This macro fills out the specified field of the current email message or current calendar event with the specified email addresses (for To, Cc, Bcc) or specified text (for Subject, Location). Any previously added addresses or text are deleted.


You can specify To, Cc, Bcc, and Subject.


You can specify the Subject and Location fields. Also, you can use To for the Attendees field and Cc for the Optional Attendees field.


     "field":"to" | "cc" | "bcc" | "subject" | "location",
     // in case of to, cc, bcc
     // in case of subject, location

Works for

  • Email templates.
  • Calendar event templates.

Examples of use


Deprecated macros

  • FillBcc
  • FillCc
  • FillLocation
  • FillSubject
  • FillTo