I tired this IF(Vlookup(Sheet1A2,sheet2A2:B210000,2,false)="Jan","yes","no")
    But not getting the correct result. Any solution?

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