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How to filter in Google Sheets by condition

When analyzing data in Google Sheets, it's helpful to focus on specific parts of your dataset. Whether you're interested in certain values, colors, or dates, Google Sheets filters can assist you. In this article, I’ll guide you on how to set up conditions correctly while making sure you don't affect other users in shared spreadsheets, and share a few unique tips you won’t find elsewhere. Continue reading

How to work with conditional formatting in Google Sheets

Highlighting certain data with color is a great way to draw attention to the records. Wouldn’t it be great if such format change happened automatically for specific cells? This is where conditional formatting comes in handy. Google Sheets can do this work for us, all we need is to explain what we want to get. Continue reading

Google Sheets Chart Tutorial

Whether you analyze business indicators, make presentation or write a report, charts and graphs will help your audience to understand complex dependencies and regularities. This tutorial will teach you different ways to build charts and graphs in Google Sheets to make your presentations informative and impressive. Continue reading

How to get more Google Docs templates

When creating typical documents like an invoice or resume, you can get a much bigger choice of templates than the standard few files. Let's look at the add-ons that provide nice Google Docs templates and well-organized Google Sheets templates, learn how you can quickly replace custom fields and work with your docs more efficiently. Continue reading