Christmas Day Countdown for Outlook

Fun time with Christmassy Outlook!

This little add-in will not only keep the good mood, let you hear a Christmas song and Santa's message, it will also be of some help to you!

  • Create a mailing list for your Christmas cards
  • Create your Christmas shopping lists
  • Arrange a holiday meeting or event in Microsoft Outlook
  • And of course you can send a message to Santa :) No Christmas can do without it!

Get your own Christmas-countdown clock

Complete support for:

Your free countdown clock in Outlook

It's time to have fun, so we created a helper for your favourite pastime! There's no chance you can miss Christmas bustle now!

This nice and simple add-in for Outlook will keep you updated on the number of days, hours and seconds left till Christmas. If you're bored at the office, you can listen to Santa, plan your holiday event, or create an e-mail with your greetings to all your colleagues! See how fast the days go by and how soon Xmas day comes!

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