Mary Trifuntova

Mary Trifuntova

Hi there! Thank you for visiting Ablebits blog. My name is Mary and I’m really happy to work among people who do their best to make your work with Microsoft Office easier, faster and more efficient every day.

After working with the support team for a while, I’ve found out that all Office users struggle with their tasks every now and then. Sometimes the solution is simple, but occasionaly it takes some time to figure it out. So I couldn’t help but wonder: is there anything I can do to help?

And then it hit me! I can share my knowledge and experience with you, guys, by writing blog posts once in a while :) I’m here not only to share some tips and tricks on how to use some standard tools and options, but also to guide you through the variety of Ablebits add-ins that will convert your daily routine tasks into a matter of just a couple mouse clicks.

Here is a list of Mary's recent articles:

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